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The Singular Voice #2


Norwescon 33


The Saturday issue of the Norwescon 33 daily 'zine


Dara Korra'ti




April 3, 2010


Michael Hanscom

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The Singular Voice

issue 2 2010.4.3 Saturerday


still less annoying than starfleet

This sunday, some rare Star Trek movie items will be auctioned off in the Norwescon Art and Charity Auction. This year the auction will benefit Clarion West, a writers' organization that teaches new and upcoming writers to hone their skills in the field of science fiction literature. Norwescon is proud to be a sponsor of this wonderful organization.

Renowned author Vonda McIntyre reached into her personal collection of Star Trek memorabilia to benefit this years' event. These one of a kind items can now be yours! The movie poster from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, framed and personally signed by Gene Roddenberry to Vonda! Also, a very rare Star Trek crew member's baseball jacket, with cool embroidered scenes from the movie!

There are many more interesting and really cool pieces that can be yours too. Signed books, art, handmade quilts and many other items donated from our dealers and fans, that will make you the envy of all your friends!!

The auction is Sunday at 11:30 am in Grand Ballroom 2.

The auction is an important event to benefit the next generation of science fiction writers and you can make their futures possible.


then watch it die

Cascade 12, Table gaming: Vegas Showdown! Build a famous casino, prevent others from buying what they need. Bidding, floor plans, poker chips, zoning variances, payoffs, destroying dreams. 'Nuff said.

Schedule Changes (Saturerday)


Reading: Roberta Gregory/Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading, (10pm-Midnight, Cascade 4)
Reading: Bruce Taylor, (11:30am, Cascade 3)
Reading: Cymbric Early-Smith, (7pm, Cascade 3)
Reading: Roberta Gregory, (7:30pm, Cascade 3)
Reading: Alan Clark, (8pm, Cascade 3)
Reading: Mark Henry, (8:30pm, Cascade 3)
Gaming: TBA, host Mark Richardson (10am, Cascade 12)
Gaming: Super Munchkin, host Marcus Evenstar (10am, Cascade 12)
Gaming: Chez Cthulhu, host Marcus Evenstar (Noon, Cascade 12)
Gaming: TBA, host Robert Moshell (1pm, Cascade 12)
Gaming: Circuit Racing Formula 1, host Austin Searles (2pm, Cascade 12)
Gaming: Lord of the Flies, host Marcus Evenstar (2pm, Cascade 12)
Gaming: Munchkin Booty, host Marcus Evenstar (4pm, Cascade 12)
Gaming: Revolution, host Marcus Evenstar (6pm, Cascade 12)


Concert: Leeni (was 10pm)
Reading: J. McKelvy (was 11:30am)


Concert: Ash Productions, now 9-10pm, Evergreen 1 (was Friday)
Concert: Death*Star, now 10-11pmpm, Evergreen 1 (was 10:30)
Building a Balance Mythos new panelists: Mary Robinette Kowal (M), Jim Frenkel, Jason Henninger, Joshua Palmatier, Mary Rodgers
The Editor and Writer Relationship new panelists Greg Cox (M), Jim Frenkel, Ian McDonald, Anthony Pryor, Ken Scholes, Janna Silverstein
Spotlight Publisher: TOR new panelists Jim Frenkel, David Hartwell
Autograph Session #2 lineup: John P. Alexander, Carol Berg, David Boop, SatyrPhil Brucato, Ted Butler, Bruce R. Cordell, Carlos Cortes, Dr. John G. Cramer, Jeff Davis, A.M. Dellamonica, Cory Doctorow, James Ernest, Yasmine Galenorn, Daryl Gregory, Jeff Grubb, Eileen Gunn, Brandon Jerwa, Jak Koke, Ian McDonald, John Jude Palencar, Kevin Radthorne, Ken Scholes, Lorelei Shannon, Jack Skillingstead, G. Robin Smith, S. Andrew Swann, S. J. Tucker, Vernor Vinge, Gareth Von Kallenbach
Women Characters in Comics: new panelists: Ashley Cook (M), andrew Dolbeck, Michael Ehart, Marcus Evenstar
The Genre Divide: new panelists: Cat Rambo (M), Greg Bear, Greg Cox, Jim Frenkel, David Hartwell, Janna Silverstein
Autograph Session #3 Lineup: Alexander James Adams, Myke Amend, Brenda Cooper, Dr. John G. Cramer, Cory Doctorow, S. Joe Downing, Michael Ehart, Roberta Gregory, Mark Henry, Jean Johnson, Rosemary Jones, Mary Robinette Kowal, G. David Nordley, John Jude Palencar, Joshua Palmatier, Adrian Phoenix, Irene Radford, Cat Rambo, Sean K Reynolds, Ben Thompson, Amy Thomson, Vernor Vinge, Rob Welch
It Ain't All Geetars and Mopy: new panelists: Dara Korra'ti (M), Jes Hart, Steven Perry
LGBT in Fandom: new panelists: Loree Parker (M), Dierdre Phoenix, Mickey Schultz
Figure Drawing Workshop — Models In Costume: new panelists: Anita Taylor (M), Victoria Shaffer
Surveillance in the 21st Century — is it Good or Bad?: new panelists: Cat Rambo (M), Cory Doctorow, Michael Ehart, Eileen Gunn, Ian McDonald
Kinderfilk: new panelists: Ash Productions, Callie Hills, Creede Lambard, David Nasset, Sr.
What Popped Your Fannish Cherry?: new panelists: Kevin Standlee, Amy Thompson
Harm Me with Harmony: new panelists: Alexander James Adams, Callie Hills, Angelica Sather Hodgetts, Athrylis Sather Hodgetts
The Business of Art: new panelists: John R. Gray III, John Jude Palencar, Tiffany Toland
Space — Humanity's Best Hope for Long-Term Survival?: New panelists: Brenda Cooper (M), Jim Frenkel, Guy Immega, G. David Nordley, Vernor Vinge
Exploring the Human Condition: new panelists: Nathan Crowder (M), Ben Andrews, Michael Ehart, Christian t. L. Mecham, Kevin Radthorne
Michael Vaillancourt is added to panels Spaceships, Armor, and Machines, Oh My, Figure Drawing Demo, The Business of Art, and Video Game Art


Sunday, 2pm, Cascade 10

The 2010 Hugo Award Nominations will be announced Sunday at 2pm at a live event being covered on You can come watch in Cascade 10, or anywhere you can get the internet. In case of last minute connectivity problems, the alternative location will be the foyer outside the Evergreen Rooms.


Tradition! Tradition!

Remember the Night Owl cleanup after the Saturday night dances of years past? Of course not.

Now we really need your help during daylight hours right after the Swap Meet on SUNDAY, starting at 2pm in Grand Ballroom 3. We need to pack up all the equipment and go home. Give us 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or more of your time; we'd love to have you.. The more volunteers we get the sooner we get done. Thank You!


Hear the Baying of the Hounds of Art!

If you haven't been by Artists Alley you really need to come by and see what is going on. Artists are in rotation and there are artists here today who weren't here yesterday. Digital, traditional, sculpture, jewelry, knots and loads more! We have face painting again today and some grat pros available to look at your work or do commission work. Check the schedule to see when things are happening. You will not be disappointed! We are here from 9am to 6pm.


Spelling is hard

The description for "The Dummy is You" panel says that you need to bring paper tape. This is another VICIOUS LIE. You need to bring DUCT tape. Also a bank statement, two picture IDs, and a note from yr mom. Saturday 1-3pm, Salon.


win prizes! first place: a convention! here! today!

Come to the Volunteers Lounge and show us what you're made of: test your strength, win the race, or show us your elite skills, and you could win one of many fabulous and fun prizes.


stupid computers

Saturday Evening, Cascade 3's 7-9pm schedule is completely wrong. It reprints Friday's schedule. I blame cosmic rays, n-r rays, manta rays, and Ray Harryhausen, who can't be thrilled with the remake.

It should be Cymbric Early-Smith (7pm), Roberta Gregory (7:30), Alan Clark (8pm), and Mark Henry (8:30pm).


The USS Chinook will be commissioning their Nebula Class (Variant II) Starship on Saturday, April 3rd, at 4pm in the Maxi's Saloon at Norwescon! they invite you to join them for the ceremony and celebration.

"Our purpose is to have fun in a futuristic setting, enjoy the company of like-minded individuals, and give back to the community via our various charities and community service activities. We have monthly crew meetings on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

If you are interested in joining us on the USS Chinook, please check out our table at Norwescon, go to, or email"


take that, sanity!

Okay! International Bank of Timbuktu fuckin' owns all of you. The fact you were not there makes you a very sad person indeed. Ummmm... Oh yeah! Ordering drinks by colour, which in retrospect was awesome, rock band, drunken rock band, annnnnnnnnnnd titty-ante poker! And they had no-fail mode on adn drunk nerds were like "I'M IN A BAANNNNNNNNNNNNND" and "YEAH LOVE THIS SONG" so the whole fuckin' party would flop back and forth from room to room, goin' AWESOME SONG / TITTIES! / AWESOME SONG / TITTIES! Everywhere else fuckin' sucked, y'all need to step it up. they're open again tomorrow. If you aren't there, this convention sucked for you.

Then we went to Biohazard, right, and we went to go up to the bar, and this guy was like, THERE'S A LINE. And I was there for 15 minutes and I don't think this line knows it's a line. "Do you know there's a line for alcohol?" And we were like "FUCK!" And so we get in line and finally one of my friends knows this line isn't like a line, so we ask people in front of us, and they're "There's a line?!" and we just want some fuckin' alcohol! and he's all like THERE'S A LINE!!! and you and your non-line line suck.

I felt really bad for Party in a Box, because I'm, like, they have candy, and dinner and shit, and they have their beds out. I'm pretty sure people are gonna find that and go HOLY CRAP FOOD AND BEDS and I'M HOME DUDES. We walked in there at like 9:30 and were like "oh this room's gonna be really popular around 12:45." Then there was rice crispie sushi and gummy bears and these gummy bears like work out, right? Because they're all muscle. It was like IT'S LIKE FUCKIN' CANDY SUSHI and OW IT HURT MY FACE!

Then we went up to the penthouse which is like nerd bar, and it's fuckin' boring, it was, it was literally a country bar, but instead of country hicks you had nerds, and it was just as boring. And none of them were talking about anything and drinks were like ten thousand dollars and you had to ride the elevator allllll the way up here and I had to ride it allllll the way down and all the people brought their spawn and I'm a guy and I'm gonna have my period by the time I get down there! This is bullshit! And this powerpuff girl got all mad at me and was like, "I'm old and you didn't compliment me!" and it ended with me getting punched and one shouldn't get punched by a powerpuff girl for insinuating they were old. That's just rude.

Anyway, and in closing, I can play rock band when I'm drunk. It's a skill.


"I've never been on a date with two people who were wasted." "You have not been to the right clubs."

"If there was ever a man who would choke to death on his own balls, it would be him."

"The weather is pretty good on the Genesis Planet, though — the Spock is in bloom, and really lovely this time of year."

"We ought to frame this. This is like nerdcore to the core."

"Didn't you bring any mundane clothes for Saturday night?"

"It seems like we just don't have good assassinations like we used to."

"I love Vernor Vinge. If I were still fertile, I'd have his babies."

"Who said this?! We could get Verner Vinge laid. C'mere, Vinge, we can get your ass laid. Seriously, we should call him."

The Singular Voice

is the daily newsletter of Norwescon 33. The editors cannot be bribed as our needs and desires are beyond your imaginations, but news items, lulz, fish biscuits, and other treats may be left in submissions boxes at Information, Registration, and Office. Deadline for each day's issue is 10pm the night before. Oh, and just FYI: don't send warnings to the past from the future. You end up deleting your



Dara Korra'ti, “The Singular Voice #2,” Norwescon History, accessed February 22, 2024,

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