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Norwescon 11


Norwescon 11


Sheraton, Tacoma

Chair: Elizabeth Warren
Guest of Honor: Algis J. Budrys
Artist Guest of Honor: David Mattingly
Fan Guest of Honor: Mike Glyer
Toastmaster: Steve Barnes
Science Guest of Honor: Dr. Alan E. Nourse
Special Guest of Honor: Avram Davidson

Attendance: 2,292


March 23-26, 1989

Collection Items

Norwescon 11 Badge
Badge #21

Norwescon 11 Stardance
The opening number from Norwescon 11's Stardance

Team Tech Class of 1989
A snippet from the beginning of the Norwescon 11 Stardance.

Norwescon 11 Masquerade
The masquerade from Norwescon 11

After Masquerade Photo Line up at Norwescon 11
Selected people (friends of Don Glover) from the Photo line up at Norwescon 11.

After the Norwescon 11 Photoshoot
People milling about, taking photos, talking, and socializing.

Norwescon 11 Program Book
The souvenir program book for Norwescon 11.

Norwescon 11 Pocket Program
The pocket program for Norwescon 11.

Westwind No. 136 December 1988
The December 1988 issue of Westwind, the NWSFS fanzine. Only a few very brief mentions of Norwescon 11 in this issue.

Norwescon 11 Post-Con Report
Westwind No. 140 May/June 1989, including the Norwescon 11 Post-Con Report

Norwescon 11 Progress Report
The January 1989 issue of Westwind (No. 137), including the Norwescon 11 progress report.

Norwescon 11 Badge in Frame
Badge #101, in its plastic "license plate" frame.
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