The Singular Voice #3


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The Singular Voice #3


Norwescon 33


The Sunday issue of the Norwescon 33 daily 'zine


Dara Korra'ti




April 4, 2010


Michael Hanscom

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The Singular Voice

issue 3 2010.4.4 Sunday


Writer: Patricia McKillip
Artist: Kinuko Craft
Science: Marie D. Jones
Special: Jim and Shannon Butcher
Spotlight Publisher: Pyr
Norwescon 34's theme: Fantasy of the Mind


Bitter Angels won this year's Philip K. Dick award. Nisi Shawl accepted the award on behalf of C.L. Anderson.

Ian McDonald's Cyberabad Days received the runner up citation.


Norwescon 33 is officially SOLD OUT. Just over 3300 memberships were sold; the final number will be announced at closing ceremonies.

Thank you to all our members for making Norwescon 33 one of the largest Norwescons in history!

Schedule Changes (Sunday)


Gaming: The Stars Are Right, host CthulhuBob (Noon, Cascade 11)
Gaming: Munchkin: Player's Choice, host Marcus Evenstar (Noon, Cascade 11)


Space — Humanity's Best Hope for Long-Term Survival?: new panelists: Brenda Cooper (M), Jim Frenkel, Guy Immega, G. David Nordley, Vernor Vinge
Exploring the Human Condition: new panelists: Nathan Crowder (M), Ben Andrews, Michael Ehart, Christian t. L. Mecham, Kevin Radthorne
Home Recording II: new panelists: Alexander James Adams, Michelle Dockrey, Tony Fabris, Stephanie Weippert
Trouble Clef Jam (Songs in the Key of R): new panelists: Alexander James Adams, Ash Productions, Callie Hills, Creede Lambard, David Nasset, Sr., Death*Star, Mickey Phoenix, Naomi Rivks, Steve Savisky, S. J. Tucker, Vixy & Tony
V: The Visitors: new panelists: Leo Roberts, Jesse Simpson
Fandance Film Festival: new panelists: Edward Martin III, Ryan K. Johnson
Closing Ceremonies: new panelists: William Sadorus (M), Dr. John G. Cramer, Cory Doctorow, Jim Frenkel, David Hartwell, Tracy Knoedler, John Jude Palencar, Vernor Vinge



Honorable Mention for Attention to Detail: Heather Pringle of Eccentric Creations
Honorable Mention for Excellence in Embroidery: Bannerman
Best Novice: Jareth, the Goblin King
Best Journeyman for make-up: Dalmatina Lady
Best Master: Medieval Japanese Court Lady in Late Winter
Best in Show: News from Draconis
Trixie Award: Nairobi


From all judges, for excellence in wings and overall effect: Wings of Aion
Judge's Choice for most intriguing: Hyacinth Broadbent
Best Novice: News from Draconis
Best Journeyman: Good is Bad
Best Master: Capt. Dallas
Best in Show: Cthulhu's Jester


Most Promising New Costumer: More Plausible than Perfect, Philip Buff
Best Science Fiction Theme: EEAR KIT, Linda Halligan
Stem Stitch Workmanship: Salmon Le Sac, April Faires
Best Planned Functionality: Brown Art Bag, Tina Comroe
Outstanding Knitting Technique: Tauri Phone Home, Joy Lee Barnhart
Outstanding Quilt Techniques: Boilerplate Visits a Crazy Quilt, Deborah Paul Olsen
Outstanding Use of Felting Techniques: Dragon Bad, Claudette Wagner
Best Use of Recycled Materials: Black Silk, Melissa Cooper (Dellyn)
Honorable Mention: White Witch's Soul Bag, Lynne Magie (Squirrel)
Judge's Choice: Middle Eastern Fantasy, Lynn Kingsley
Outstanding Novice: buh-DOW!, Jean Jones
Achievement for Pattern Alteration to Achieve High Functionality: Hidden Treasure, Martha Eby
Most Creative Use of Materials: Combat Purse, Lady Bane
Best Recreation: K-9 in Disguise, Solaris (Michelle George)
Best Theme: Life, Frame by Frame, Ariana Munssey
Best Workmanship: Totoro Bag with Catbus, Janice Mears (Oopsigottarun)
Best of Show: Dragon Bag, Tammie Dupuis


The Norwescon Art Show is proud to announce this year's Judges' Choice and People's Choice Awards. We also wish to thank this years judges, Don Lackey, Jean Carlos, Shaughnessy, and John Jude Palencar for their time and good judgement. Doug and Pat Booze would also like to thank their team for its dedication and hard work. Without them, Norwescon wouldn't have had an art show!

Judges' Choices:

Guest of Honor Choice: Kyle Abernethy, "Memento Mori"
Best in Show: Michael Duquette, "Ice Dragon"
First Place: Jeff Sturgeon, "Event Horizon"
Second Place: Cyndy Salisbury, "King of the Greenman"
Third Place: Theresa Mather, "The Challenge"
Best 3-D: Michael Duquette, "Ice Dragon"
Best Black & White: Josh Foreman, "Legalism"
Best Mix: Stephen Lestat, "The Deal"
Best Color: Sarah Clemens, "Aeronauts"
Best Textile: Teresa Miller, "Embroidery Quilted Sample"
Best Jewelry: Tammy Micleson, "Black & Gold Reversible Clockwork Necklace 20"

People's Choice Awards

Best in Show: Butch G. Honeck, "Steam Powered Computer"
Best Sci-Fi: Jeff Sturgeon, "Event Horizon"
Best Horror: John Jude Palencar, "Tales of The Lovecraft"
Best Humor: Megan McBirney, "Splat"
Best Fantasy: Mark Roland, "To Rise Again in Spring"


Join us in the Volunteers Lounge from 9am to Noon for your last chance to win one of Many! Fabulous! Prizes! Now is your opportunity to test yourself in feats of skill and walk home with one of many wonderful awards.


does our artist goh have a sense of humor? let's find out, shall we?

<points at programme book centrefold> This is an anal-retentive dragon. THIS is an anal-retentive dragon! This dragon is fucking bored. See these things? This dragon stacked these things himself. This is wrong. Did he contract this shit out? No! He fucking did this all on his own on a Tuesday night when there was nothing on TV. This is bullshit! And what is this in this fucking mountainside? He carved that. This is some art hippie dragon. NO! HE'S GOT ARCHITECTURE SKILLS! STOP HIM!! God damn. Never fuck with an art hippie dragon! Especially when he has fuckin' laser beams coming out of his back.

That picture's been bothering me all weekend.


does our hotel have a sense of humor? let's find out, shall we?

ok ok ok ok ok next year if the cafe is not fuckin' open until one in the morning like it says it is on the goddamn wall we should fuckin' riot. We should bring that bitch down. Not the whole hotel, just that part. It says 1am on that fuckin' sign on the wall and they're all WE DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS ANYBODY IN THE HOTEL and there's like 2900 of us, bitches. And that's all I got to say. PS HOTEL I LOVE YOUUUUUU


you can find that shit out on the interweb, man. no, seriously.

I don't know what it is with Biohazard but these guys decided they're some trendy LA club in the middle of nerdville and they have a line that's like a mile long and the hotel's only one block so how does that even work? Guess where we didn't go! Fuck that.

Okay however. To start out with. 5452. If there was an alcoholic version of pleasantly getting the shit getting kicked out of you in a back alley, you would find it in 5452. we found this really awesome party that doesn't exist, it's like a seriously secret thing, we had to sit through a presentation thing, they even gave us a little chip, my as still hurts where they injected it, we had to sit through this fucking thing, it's call the Teodoro Family Party. If you find these guys, they know their shit, man. They got us well and truly lit, just out of the kindness of their hearts. We went from fucked up to WOAH OMG in like nothing flat. And we were pretty fucked up already.

The only note I have in my notepad is there's this secret party I'm not supposed to talk about.


"I ♥ Brains" button, in dealer's room. Ask AmyCat at Book Universe for it.


Did you dance the night away? Did you watch or participate in the Masq? You're invited Sunday afternoon after the Swap Meet (around 2pm), the lights are up and you get to see the magic. And we'd love for you to help us tear down the magic and pack it up. Wow, will it all fit in those boxes?

The more volunteers we get, the sooner we get done! Come help!


If you won a Tonopah in 2002 pre-support at Match Game SF and did not receive your prize, you may get it today at the Hugo Award Nomination Announcement panel in Cascade 10 at 2pm.


Last chance for Artists' Alley! I know you told yourself that you would get to it, but you haven't, have you? Well, why the hell not? We are only in operation from 10am to 2pm today, so stop procrastinating and come by!


Our final panel of Movie Previews will start right at Noon and run until 2pm in Evergreen 1-2. The list of "Why Why Why?" is longer than ever! If you haven't seen the latest from Hollywood, drop on by.


"I'm not saying you ARE a tool, I'm saying I HAVE your tool."

"I do have privilege. I'm white, I'm male, and appear mostly gender conforming, except when I open my mouth and eight yards of chiffon fall out."

Pat Booze to Doug Booze: "Officer Jim said there's no sex in marriage; sorry, honey."

"He's Sicilian. It took us four hours to shave him from head to toe."

"It's somewhere between 'yum' and 'my mouth is being violated.'"

"What was your grade?" "I dont know. My paper was returned to me in an urn."

Her: "Are you going to follow me all night?" Him: "Not if you go to your room."

Cory Doctorow: "[Science fiction] was the love that dared not speak its name."

"I'm really curious to see what comes out on paper. It's like the Nuremberg trials of drunk."

The Singular Voice

was the daily "news"letter of Norwescon 33. R'ykandar (Dara) Korra'ti is all done with this now. Kate Wolfe's just getting started! SunnyJim won't admit working on it 'cause we've all been TERMINATED. Bye!



Dara Korra'ti, “The Singular Voice #3,” Norwescon History, accessed February 22, 2024,

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