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Norwescon 31 Progress Report Beta


Second progress report for the upcoming Norwescon 31

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Norwescon 31 Progress Report Beta

Doubletree Hotel SeaTac Airport
March 20th 23rd, 2008

Inside this issue:

A Word from the Chair..... 2
Must-See Panels at Norwescon 31 3
What the Heck is a Zombiebot? 3
The Fandance Film Festival 4
Philip K. Dick Award Ceremony 4
A Quickstart Guide To Registration 5
Special Events at Norwescon 6
Charities at Norwescon 7
Art Show News 8
Dealers At Norwescon 8
Come and Join the Fun! 9
Peacebonding and Weapons Policy 11
Single Pattern Contest has Changed Venue! 12
Norwescon 31 Masquerade 13
Happy Birthday Weird Tales! 15
Norwescon 31 Hall Costume Contest 16
Betty’s Thank You Memberships 16
Poem: The New Elf Hill 19
Parties at Norwescon 20

A Word from the Chair.....

Time is approaching fast. Before you know it you will be standing in line to get your badge and then off to the panel rooms for great discussions with our Pros and Guests of Honor.

It’s been a long year planning Norwescon 31 and I hope you will enjoy yourself for the entire weekend. Please stop by our Onions and Roses panel on Sunday afternoon and let us know what you think. We encourage comments to help make things better for the following year.

Tracy Knoedler
Norwescon 31 Chair

Norwescon Contact Information


Info Line: [omitted]

Web Site:


Norwescon and its attendees may elect to take photographs of people and events in the public and programming areas of the convention. By attending Norwescon, you agree to permit this photography during the course of the convention. Further, you authorize Norwescon to use your likeness in these photos in publications and on the Norwescon web site.

Layout and direction: Don Glover
Editors: Katrina Marier and Pearl Lawson
Proof Reading: Katrina Marier and Paul M Carpentier

The New Elf Hill, Copyright © 2007 Mike Brennan. Used with permission.
Cover Photo: Rory Clark, Copyright © 2007 Stopped Motion Photography. Used with permission.
All other contents Copyright © 2008 Norwescon.

Must-See Panels at Norwescon 31

by William Sadorus

Oh the wonders that await you at NWC 31 this year. In addition to all those lovely bread'n'butter staples that we provide, we have some tasty specials prepared just for you.

Keep your eyes out for Judith Herman's Hogwarts Tour Slide Show as she takes you along with her on a gad-about of England and Scotland visiting historic sites used in the Harry Potter movies. More of the stay-athome type? Butch Honeck will be presenting his Lost Wax Bronze Casting video with how to's for casting your own metalwork. Ever the popular guest, Pat MacEwen will have a fascinating look at Water, Water, Everywhere... and you thought everything was safe... Hankering for a virtual joy ride? Ron Hobbs will be Barnstorming the Solar System with out-of-thisworld pictures of some nearby heavenly bodies. Can the answer to all of our earthly power needs be in space? Maybe Charles Radley's slide show of Space Based Solar Power has the answer.

Burt Webb brings us a trio of visual experiences designed to raise as many questions as they answer. Primus will poise the question, Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? After this slide show you'll start seeing things in an all new perspective. Secundus, can we slip the constraints of our solar system with FTL Propulsion Systems? Tertius, Burt will explore the possibility of Evolving the Star-Trek Replicator. Uh, was that steak tartar or barbequed spareribs you ordered?

On Sunday, David Shoemaker will bring the Seattle Robotics Society to Norwescon in Olympic 1. Come and greet the gizmos and contraptions with their creators as SRS holds a demonstration/meet for a really handson experience.

Not to fear, we have lots of ear candy for you as Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading and Talebones: Live! return. Weird Tales will be celebrating their 85th anniversary with a round of readings from their stable of writers. What a dessert tray!!!

We'll be posting more tantalizing tidbits on the Norwescon web site to whet your appetite. Stay tuned...

What the Heck is a Zombiebot?

by Eric Morgret

Zombiebots Film Fest was established to showcase the experience of watching movies that take you away from the real world. Presenting movies that terrify or provoke genuine emotion is the goal. Horror that drags you kicking and screaming into that dark alley or those deep woods. Science Fiction that blasts off into a future that could —or even will— be. Fantasy that surrounds you in magik both white and black.

The public views these movies as fads that come and go. Zombiebots do not care about the trends. They do not care about the flow of what is hot and “in”. Zombiebots love these films and they always will. The Zombiebots Film Fest is looking for entertaining features, shorts, music videos, and any other video presentation that will thrill your inner zombiefied robot.

Still wondering, "What the heck is a Zombiebot"?

A haunted spacecraft hurtles through the void on a heading for earth, crewed by an undead army of robots. Their goal: to destroy the mediocrity that infuses movie theaters and video rental stores. They seek brains!

The brains of creators who reach further, who create horror movies that actually scare, or sci-fi movies that make you think! The zombiebots will be here for Norwescon 2008. Join us!

Come join us in Hospitality

Hospitality will be in Olympic 3. We have some wonderful groups volunteering this year. Rustycon will be our host on Friday night, and the Seattle Worldcon Bid group will be our host on Saturday night. Stop by and check out our signature drinks. You might even see a dragon or two there.

The Fandance Film Festival by Edward Martin III

And the envelope please... When I look at the amazing things the Twentieth Century has brought us, I usually think of frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts. Then, after a long and enjoyable gustatory fantasy, I think of movies. Specifically the fact that we can now make and produce and distribute movies, using cheap home equipment. I mean, this is what da Vinci must have felt like when he got his first Cray for Christmas. Huzzah!

If you've ever seen the Let's Make a Movie workshop at Norwescon, you'll know the kind of madcap craziness that ensues, and you can watch with your own (insert proper number) eyes how simple and fun moviemaking can be.

Even if you're not into moviemaking, or especially if you are, the last part of the workshop is one of the most fun the annual Fandance Film Festival! Join filmmakers and low-budget aficionados for a review of all that was weird and wonderful the year before, plus see the latest movies from the Workshop, and anything else strange and unusual that's cropped up. If you're a filmmaker, this is a perfect opportunity to share your movie, and to meet other filmmakers and learn how to make a really convincing Giant Glowing Brain.

Check out the Norwescon web site for the (admittedly sketchy and seemingly random) rules! See you in the Spring!

Philip K. Dick Award Ceremony

by Adrienne Loska

Philip K. Dick Award Nominees Announced – Award Ceremony to be held at Norwescon 31!

On January 10, 2008 the nominees for the 2007 Philip K. Dick Award for distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States were announced. The seven nominated works are:

Grey by Jon Armstrong (Night Shade Books)
Undertow by Elizabeth Bear (Bantam Spectra)
From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain by Minister Faust (Del Rey)
Nova Swing by M. John Harrison (Bantam Spectra)
Gradisil by Adam Roberts (Pyr)
Ally by Karen Traviss (Eos)
Saturn Returns by Sean Williams (Ace Books)

The award is sponsored by the Northwest Science Fiction Society and the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society. The award ceremony is held each year at Norwescon. We hope that you will join us and be among the first to know who the winners are! There is no fee to attend and there are always a few nominated authors and special guests from the science fiction and fantasy community in attendance. It is an exciting part of Norwescon, so mark your calendar!

Philip K. Dick Awards at Norwescon 31
Friday, March 21 at 7:00pm
Double Tree Hotel, Grand Ballroom B

See you there!

A Quickstart Guide To Registration

by J’wyl – the Reg Dragon

Items to have on hand:

  • Picture Identification (such as, passport, driver’s license or state ID card),
  • Completed Registration form and/or receipt of pre-payment, and
  • Cash, check or credit card (not necessary if you pre-paid.)


  1. Find a Registration line best suited to your needs (pay-at-the-door or pre- reg).
  2. Wait.
  3. Move forward a step or two and wait some more.
  4. Smile at the Reg staffer and offer up the items listed above.
  5. Take your receipt to the badge print line (If you pre-reg’ed, you get your badge now and you can skip to #9.).
  6. Wait for your name to be called.
  7. Please listen closely, some badge names are very hard to read/pronounce correctly.
  8. Joyfully accept your Norwescon 31 badge.
  9. You are now registered, go have fun!

That is as simple as it can be. Really! There are some advanced settings that can be helpful if you plan ahead.

First, of course, is to preregister! Go to http:// to register online or print a form to send in with payment. If you are in the database and your badge is already printed, you get to go to a shorter, faster-moving line. You still have to show a picture ID; that’s just a rule the staff has to follow and it makes finding you in the database so much quicker. A copy of your pre-registration (E-mail confirmation, copy of your mailed-in form with payment notation, etc.) is a sure way to be sure you are in the database. We have noticed over the years that those with proof won’t need it — strange but true.

Those who haven’t preregistered will need to carefully fill out a Registration form (on tables near the columns) and complete it legibly before getting in line. Get your method of payment ready while you are in line and have your picture ID ready. If you are paying at the door with anything other than cash, the ID needs to be a driver’s license or state ID card.

Minors (anyone under 18) or those accompanying minors will need to have a permission slip signed by the minor’s parent. Either the minor’s parent or another adult designated by the parent must be on site and a member of the convention (registered). Obtain it ahead of time at http:// permissionslip.html, or ask for one at Registration. Please fill it and a Registration form for each minor (under 18 and over 12) completely before getting in line. (Minors 12 and younger attending with their parent may be listed on the parent’s Registration form, but will also need a completed permission slip.)

There will be a line devoted to solving problems. Sorry, this only applies to mistakes or lost registrations.

Note: experience has shown that Friday night and Saturday morning are the most congested times. Friday is usually busy all day, but 5-8:00 p.m. is the worst. Then from when Reg opens until about noon on Saturday, it can be bad, too. Plan ahead, preregister so you can get your badge on Thursday!

Special Events at Norwescon

by Shawn Marier

So what do you do when you have attended so many panels that you think you are going to explode? Well, you attend one of Norwescon’s fabulous Special Events.

This year we have so many to choose from that you will not have the time for them all.

Dances: We will be having a themed dance each evening and we are hoping you will come in costume for each night.

Thursday Night: “The Dragon’s Bazaar” with DJ Eternal Darkness and DJ Bomb. Wear something bright, shiny, and somewhat ostentatious.

Friday Night: “Stardance at the Dragon's Lair” with DJ Fangdork and DJ JamminPanda. Come dressed as dragons or something dragon-related.

Saturday Night: “Hoedown at the Dragonslayer’s Inn” with mc300baud. Dress up in your best military-themed costumes.

Masquerade: Check the rest of the PR for a more detailed article on the masquerade, but let’s just say it is the most attended event at Norwescon. This year we will be starting an hour later (8 p.m.) so more people can attend after their dinner.

Masquerade half time: After the Masquerade competition, stay with us for the latest from Hollywood, as Movie Previews takes over halftime for their biggest show of the weekend.

Lazer Tag: Yes, we’re back! Lazer Tag will be played Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. We have equipment for use; it is compatible with the Tiger Lazer Tag system, NOT the Team Ops system. For those players who are under 18, you must have a parent or guardian present at the arena. Lazer Tag is a live action, NONCONTACT sport.

For more information on Lazer Tag, contact [omitted].

Match Game: This year we have a special treat for you. We have asked Kevin Standlee to come up from California to host the fun game show “Match Game”. He will be picking contestants from the audience who will have the chance to win great prizes.

Scavenger Hunt: 1 or 2 person teams will be given lists of items to find on Friday. Some will be easy; others may be near impossible to find. Then on Sunday all the teams will present what they have found to the judges. The grand prize will be membership to next year’s convention.

501st Charity Event: Ever wanted to have your picture taken with a bunch of storm troopers (or maybe even Darth Vader)? Well on Saturday afternoon you will be able to do just that (for a small donation to a deserving charity).Gaming: If you like to game, then the gaming rooms are for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to play RPGs, CCGs, Table Top, or LARPs — we will have something for you to play all weekend long. The main gaming rooms will be at the end of the Cascade hallway with open gaming space and LARPs out in the Rotunda.

Casino: On Thursday night come and gamble the night away. We will have a wide selection of games for you to gamble your funny money on. We will also have the start of our Second Annual Texas Hold’em tournament.

If you would like to be a casino dealer stop by Grand 2 at 7 p.m. and we will train you on what you will need to do.

Fannish Fetish Fashion Show and Burlesque Show: This has become one of our most popular events. It has gotten so big that we have decided to split it in two and have an event both Friday and Saturday. On Friday night we will be having the traditional FFFS. Then Saturday afternoon we will have a burlesque workshop, with a Saturday evening burlesque show.

Midnight Movie Madness: We will be showing a cult classic each night at midnight. Audience participation is always appreciated. Friday night will be the Rocky Horror Picture Show with performances by the Vicarious Theatre Company.

Amtgard: On Sunday morning Amtgard will be giving a demo. Like a little magic with your boffer weapons? Then make sure you stop by Grand 3 to see what Amtgard is all about.

Ji Dian Station: "Lights Out" at Norwescon 31. As the gas giant Heinlein continues in its elliptical orbit through the black, the years continue to move forward. In honor of the spring season from Earth That Was, the Companion Guild hosts a reenactment of Yuen Siu, the lantern festival, aboard Ji Dian Station, the skyplex that orbits the planet. Come meet the local color of the station. Rub shoulders with members of Parliament. Spend time with the beautiful ladies and handsome gentleman of the Companion Guild. Enjoy the delights of the festival and join in the contests and merriment. It is a festival of creativity, romance, and murder!

There is a killer on the loose. He has struck once and may strike again. That's right — besides solving riddle competitions, entering lantern-making contests, and advancing your character's own agenda, there is a murder mystery to solve! Come join us for "Lights Out," a special event for a month-to-month live action role-playing game set in Joss Whedon's Firefly universe, Ji Dian Station. This session will happen Friday, March 21st, at Norwescon 31 from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. While this is an ongoing LARP, this special event will be open to a limited number of interested convention members. Convention members will be playing pre-generated characters with different goals and priorities for the evening and the plots of this session will be centered on this event. There is no need to have played previously.

For more information on the game and to sign up, visit or you can send an email to [omitted].

We look forward to role-playing with you!

Jim Sullivan and Rory Clark
Game Marshalls of Ji Dian Station.

Charities at Norwescon

by Becky Citrak

There will be two charity drives at Norwescon this year: Northwest Harvest and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Norwescon is going to have a table in the lobby where, for a donation of either money for the Cancer Research Center, or food for the food bank, we will have special ribbons, which we will decorate with the name of your choice. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE CHARITIES! All of the supplies for the ribbons are being donated by Beadscape Artique (look for them in the Art Show!). Food bank items can be cans, boxes, or bags of non-perishable food, hygiene products, baby food, diapers, and even pet food! They also like to get plastic bags and egg cartons for portioning out bulk items. Cash donations for the Hutch can be as much or little as you want to give it all helps!

In the evenings look for pink piggy balloons wandering through the parties. The people carrying them will have hard candies in the shape of special body parts. Good taste keeps us from mentioning which body parts in this column, but they will taste good!

As always, there will be a Charity Auction on Sunday. If you would like to donate something special for the auction, have any questions, or would like to help, please contact me at [omitted] or [omitted] (cell phone).

Norwescon lost one of its lifetime members to cancer in 2007: Betty Claar. At least two long-time members I know are currently battling the disease, and everyone is vulnerable. We would like to make this a strong, positive statement from Norwescon and have a little fun while we're at it. Please donate what you can.

Art Show News

by Doug Booze

Norwescon 31 is fast approaching and the Art Show staff is kicking into high gear. Artists, we still have panel space available; but remember it is on a first-come-first-serve basis and should start to fill up fast! So don’t delay too long to reserve your space. Please go the Norwescon web site for complete information and rules. You can contact the Art Show staff at for any questions and help.

Art Show Hours:

10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
(Bidding closes Saturday at 7:00 p.m.)

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
(Art show open for direct sales only.)

Art Auction Hours:

Last year there was some confusion about the start of the Art Auction. Some people did not get the word that we started a half hour early at 11:30 a.m. and missed a good portion of the auction. So we just want to make sure that everyone knows, the Art Auction will once again start at 11:30 a.m. which works well for our staff and artists.

11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

The print shop will be back this year, we hope that you will enjoy our print shop boutique. We will once again have the bag check in the Art Show and we hope to have docents available again this year to give tours. You should check in the daily zine and Pocket Program for Please review the Membership Guide as to the rules for bag check and all other information you’ll need to know about buying, biding and all that good stuff.

And last but not least, we need VOLUNTEERS!!!! Yes, we know everyone needs volunteers; but we’re really nice folks. And just a few hours, over one or two of the days of the convention, will really help us out. And besides, the best way to meet other fans and artists is to be part of the Art Show team.

So come on by, check a bag, run up and down the aisles or behind the desk helping people spend their money!

We look forward to seeing you at the show!!!

The Art Show Staff.

The current list of artists are:

Alan F. Beck
Amethyst Jackal
Betsy Mott
Bryan & Tabitha Syme
Christopher Sumption
Cordochorea Creations
Designs by Victoria
Donna Barr
Eden Celeste
Elaine Woodhouse
Elizabeth Fellows
Heather Hudson
Jeff Fennel
Jeffrey Knutson
Jewelry by Scoop
jj Kelley
Jo Brown
John Picacio
John R. Gray III
Jon Kalin
Karl Johanson
Keith Amarak Waters
Kevin Radthorne
Lady Priscilla Amberfyre
Leslie Newcomer
Mad Stoat Maskworks
Peggy Stewart
Phillip Brugalette
Roberta Gregory
Roger Wheeler
Ruth Peterson
Sarah Clemens
Stephanie Ann Johanson
Stephen Lestat
Sunny Jim Morgan
Theresa Mather
Tina Klein-Lebbink

Dealers At Norwescon

by Tracy Knoedler

Each year Norwescon provides access to some of the finest fandom related merchants. They carry a vast array of collectibles, books, games, and other merchandise of interest to our membership. The following dealers will be present at Norwescon this year to fill those fannish needs which we all have.

Anna The Lost
Art Of Wings
B Brown And Associates
Book Universe
Cargo Cult Books
Cordochorea Creations
Dancing Muse
Dannic Inc.
Dragon Unlimited
Dragondyne Publishing
Everett Comics
Eye Deas
Fur Connection
Games Plus
Goldenwolf Art
Honeck Sculpture
Lady Jayne’s
Magickal Aardvark
Offworld Designs
Pegasus Publishing
Prose And Steel
Quicksilver Fantasies
Realm of Regalia
Redwolf Ltd.
Rob And June Edwards
Royal Magick/The Silverwind
Runecraft Creations
Seams Like Magik
Shamanic Arts/Sherricks Imports
Springtime Creations
Stonebreakers Keep
Sundreams And Myths
Tabry Illustrations
TC Leathercraft
Tormented Artifacts
White Rose Creations
Windwolf Studio
Yatahai Beads and Buckskin

Come and Join the Fun!

by Jim Sullivan

Volunteers are the backbone of the convention, from those of us who donate our time year round to those of you who lend a much needed helping hand for a couple of hours at the convention. Whether that be watching the doors at the Masquerade, helping out at the Registration Desk, or manning the Cloak Closet, we need that help.

As part of our appreciation for those of you who do help us out, we have changed our policies. Now instead of simply receiving some "bling" for days and hours worked, if you work 30 hours, we will be rewarding you with a discounted badge for the following year. Activities that count for double hours (which are sticking around) will only count as single hours for the purposes of being awarded a discounted badge for the following year. The discount will be the minimum staff rate for that year plus $5.00. So if you work 30 hours at Norwescon 31, you will be able to purchase a $25.00 discounted badge for Norwescon 32. It is nontransferable and must be purchased during the pre-registration period.

There will be a couple of other changes for this coming year. The Volunteer Table will be located in the Volunteer Lounge instead of with the Fan Tables. Also, instead of the traditional end of convention raffle drawing for volunteers, we are going to try something new. We will have an auction where you can bid your volunteer hours for the things you want instead of hoping on random chance. Lastly, we are likely to have some left over "bling" from previous years, so if you miss the "bling" and ask very nicely we may have something for you.

What is not changing is there will still be access to the Volunteer Lounge and a volunteer appreciation picnic come summer, as well as prizes for top hours worked.

As of right now we need volunteers for:


(all take place on Saturday*)

Stage Ninjas

If you like to wear black and be sneaky then this is the position for you. Ninjas hover around the edges of the stage and entrances on to the stage and make sure the contestants do not fall. They also place any props that are needed on the stage. You will get an up close and personal look at the stage performance and the contestants.

Den Parents

If you are the nurturing and/or calming type and like to see things close up then this position is for you. Den parents stay behind the stage with the contestants the whole time. They work with them to calm them down, offer food and drink and help with any last minute costume problems or tweaking. This is as close as you will get to the costumes unless you are in one.


If you have experience with costuming, performance, or otherwise feel that you would make a great judge contact the Masquerade Director stating why you think you would be right for the job.

Door Guards

If you like telling people what to do—or better yet, where to go—then this position is for you. Before the Masquerade starts, we need people to guard the front doors to ensure privacy for the contestants and to allow entrance to those who are supposed to be there. We will give you great, up close seating for the Masquerade as a perk.


Want to see the Masquerade but have a hard time sitting still? Then this job is for you. You will work under the direction of the house manager.

*There will be a meeting on Saturday for all people interested in any of these positions. Check with the Volunteer table for more information. You will meet the person(s) in charge of your area or become that person and you will learn the rest of the time requirements your volunteer position requires. If you can not make the meeting but are interested, please contact the Masquerade Director prior to the meeting.

Load In/Set Up/Tear Down

Thursday evening and you have checked into your room. Now, off to the convention. Er, um... where is it? Where is everything? It’s in the storage area 'cause we didn't have enough bodies to haul it in and set it up! So, come on Wednesday and help tote that barge. Or stay on Monday and help us put it away. The hotel likes it when we put away our toys. (4 and 6-hour shifts, but we will take you longer!)


So, you want to volunteer but none of the job descriptions immediately catches your eye? Well here is an opportunity to do a little bit of everything. Your chance to be in the right place at the right time. As a Floater, you will be on call in the Volunteer Office awaiting the next big thing to occur. Last minute jobs or needs come up frequently, which is why you are here. From Stage Management to Staff Support to Registration, you will be a jack-of-alltrades.

Lazer Tag

Come and assist the folks who run this exciting event over the course of three nights. Lazer Tag is a live action, NONCONTACT sport.

Art Show

Assistance is needed with setup, door check, registration, etc. Please contact the Art Show director, Doug Booze, to volunteer.


Are you the perfect host or hostess? Do you like working with snacks and the people who love them, but do not like the way your carrots were trimmed? Get your hands on some kitchenware and join in the action of Hospitality. A great way to see who is at the con and still accumulate volunteer time!


If you want to play Robocop this is not the job for you. If, on the other hand, you don't mind making sure that little kids are not unaccompanied, folks are not vandalizing the hotel property and mayhem (outside of the scheduled kind) is not occurring than this may be just what you are looking for. Mandatory training session required.

Registration Workers

It all starts somewhere and for most of us it is right here! Assist Norwescon members in purchasing or picking up their memberships, collecting their goody bags and just figuring out who the heck they are! Preconvention training is encouraged. At the con training is available. Either way, training is required. There are preconvention training sessions on February 9th and March 1st. Contact (2 to 4 hour shifts requested.)

We need both volunteers to work it and Concom members to help staff it.

Stage Management

Volunteer by attending panels that you want to attend! Didn’t think it was possible? Well, it is in Stage Management! You’ll be responsible for making sure the panels run smoothly, that the panelists (even Guests of Honor) are supported in their needs for smooth panels, and that we have good reporting on what went well and what didn’t. If you want to fulfill this very, very important role (our panelists always remember the Stage Managers), talk to the Head Stage Manager.

Staff Support needed

We are looking for people to help in the Staff Support department. This is the group of people who make and deliver foodand drinks to all our hard working staff and volunteers. Most of the food preparation is simple—making sandwiches and cutting up veggies. Then, on a regular basis (every hour or two), they need to push a cart around to all the major areas of the convention and drop off food and drink. This is a good position if you like to work with people, as you get to wander the convention making our staff/ volunteers very happy. Contact for more information.

Peacebonding and Weapons Policy

by Jeromie Foulger

Some weapons are not allowed at all: crossbows, slingshots, pellet guns, bows and arrows, water pistols, blowguns, catapults or any type of functioning projectile weapon—loaded or unloaded (and, please, no real guns)—or any device that could be construed as a projectile weapon or any extension of the human hand. The only exceptions are nonfunctioning replicas that are kept in their holsters, or daggers, knives, and swords that are kept in their sheaths. All spears and staves must be no longer than six feet and the end of said devices must never project more than 12" from the bearer's body. All blades will be covered in all public areas and function spaces. Please remember to keep your pole arms and staves upright at all times.

This policy is in direct line with the rules of the hotel and their security department. There will be no appeal to a violation of these rules. You will be asked to leave the hotel by hotel security and to leave the convention by us.

Peacebonding is available at the information table, the security office and from the roving security personnel. All weapons and staffs must be peace bonded. The only type of peace bonding allowed is that provided by the convention. Fashion coordinated substitutes are not sufficient. Remember that all allowable weapons must still be peace bonded. The only exceptions to these rules are weapons that have been approved for display on stage during the masquerade and during programming specifically designed for weapons display. Bonding ties will be removed for such an event and replaced immediately afterward. If you remove the bonding tie in a private room to display your weapon, please return to the office to have the bonding tie replaced. Peace bonding will be available at the Information Table, in the Security office, and from the roving security personnel. If you have any questions about this policy, please ask.

Just an additional word: No weapons are allowed in the lounge at the hotel (and the hotel has asked that weapons be kept out of the hotel restaurants also) or any lounge in the state. Taking a weapon into a lounge is a class “A” felony under RCW 9.41.270, in the state of Washington, so please don’t do it. We don’t wish to lose you or have you lose your property. Thank you!

Remember: if it is drawn, you are gone. Ignorance is no excuse.

Single Pattern Contest has Changed Venue!

by Alisa Green

Have you always wanted to enter the single pattern contest, but hated the idea of giving up your fabulous creation for the entire weekend? Now you don’t have to. Participants will model their creations in a private judging and then show them off for the audience in a fashion show on Friday night.

If you don’t want to compete, but want to see these fabulous designs, then come cheer on our Single Pattern Contestants as they model their amazing entries. You get to vote for the Fan Favorite!

See for details.

Norwescon 31 Single Pattern Contest Rules

  1. One entry per person.
  2. You must have a Norwescon 31 badge number to enter the competition. Anyone who is a member of the convention, including concom members (with the exception of the Single Pattern Contest organizer and judges), may enter.
  3. This year’s pattern is Butterick’s B3805, which is four different hats. At the Butterick website, you can do a search and see the pattern. You may do any of the four hats on the pattern.
  4. Entries may be made in any size as long as they fit a human being.
  5. Minor creative design changes are permitted. This could involve such things as eliminating, changing, or adding minor pieces, as long as the overall silhouette is recognizable as being derived from the pattern.
  6. Materials and techniques are entirely up to you. All types of embellishments from historical to fantasy are encouraged. However, no messy or perishable substances allowed (example: peanut butter).
  7. Entries may be submitted for the Beginner/Intermediate or Advanced/Expert level. Please mark on your entry form which level you would like to compete under. Do note that at the judge’s discretion, entries may be moved to a higher competitive level as the work merits.
  8. There will also be a “non-compete” category that anyone may enter.
  9. Please pre-register by contacting Terri Specht at [omitted]. Entries that have not pre-registered may or may not be accepted depending on available space.
  10. You, or someone you designate, will show your entry in a private judging. You will be able to tell the judges about your creation and any special materials, techniques, provide documentation for recreations, etc.
  11. You or someone you designate may then participate in a Fashion Show (immediately after judging). In addition to the Judges Awards, there will be a Fan Favorite Award given based off the audience votes from the Fashion Show.
  12. Awards will be announced during the Masquerade Half-time on Saturday night.
  13. If you must cancel, please notify the SPC organizer immediately so your spot can be freed up for another entrant.

Norwescon 31 Masquerade

by Peggy Stewart

I would like to invite you to participate in the 31st Norwescon masquerade. It is your chance to show off those fabulous costumes and that inner thespian that I know you all have. The Norwescon masquerade is open to all convention members of all costuming skill levels and is held on Saturday night of the con. You can enter and just model your costume to music if that inner thespian is eluding you or give it full reign and get a group together to perform as you showcase your costume(s). Your entry can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

I am happy to say that the ramp that was added late in the game last year was a roaring success and will be there again this year. I will have a map up on the website as soon as the layout is approved, so you will have the dimensions of the stage and ramp layout. I can’t encourage you enough to put it to good use.

If you are interested in entering and making the Norwescon 31 Masquerade a truly memorable one, please go to the Norwescon website and read the complete rules and information for this year’s masquerade. The entry forms will also be available online. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

Peggy Stewart
Norwescon 31 Masquerade Director


Please review these rules carefully. Violation of any rule will disqualify an entry. Please help us make the masquerade safe and enjoyable.

  1. Never surprise the Masquerade Director. No jumping off or throwing things off the stage.
  2. Backstage space is limited, so the overall size of costumes and number of helpers is limited. Costumes can be no longer than twelve feet, no taller than ten feet, and no wider than six feet.
  3. Attendance at one of the two pre-masquerade meetings during the convention is mandatory. One is usually Friday night, the other, Saturday morning.
  4. Attendance at the Saturday afternoon rehearsal is mandatory. Come to your rehearsal prepared. There will only be time during your rehearsal to set lighting and sound cues. Do not expect stage time for development of choreography or blocking.
  5. No live microphones are provided for contestants
  6. Sound tapes/CDs must be complete prior to Saturday morning of the masquerade. Bring two copies of your sound accompaniment to the meeting of your choice (see rule #3). Contact Keith Johnson ([omitted]) if you have sound questions.
  7. No live firearms, no live explosions or fire and all weapons must be peace bonded except as needed for stage presentation.
  8. The masquerade is PG-13. Lack of costume is not a costume.
  9. No messy substances – wet, dry, or oily – that might ruin another’s contestant costume or make the stage dangerous are permitted.
  10. Each entry will be limited to a maximum of 60 seconds of presentation time. The Masquerade Director may grant an exception for groups of five or more people on a case-bycase basis. Time-limit exceptions must be requested prior to rehearsal. Norwescon 31, March 20 23, 2008. DoubleTree Hotel, SeaTac Airport 13
  11. Purchased or rented costumes may not be entered in competition. Credit must be given for all makeup and costume construction.
  12. No flash photography is permitted while contestants are on stage, or in the backstage area. A designated photo area will be provided for contestant photos after the masquerade.
  13. Last but not least, the Masquerade Director has the final say.

Note that there are no dressing rooms backstage. If you need a private dressing area close by, there are bathrooms across the hall from the Grand Ballroom. Plan on there not being any food or beverages provided by Norwescon backstage during masquerade rehearsals or the show. You will want to bring any food or drink that you need with you.


Masquerade skill divisions are based on the guidelines of the International Costumers Guild ( The divisions are:

Rising Star is for any contestant 13 years of age or younger who is not part of an adult group. Rising Star costumes must be made by the entrant with no more than a minimum amount of supervisory help. An adult-made costume may not be entered in this category and should instead be entered in the appropriate skill division of the adult.

Novice is for any contestant who has not previously won an award for a costume in any masquerade, or who has won a maximum of two awards in the Novice division for different costumes at a worldclass convention masquerade such as Worldcon or Costume-Con, or at a regional convention masquerade such as Norwescon or Westercon.

Journeyman is for any contestant who has won a maximum of three awards for different costumes in the Journeyman division at a world-class or regional convention masquerade.

Master is for any contestant who has won four or more awards for different costumes in the Journeyman or Master division, or who has won one or more Best in Show awards, at a regional or world-class convention masquerade. Professional costumers must enter the Master division.

Anyone may choose to compete in a higher skill division. Group presentations will be judged based on the highest skill division of the individual members. Past awards won as a member of a group of a higher skill division do not mean that you must compete at that skill division in all subsequent masquerades. For example, if a Journeyman who has won one prior Journeyman award competes with a group of Masters, and the group wins Best in Show Presentation, this does not automatically move the Journeyman up to Master. This award can be counted as a second Journeyman award. However, if this same Journeyman wins the Best in Show Workmanship award based solely on their own costume, then that win would qualify as a requirement to move up to Master. If you have any doubt in which division to compete, the Masquerade Director will advise you.


Presentation judging is mandatory. It consists of your presentation on stage. It judges everything from your costume’s appearance from stage, to how you act and move, to your music and voiceovers, etc. The Judges will give awards divided by skill levels and excellence of performance within those different skill levels.


Workmanship judging is optional. It takes place in the masquerade backstage area before the show begins. It allows the workmanship judges to consider exceptional accomplishment in crafting costumes, props, and accessories. This is the place where exquisite attention to detail may be recognized. ReCreation costumes (a costume whose design is copied from a film, television show, theatrical presentation, book illustration, comic, work of art, or other medium) must provide a color picture of the original for the workmanship judges. Let your Den Mom/Dad know if you want your costume and/or props and accessories judged for workmanship.


Our resident sound techie makes the following suggestions for your presentation tapes. Note that some items contradict the conventional wisdom.

  • We highly recommend music for every presentation. We can take CD and cassette, subject to the conditions below. We also encourage the use of stereo music. We plan to have a stereo sound feed to the video.
  • If you are recording from a CD, please bring that CD to the con (in addition to your tape), we may want to use it. Please write the track number legibly on the CD.
  • Note we will have limited capability to make any custom-edited tapes on-site. We can cue a CD to the beginning of a particular track. There is not enough time during the Masquerade to cue within a track. If this is the case for your music, please record it on tape ahead of time.
  • Please use as high quality tape as possible; Chrome or Metal tapes are encouraged. Use a fresh clean tape, and make two copies in case one is unusable for whatever reason.
  • Please use noise reduction. We are Dolby B, C, S, and DBX compatible. Be sure to write on the cassette label which it is. (If you only have a Dolby or NR switch on your cassette deck, you have Dolby B.)
  • Please do not record at the very beginning of the tape. A 30-45 second gap is enough to get past front-of-tape dropouts. We will cue the tape in your presence to make sure it starts where you want.
  • If you record your material on a CD, please make sure it is a standard CD. Please burn only one track and make two copies of your material.

HappyBirthday Weird Tales!

by William Sadorus

Norwescon is pleased to announce that Weird Tales will be celebrating its 85th anniversary at NWC 31. Weird Tales is the American fantasy and horror fiction pulp magazine first published in March of 1923. The magazine was set up in Chicago by J.C. Henneberger, an exjournalist with a taste for the macabre. Editors have included Edwin Baird, Farnsworth Wright, Dorothy McIlwraith, Sam Moskowitz, Lin Carter and current new fiction editor Ann VanderMeer. Stephen Segal, Weird Tales creative director, will be on hand with many of the writers and contributors to the magazine as Norwescon joins in festivities. Look for panels, displays, and a BIG birthday bash for Weird Tales while you’re at the con.

Norwescon 31 Hall Costume Contest

by Alisa Green

During the course of the convention, the Norwescon Hall Costume Judges will be haunting the halls looking for those members who are wearing especially interesting and noteworthy costumes. The team plans to award Hall Costume Awards to people on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Rules

  1. Each member is eligible for only one Norwescon Hall Costume Award during the course of the convention, no matter how many different hall costumes you may wear during the convention.
  2. You must have a Norwescon 31 badge to compete. Anyone who is a member of the convention including ConCom may compete. Only the Hall Costume Judges may not enter.
  3. Professionally manufactured or rented costumes are not eligible to compete. Wearing a costume with partially purchased items that the member has pulled together is eligible.
  4. The convention is PG-13. No costume is not a costume. Public decency laws will be enforced by the convention.
  5. All weapons must be peacebonded.
  6. No messy substances – wet, dry, or oily that might ruin someone else’s costume.
  7. This is a hall costume contest. That means you should be able to move around the convention without losing bits and pieces or putting someone’s eye out.
  8. Masquerade entries are ineligible for Hall Costume Awards.

The lucky winners will receive ribbons, early seating in the Masquerade Saturday evening, and the right to participate in the Costume Parade as part of the Masquerade half-time show.

Betty’s Thank You Memberships

by Ali Grieve

Betty Claar was a dedicated convention planner, former vice-chair, volunteer, and friend to so many people. On October 3, 2007, Betty lost her battle with cancer. Everyone that knew and loved her will miss her very much.

Betty worked very hard to improve Norwescon in many different ways, serving on the convention committee in a number of positions. However, she never forgot the days when she was “just” a volunteer — one of those very important people that help at the con to make it the great event that it is. One of Betty’s many ideas was to find a way to thank and reward these special volunteers for their efforts.

We plan to honor Betty and her vision during Norwescon 31. Starting this year, the Norwescon ConCom will give a free full membership to next year’s convention to the person that volunteers the most hours on load-in on Wednesday and one more full membership to the person who volunteers the most hours on load-out on Sunday. This is something Betty wanted to see happen and we hope to make it an annual addition.

So please help Norwescon move in to the hotel on Wednesday and move out of the hotel on Sunday. It will help the convention, you may get a free membership to NWC 32, and all of us will be honoring the memory of Betty.

The New Elf Hill

by Mike Brennan

The Elf Hill is no longer a legend
Told by bards in the epics,
long gone We pack song, word, and spell
Into a hotel
Come join us inside of our con

Our con’s bigger than the space that contains it
It lasts longer than the days that it fills
We distort space and time
With art, dance, and rhyme
Make reality bend to our wills

Come play with good friends you’ve not met yet
Laugh with people who love that you’re smart
We tell puns that are bad
To those who are glad
To find humor in science and art

We will talk about stars
And perhaps flying cars
And when they will be in our reach

And how books of our youth
Harbored camouflaged truth
The authors tried slyly to teach
As you start to unwind
Glad acceptance you’ll find
Where ’er in the con you might roam

’Til you know that it’s true
There are others like you
And somehow you have finally come home

Share your pain and we’ll see it’s diminished
Share your joy and we’ll see it’s increased
Let us see who you’ll be
When your spirit is free
And the weight on your shoulders released

Be aware that re-entry is bumpy
As life’s gravity claims us again
But new strength now is yours
To handle life’s chores
For you know you are part of the Fen

Soon, again the Elf Hill will open
To its magical portals you’re drawn
And this time you intend
To invite a close friend
To come join you inside of our con

Parties at Norwescon

by Charlie Knoedler

Interested in throwing a party in Wing 5 at Norwescon 31? Here are the guidelines for doing so:

  • All open parties must register with the convention office located in room 7106.
  • Food and beverages must be served in compliance with hotel, state, and local regulations.
  • A special occasion license or banquet permit must be obtained and posted in the suite.
  • Maximum occupancy guidelines must be observed.
  • Alcohol service times must be in accordance with state regulations.
  • Each party must have a host/hostess who is 21 years of age or older, listed as being responsible for the party. This person must not be drinking, and is responsible for checking identification of all attendees.
  • Noise level must be kept reasonable. Noise complaints can result in a party being shut down.
  • Please check the Norwescon website and click hotel. Under “Reserving Suites” click on the hosting a party link and further information is available there.

Our party liaison position is filled by Dan Lynch who can be contacted through



“Norwescon 31 Progress Report Beta,” Norwescon History, accessed June 19, 2024,

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