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Norwescon 31 Post Con Report


July 2008 post-convention report for Norwescon 31


July 2008

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Norwescon 31 Post Con Report

Inside This Issue:

Publications Report 2
Chairman’s Post Con report 3
2008 Lifetime Member Award 3
Registration Wrap-Up 4
Budget Report 4
Dealers’ Room 5
Volunteer Department 5
Special Events 6
Charity Events 8
Movie Previews 9
Norwescon 32 Election Results 9
Art Show Report 10
Art Show Awards 11
Masquerade Awards and Running order 12
Single Pattern Contest 14

Norwescon 32 ConCom Meeting Dates

2008 2009
September 13th January 10th
October 11th February 21st
November 15th March 14th
December 13th April 5th (Stuffing Party & Integration Test)
  May 15th (Post Con Meeting)

Meetings are typically held at the Doubletree Hotel, Seattle Airport. Please check the Norwescon ( website to verify location and meeting times.

Design and Layout: Don Glover
Editors: Pearl Lawson and Katrina Marier
Photos by Don Glover, Eric Patowski, and Thom Walls

Publications Report

My first year as Publications Director has come and gone. After a less than stellar start with an iffy Post Con Report/PR Alpha, the department finished (mostly) strong. This year publications made a few changes from years past, the biggest of which was moving the panel descriptions from the program book to the pocket program and redefining it as a Souvenir book. From all the feedback that we have received this appears to have been a win for the membership at large.

We had our challenges, most notable was the typo on the cover of the Souvenir Book (look elsewhere in this Post Con Report for your replacement C).

I would like to thank my staff, without whom I would have been toast (lightly buttered).

Thanks to dQniel Kaufman who produced the Souvenir Book and Pocket Program; my editors Katrina Marier, Pearl Lawson, Paul Carpentier, and Jennier Agee. Thanks to Rick and Vickie Bligh for the wonderful job they did on the signs around the convention. Dara Korrat'ti gave us yet another creative and wonderful daily zine.

I will be back for Norwescon 32 and we will see what I can do to make publications for Norwescon even better.

Don Glover
Norwescon 31
Publications Director

Chairman’s Post Con report

Well the time has come to say all my thank you's to all the members and volunteers.

Norwescon 31 was a very successful convention in many ways. Our attendance remained close to Norwescon 30. We had wonderful Guests of Honor who enjoyed every aspect of our convention; and a great bunch of volunteers willing to work many hours to help put on this convention. It has been my pleasure being your Chairman for the last two years. You all have taught me lots of things, good and bad. You have told me what I have done right and wrong. I will be collecting all of that information to send to the next Chairman of Norwescon.

A big thank you to my Executive Team for all their hard work this year. The department heads are the best as you are the ones who make our convention run smoothly. A very special thank you goes to all the great volunteers who helped out during the convention.

Until Norwescon 32 gets up and running, remember to check our website at for all the latest information. Once again thank you all for attending Norwescon 31. I hope to see all of you back for Norwescon 32!

Tracy Knoedler
Norwescon 31 Chairman

2008 Lifetime Member Award

Each year, the current Chair of Norwescon has the opportunity to award a "Lifetime Membership" to an individual or individuals that have contributed greatly to the Convention. At the final Pre-Con planning meeting for Norwescon 31, which was held on March 1, 2008, this years Chair, Tracy Knoedler had such an opportunity to do just that.

In appreciation for many years of dedicated service to Norwescon through countless hours of hard work, heavy lifting, and the willingness to go the extra mile, assuring that everyone behind the scenes, as well as, undoubtedly, every person that has attended the Convention, some, almost unknowingly, have all the "stuff" needed for the convention. But their dedication doesn't stop there. Throughout the year, they keep track of all those items, making sure they are kept in a safe place, transporting items to and from, here and there, and all the time, seeming to keep a positive and upbeat attitude, not to mention, most of their sanity, while doing it.

This year, not one, but three "Lifetime Memberships" were awarded, and I will join with others in agreement that there could be no better choice of recipients. Please join in congratulating Daniel Patowski, Eric Patowski, and Yvonne Patowski , also affectionately know as "The Norwescon Transportation Team".

Jeromie Folger

Registration Wrap-Up

First, I want to take this moment to thank all of the volunteers and staff who have worked in Registration (Reg) at Norwescon while I have served as Reg Lead. You guys continue to be so very awesome. Jeff, Willow, DragonMom, Talia, Nina, and all the rest of you: thank you. It has been a fun and wild ride. As I change positions within Norwescon for 32, I know Registration will continue to thrive in your capable hands.

Okay. What happened this year? Well, there were a couple of really great changes and a couple of minor disasters.

We had new PRINTERS! Did you notice? The dot matrix dinosaurs were gone and nifty little laser printers were there instead. This meant no more 3-part (NCR) (no carbon required) forms! That saved us paper and printing costs and sped up the receipt process. This was a great change and has helped Reg move forward as much as the laptops last year and the New Badge format the year before. As we all know, any change is hard. It took less training than any of us thought, but a lot of new configuration from IT (who continue to rock), and some really bizarre bug parties got it done.

Unfortunately, checks could not be accepted by Reg on site this year. IT and Business worked hard to try to solve this issue, but it was an outside problem with the company used to do the verification process. From what I saw, it didn't really slow you guys down. You got out your debit cards, credit cards, or found cash, and it all worked out. The lines even moved a little quicker.

We had a visit on Sunday from some very cute Firemen and Paramedics. One of our staff, who works for Reg, IT and the Office, had a minor health emergency. It shows the mettle of all the staff and volunteers in how quickly and quietly this was handled. Reg shut down in an orderly manner; a screen of bodies was suddenly in place to provide a privacy screen and to keep the area clear, and when it was over, everyone got back to work to get Reg reopened quickly. Sometimes you just have to marvel at how wonderful people can be.

Respectfully submitted by

Judy Oxford,
Norwescon 31 Reg-Dragon

Membership Type Total
One Day 342
Children 170
Full Event 2133
Professional 385
Grand Total 3030

Budget Report

  Budgeted Actual
Chairperson $ 5,235.00 $ 4,469.50
Vice Chairperson $ 23,533.00 $ 21,168.20
Business $ 18,345.00 $ 22,585.31
Member Services $ 3,800.00 $ 3,522.01
Publications $ 30,875.00 $ 21,644.01
Convention Services $ 18,900.00 $ 21,095.69
Programming $ 9,855.00 $ 6,490.38
Personnel $ 9,350.00 $ 7,976.03
Special Events $ 3,025.00 $ 1,580.13
Total $ 122,918.00 $ 110,531.26
Capital Expenses $ 4,978.90 $ 4,550.05
Total $ 127,896.90 $ 115,081.31

Dealers’ Room

Were the Northwest Ballrooms full or what?

The dealers' room never slowed down this year. It was packed solid from the time we opened on Thursday until we closed on Sunday. It took all of my energy just to get you members out of the room nightly so that we could go to dinner. I guess that means we had a wonderful selection of vendors that you could spend lots of money with.

We had lots of new items, from books, costumes, gaming, and weapons. I do hope you all enjoyed our wonderful selection of vendors. I have already had several requests for vendor space for next year, unfortunately they will have to wait until the fall.

We look forward to seeing you fill the Northwest Ballrooms again next year!

Tracy Knoedler
Dealer Coordinator

Volunteer Department

First I want to thank everyone that helped out and made Norwescon 31 such a great success! We had over 100 people (and those are just the folks who registered with Volunteers!) pitch in and assist in running the convention. All told, from the packet stuffing party to move out (which I hear was one of the quickest yet!) our wonderful volunteers worked 1,268 hours! That's incredible! Whether it's our volunteers with endless energy, such as Richard Saur-Wooden or Diane Wahlborg, or a person who helps out for an hour or two, all of the aid is invaluable and we just couldn't put on Norwescon without you.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to meet and work with all the wonderful volunteers these past two years. It has been quite a learning experience, as well as a lot of laughs and good times. I hope all of the volunteers had as much fun as I did! Next year I will not be running the Volunteer Department, but I know it will be in capable hands.

I hope to see all of the volunteers again at the Norwescon 31 Volunteer Appreciation Picnic which will be held at the Federal Way Steel Lake Park, Picnic site 1 (covered), on August 2nd at Noon to 5ish. If not, I'm sure I will see them at Norwescon 32!

Thanks again to everyone who helped this year, in years past, and everyone who will help in the years to come!

Jim Sullivan
Volunteer Department Head
Norwescon 30 & 31

Norwescon 31 Special Events

This was a fun year for the Special Events department. During my second year of running the department, I expanded on what we did the previous year to make the events even more special.

I could not have pulled this off with out the help from my assistant, Peggy Stewart. She will run this department for Norwescon 32; and I can't wait to see what she does with it.


This year DJ Jammin' Panda and his crew (Caeli Kane, Geoff Hicks, Lizzie Peterson, Amber, Miriam KeithStanley, and Geoff Kane) organized and decorated all 3 dances. They went with a different dragon theme for each night's dance:

Thursday: The Dragon Bazaar with DJ Bomb and DJ Eternal Darkness

Friday: Star Dance at the Dragon's Lair with DJ Jammin' Panda and DJ Fangdork

Saturday: Hoedown at the Dragonslayer's Inn with mc300baud


The masquerade this year was run by Peggy Stewart and a proverbial cast of thousands. Everyone pulled together and the show was great. The contestants were top notch and the judges were speedy. Peggy would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for all the effort and hard work they put into the masquerade this year and encourage them all to volunteer or compete again next year as she hands the reigns over.

See page 12 for the running order and awards.

Masquerade half-time:

This year Keith Johnson and Alan Halfhill provided movie previews for half-time. They kept the seats filled and the audience wanting more. They would like to take the opportunity to thank you, our suppliers, for your help with Norwescon.

Midnight Movies:

We showed 3 great movies this year: Heavy Metal, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Blade Runner. I would like to thank James Wilson for running the room and the Vicarious Theatre Company for coming in for Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Fannish Fetish Fashion Show:

The FFFS was a bit light on the Fashion this year; hopefully next year we can remedy that. Betty Rage did a spectacular job of getting fabulous performers, each of whom put fannish aspects into their performances.

Burlesque workshop and show:

Besides the FFFS, Betty Rage also ran the burlesque workshop on Saturday afternoon. This was for people who wanted to know what it took to perform burlesque. She helped them create acts, which they had the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd later that evening. We had some slight technical problems with the sound system (it didn't show up); but Cheryl Ferguson was able to find some speakers which saved the show, so a big thanks to her.


The gaming room was run by Pro Roy and his assistants Robert Moshell, Richard Johnson, and Mark Richardson. We once again had two different gaming areas; and both of them were crowded all weekend. Congratulations to Heather Bornhorst, this year's Call of Cthulhu Tournament winner. Heather won a free membership to next year's Norwescon!

We also had a couple of LARPs run out of the gaming area this year. We learned an important lesson from this: if you are going to have players dying in the hallways, then you need to have signs informing the mundanes that they are acting. Oops!


For the second year in a row I ran the Norwescon Casino. Even with it being on Thursday night, we had a huge crowd. This year we added a few new games into the mix: roulette and craps. I want to thank my casino staff: Jessie Simpson, Leonard Burstiner, Jason McDermott, and the others who volunteered to be dealers.

Texas Hold’em Tournament:

We held the second annual Texas Hold'em Tournament over 3 days. The tournament was run by Mariah Johnson who added her own unique flair to it. The tournament was ended on Saturday night; and the winner was Patrick McCafferty. Thanks to all the people who helped deal the tournament.

Lazer Tag:

For the second year in a row year we had lazer tag running all 3 nights. The room was run by Scott Perrin and Elizabeth Fellows who made sure that all the players had a safe but fun time. I know we could not do lazer tag with out all the hard work and time they put in.


Amtgard came in on Sunday morning to give our membership a demo of what they do. Think of them as a live action fantasy role playing using foam weapons. I want to thank Matt Ward as my liaison between Norwescon and Amtgard. Check out the group's main web site for more details on them.

Scavenger Hunt:

This year we brought back the Scavenger Hunt. Sheye Blaze, who organized the event, came up with a list of 30 interesting items for the contestants to find. Some of the items were easy to find, others were near impossible. In the end Mark Sebring found the most; and Melissa Emmons was the runner up.

Match Game SF:

This year we “borrowed” an event from California fandom. Kevin Standlee was kind enough to come up and run 5 rounds of Match Game SF for our membership. I just wish we could have found a larger room for it, as the room was packed. Kevin would like to thank Jeffrey Hulten who stepped ably into the job of Announcer, and Lisa Hayes and Tsuki Systems who filmed the show.

Did I mention that the Match Game had prizes for the winners? The top prize (a membership to next year's Norwescon) went to Julie Hoverson. We would like to thank our other contributors of prizes: Springtime Creations, Cargo Cult Books and Jay Lake.

501st Charity Event:

For a charitable donation, people were able to have their pictures taken with the Empire's finest and even some of their rebel counterparts. In total, $720.00 was donated to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Jeromie Foulger ran this event; and he would like to thank all the members of the Titan Garrison for all their hard work, time, and energy. He also thanks all of their wives, husbands, boyfriends, and girlfriends who donated their time taking, printing, and distributing the pictures, keeping the crowd energized and entertained. Also, a big thanks to everyone who participated and donated.

I want to thank both the Norwescon Tech and Programming departments, and we could not have done this with out your help and support.

After 9 years of working on Norwescon's executive team in a variety of positions from Chairman to Special Events, it is time for me to take a break. I'll still be around doing something for Norwescon and in a few years I will probably be back on the Exec team. I need to thank all the people who have helped and supported me over the years. I especially want to thank Kat and Gabe.

Shawn Marier
Norwescon 31
Special Events Director

Charity Events

I had a wonderful time as the Charity Events coordinator this year! Thank you, Tracy, for asking me to take this on. Thank you also to Roberta Williamson, Polly Keeney, and Mary Spratt, for the many hours spent at the table, and for helping me pass out the gummies. Another thank you goes to Prudence Bohnas, who has been the head of Charity Events for several years, and could not come to Norwescon this year. She passed on a wonderful notebook of information and contacts that made it easier to put things together. Between the donations at the table, the gummy candy, and the charity auction, Norwescon raised over $1400 this year!

First we chose our charities for the year. We kept Northwest Harvest, which has been our standing charity for many years, and added the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in honor of Betty Claar, a long time Norwescon committee member who passed away last year. Our team christened themselves “Betty's Boobies”, which was very well received by both the committee and the membership.

Next we decided to try something a little different. During the day we had a table in the lobby where we accepted donations of money, food for the food bank, or articles for the Charity Auction. Beadscape Artiques donated ribbons that were given to those who donated (if they wanted one). In the evening, some of the charity team walked the halls of the convention with bowls of gummy body parts. That part was REALLY fun! People delighted in going through the bowl of wrapped candies looking at the various (naughty) bits.

I was overwhelmed by the generosity of our fen! Special thanks to Jack Laney, John P. Alexander, The Teacup, Jenny Seaver, Naomi Novik, Beadscape Artiques, and our fabulous Dealers. I wish I had room to list them all and everything that was donated!

Of special note was the “Match It for Pratchett” drive that was hosted by Northwest Science Fiction Society at the table next to ours, and the fundraiser by the Star Wars club. They both exceeded their goals due to your generosity.

Things I learned this year:

Schedule a time to make the rounds with the Chair or their representative EARLY in the con so you have time to make coherent notes about the donations from the dealers! It might be nice to have a certificate of appreciation to fill out and give to the dealers as they give us their donations. Make BIGGER signs! (Rick and Vickie Bligh were right!) The table was a good idea; being interactive with the members was fun! You can't go wrong with ribbons, but you need to have something people want. “Betty's Boobies” was a huge success!

Becky Citrak
Charitable Events

Movie Previews

Movie previews at Norwescon are always popular, and our third year brought new opportunities. This year we were asked to do an hour of Family Movie Previews in our Family Track Programming room for our younger fans. We also lengthened our Friday time by a halfhour. Also we were asked to do previews as Masquerade halftime.

This year we went from 3 hours of programming time to 4.5 hours. Total gross combined attendance for our four 2008 panels was 646 people (up 45% from 440 in 2007). Based on a 10% repeat rate we believe we served approximately 575 unique members, 19% of our membership!

With Alan Halfhill's peerless technical direction and our knack for presenting information our members are interested in, we believe the Movie Previews will continue to be the most popular programming at Norwescon outside of our Dances.

Keith Johnson and
Alan Halfhill

Norwescon 32 Election Results

Elections were held for the officers of Norwescon 32 on Saturday, April 26th with Doug Booze, Tracy Knoedler, Pat Booze, and Kevin Black on this year's election committee.

The results were:


Becky Citrak 27
Rob Stewart 26
Catrina Foulger 20
None of the Above 2
No Preference 1


Jeanine Swanson 37
Shawn Marier 25
Rory Clark 12 None of the Above 1
No Preference 0

GOH Selection Committee

Cheryl Ferguson 32
Dara Korra'ti 29
Sally Woehrle 25
Denise Prowse 23
Jeffrey Cornish 22
Christy Berlemann 6
Alise Green 4
No Preference 2
None of the Above 0

Congratulations to Becky, Jeanine, Cheryl and Dara and thank you to everyone who participated in this year's election.

Doug Booze
Norwescon Elections

We found the case of missing C's from the program book. Included here is your very own replacement. Carefully cut it out and paste it on to your program book in the appropriate location.


Art Show Report

It was another amazing year. There are so many wonderful things that happened over this last year, and so many people to thank, that it is hard to know where to start.

It would not be an Art Show without our artists. First we would like to thank our Artist Guest of Honor, Ciruelo. He is an amazing artist and an extremely generous guest of his time and talent.

The heart and soul of the Art Show are our attending and mail in artists. We had a wonderful group this year that brought the best of themselves and their work to Norwescon. We would like to thank them for the time and talent that they have shared with Norwescon, and I have really enjoyed working with each one of them.

None of this is possible without the tremendous help of our volunteers. First I would like to thank our Art Show staff. First a very special thank you to Lori „Shaughnessy' Burtis, who is my right hand person, and to Bill Cochell, Jr., who joined the team this year and helped out in so many ways. We would also like to thank Melissa Kell for managing the Artist Alley. She did a great job as Artist Ally continues to get better every year. E.J. Fadgen who ran the bag check again this year and hardly ever left her post was terrific. Lise McKinney took on the print shop this year and did a wonderful job of giving the print shop its own identity and a wonderful place to shop. We would also like to thank Rory Clark, our Art Show programmer, for all of his hard work supporting the Art Show computer systems, as well as the entire IT staff for keeping us running. Thank you also to our wonderful finance team: Ali Grieve and Mike Orosz. Also a huge thank you to Walt Thomas, our construction chief; without his hard work and patience there would be no Art Show. Last but never least, Pat Booze, whose support helped in so many ways to make this show a success.

The other group that we want to thank are our atconvention volunteers. We are very grateful for them taking the time out of their convention experience to come and help us. Without them it would have been a harder and longer weekend for all of our staff. We truly want all of them to know that they are part of our team and we are very appreciative of everything they all did to help. They are:

Richard Erskine, David Donals, Caroline Westra, Laura Penty, Shawn Lum, Jason Lum, Trent Lum, Leslie Fischer, Audrey Penty, Troy Brenner, David Valentine, Connor O'Bryan, Robert Russell, Victoria Scanlon, Dave Anderson, Tahlia Holt, Tiffany Alexander, Sandra Odell, Erik Saltwick, Jesse Woodard, Caryn Farmer, Brandon Meyer, Janka Hobbs, Joe Julian, Marlene Helms, Toni Forbis, Alex Vroutos, Ari Chamberlin, Nahalen Nasset, Kirsten Palmer, Heather Pringle, Kenny Holland, Denise Nilsson, Sara Linde, Mara Palmer and Diane Walborg who was awarded our Norwescon Art Show Apprentice Award this year for being an outstanding volunteer.

Thank you to everyone for attending and participating in this year's Art Show. We look forward to seeing all of you next year.

Doug Booze
Norwescon 31
Art Show Director

Art Show Awards

Judges Awards  
Best in Show Ciruelo Hobsyllwin
1st Place H. Ed Cox Harbinger
2nd Place Heather Hudson Joiner Adept
3rd Place Jeff Sturgeon Maelstrom
Best Color Stephen Lestat Ahmes Dream
Best Black & White Mark Roland Persistence of Memory
Best 3D Rebecca Schumacher Cox Sondrine, Gargoyle Girl
Best Textile Mai Nguyen White Crane
Best Jewelry Jewelry by Scoop Vicky Ex Machina
GoH Pick John Picacio Fast Forward 1
Special Dragon Craft Peter Pan Test Tube Dragon
Peoples Choice Awards  
Best of Show Ciruelo Hobsyllwin
Best Humor Bill Cochell Jr. Kugogi, Wok the Dog
Best Fantasy Ciruelo Hobsyllwin
Best Horror Douglas Herring Dark Nebula Rising
Best Sci-Fi Jeff Fennel (two of his pieces tied)
Star Scout
Destiny's Angel


Running Order:

  1. Media, Storage Princess
    Christie & Doug Van Winkle

  2. Fairy's Lament
    Theresa Costanzo

  3. Cyber Demon, or Angel?
    Peggy Foy

  4. Echoes of Joy
    Lisa Satterlund, Greg Sardo

  5. Raks Macabre
    Tamera Mickelson

  6. Mirror, Mirror...
    Sionna Neidengard, Angela Krupp

  7. Rock and Gold
    Erica Marr

  8. Night at the Sci-Fi Museum
    Anita Taylor, Dave Tackett, Eric Prill

  9. Belle Booke,...& Dragon???
    Bronwyn Thomas, Jeff Thomas, Julianna Robinson

  10. Mr. Incredible
    Aurin Ballou

  11. An Alliance of The Right Hand
    Kier Salmon, Randolph Fritz, Maria Bartz

  12. Wotan the Wall
    Eric Pope

  13. Why The Japanese love Baseball
    April Faires, Alicia Faires

  14. Mime Away
    Kelly Nary, Eric Franklin, Stephanie Franklin, Ryan Thayer, Sara Schmidt

  15. Way Back When
    Audrey Schmidt, Lindie Schmidt, David Schmidt

  16. The Valkyries Ride Again
    Annika Johnson, Suzie Thomas, Marilyn McGuire, Mike Elsner

Presentation Awards:

Best in Show
Night at the Sci-Fi Museum
Anita Taylor, Dave Tackett, Eric Prill

Best in Master Class
Echoes of Joy
Lisa Satterlund, Greg Sardo

Best in Journeyman Class
Belle Booke,...& Dragon???
Bronwyn Thomas, Jeff Thomas, Julianna Robinson Journeyman

Best in Novice Class
Mr. Incredible
Aurin Ballou

Best Public Service
Mime Away Kelly Nary, Eric Franklin, Stephanie Franklin, Ryan Thayer, Sara Schmidt

Peta Award
Wotan the Wall
Eric Pope

Workmanship Awards:

Best in Show Workmanship
Way Back When
Audrey Schmidt, Lindie Schmidt, David Schmidt

Best in Workmanship Master Class
Echoes of Joy
Lisa Satterlund, Greg Sardo

Best in Workmanship Journeyman Class
Mirror, Mirror...
Sionna Neidengard, Angela Krupp

Best in Workmanship Novice Class
Cyber Demon, or Angel?
Peggy Foy

Workmanship Award for Excellence in Hand Dyeing
Why The Japanese love Baseball
April Faires, Alicia Faires

Workmanship Award for Excellence in Beading
Raks Macabre
Tamera Mickelson

Single Pattern Contest

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year's Single Pattern Contest and made our new venue a hit. We would also like to say a special thanks to all of the fans who attended the fashion show and voted for the Fan Favorite award. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Fan Favorite:
SueLyn Taylor - Fleur-de-Nuit

Best in Show:
Sandra King - Bonnet as a Flower

Best Theme :
SueLyn Taylor – Fleur-de-Nuit

Best Concept:
Bror Rand - Hats in a Jiffy

Most Creative Use of Materials:
Rebecca Sons – Most Species

Best Historical ReCreation:
Diane Wahlbor – Medieval with Heirloom

Judges Choice:
Mercynye – The Rich Pirate Relation

Achievement over Adversity
Liana Worsfold – The Poor Relation

Judges Choice:
Lady Bane – Total Opposite

Excellence in Sculptural Detail:
Kathleen Fahey – Bird? What Bird?

Honorable Mention:
Victoria Shaffer – Silk Decadence

Alisa Green & Terri Specht



“Norwescon 31 Post Con Report,” Norwescon History, accessed June 19, 2024,

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