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Vernor Vinge at Norwescon 33 opening.mp4
Brief interview with Vernor Vinge at the Norwescon 33 opening ceremonies

The Sunday issue of the Norwescon 33 daily 'zine

The Saturday issue of the Norwescon 33 daily 'zine

The Friday issue of the Norwescon 33 daily 'zine.

The Thursday issue of the Norwescon 33 daily 'zine

S. Andrew Swann reads from .mp4
S. Andrew Swan reading from his book The Prophets at the 2009 Philip K. Dick Awards at Norwescon 33

Norwescon 33 - Home (20121112).png
Promotional website for Norwescon 33

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NWC33 090910.pdf
The 9/10/09 newsletter for Norwescon 33

November 2009 progress report on the upcoming Norwescon 33

The program grid schedule of events for Norwescon 33

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NWC33-Program Cover.jpeg
The cover of the Norwescon 33 Program Book


The full pocket program for Norwescon 33, including daily schedules and panel descriptions.

Photos from Norwescon 33 (hosted externally on Flickr).

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NWC33 PK Dick Program.pdf
Program book for the Philip K. Dick Awards presented at Norwescon 33

NWC33 091015.pdf
The 10/15/09 newsletter for Norwescon 33

NWC33 091113.pdf
The 11/13/09 newsletter for Norwescon 33

NWC33 Maxi's Lounge Flyer.jpg
Advertising flyer for events at Maxi's Lounge during Norwescon 33


Promotional flyer for Norwescon 33

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Membership badge for Norwescon 33. Shown alone and with some collectible ribbons.

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