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Norwescon 11 Pocket Program


Norwescon 11


The pocket program for Norwescon 11.


Michael Brocha


Northwest Science Fiction Society (NWSFS)


March 23–26, 1989



Contents Copyright 1989 by the Northwest Science Fiction Society for the contributors



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The Northwest Science Fiction Society proudly presents Norwescon 11

March 23–26, 1989
Annual Northwest Regional Science Fiction Convention

(Artwork) The Wizard of 4th Street Copyright 1989 by David Mattingly. Cover for the book by Simon Hawke, published by Questar.


You have no doubt heard all the talk in the news media about drinking and driving. We hope that this public awareness has reached the members of SF fan conventions. If you plan to drink, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not drive. At the bar in Hospitality and in the Con Services Office there will be tags that say “PM DRIVING” at no charge. If you must leave the hotel, please wear one. This way we can all help you stay away from the bubbly (whatever for it takes).

There is another topic under the heading of responsible drinking which is a sometimes touchy subject…persons under 21 indulging in alcohol and other drugs. We, the NWC Con Committee, arc realistic enough to know that if a young adult is determined to drink, we will not always be able to stop them. Responsible imbibing (not getting falling down drunk - becoming a menace to yourself and everyone else in the hotel and on the highways) will not be noticed as much, and the heavy hand of the hotel detective and/or our Site Services head will not be felt. The ID required rule at NWC Hospitality Room will be strictly enforced. We have a Washington State Banquet License and this is to protect us from legal hassles. We want all of our members to have a good time at NWC, and we want you all to return home safely.


Room and Hall parties are a very important part of Fan Conventions. A few things to know to help make them more enjoyable and safe for everyone: Persons planning a room party must register said party with the Convention Services office in room 503. You must also list who the host/hostess is. Any open party not registered can be closed. Room and Hall parties arc restricted to the party floors. (No alcohol is allowed beyond these wings as well). If you are planning to have a room party, request lodging in one of the party floors. If you do not want to be anywhere near the parties, request quiet floors. A warning to room part hosts: We suggest you keep watch on who is grabbing a drink off the table or a beer from the tub. Ilie laws in Washington State say that if you were the supplier of alcohol to minors or to someone who is already drunk and they in turn go and hurt themselves or others, YOU TOO are responsible for THEIR actions. You can also be fined for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


For those fans who just can’t get enough we have late night room(s) set up with you in mind. Talking, filking, gaming… it’s up to you. If you want to gather with other fans the Wee Hours Room is the place to do it. Late night activities arc located in the South Center room(s) after the end of programming. (This room will close from 7am-10am for cleaning and reset.) These rooms are not for sleeping.


One word to say on this subject… Don’t.


Norwescon welcomes its young and future fans. We will have programming throughout the convention geared for different age groups. Also, for a nominal fee, we will have daytime programming for children under 12 in our Child Care Room for those times Mom and Dad want to go off on their own. Starting this year, Norwescon will provide a quiet room for the purpose of feeding, changing or resting a child.

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian at all times, unless in the Child Care Room; children 10 and under are not allowed in any after-midnight programming or Hospital­ ity. Children found unattended in public areas of the hotel will be taken to Child Care until picked up by their parents, who will be charged for the time Child Care has watched their children for them.

Teens 13 to 17 years of age must have an adult or adult guardian who is a Norwescon 11 member; said guardian must be on the premises at all times, and parents must sign a permission slip for minor to attend the convention. Permission slips can be obtained at the Registration tables.

Remember, parents are responsible for the safety and actions of their children at all times. These programs arc here to foster enjoyment for all Norwescon members, but primarily for the safety and well-being of the children. Young fans are welcome at Norwescon but are expected to behave or be cared for in a responsible manner.

If parents believe that their convention activities will be constrained by these responsibilities, Then Norwescon encourages the chidren be left at home under proper care.


Child Care will once again be open for children from three to twelve years of age. The younger ones must be potty-trained and have had pre-school or nursery school experience (your child needs to know how to play with others and be able to separate from you with a minimum of shrieking). This facility is a place where you can leave your children (for a fee) and go off and enjoy the convention.

Because of the large number of small children we serve, we have to close occasionally to revive the staff and to clean up the room. There­ fore, it is expected that you will return every two to four hours, pick up your children, and feed them something nutritious.

We have several tracks of programming that run constantly in these rooms, including video programming for separate age groups, crafts, special projects, and visits by our Guests of Honor. We hope to have a magician or storyteller to entertain our small guests, and have our annual costume parade and dance.

Once again, parents who participate will receive care at a lesser cost than parents who don’t participate. If you provide goods or service to our group, it will cost less to leave your children with us.


Since there are so many new babies and toddlers in our group this year, we arc opening an unsupervised room, near Child Care, where you must stay with your child. This room can be used for changing, napping, get-away-from-the-crowd room. This year the daycare staff will NOT be finding baby-sitters for children that do not meet our age requirements. There are just too few of us to help you out. If at all possible, find a sitter for that wee one, and leave him or her at home. You will both be happier.


During the convention there is another convention going on for the younger crowd: KIDKON. It is designed for children 12 and under and intended to be informative as well as entertaining.

Events include: Kids dance, Masquerade, Tours of behind the scenes activities, Costume making and Art Gallery. KIDKON is a part of Child Care and there is no extra fee beyond the child care fees. More information can be obtained at the Information Table.


There are two restaurants within the hotel. The coffee shop is open from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., during the convention except Sunday. The Rose Garden hours are Mon-Sat; lunch 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Dinner 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. Elliot’s Bar has a soup and sandwich buffet 11:30 - 2:00 p.m. Warning: There is a dress code for the Rose Garden. Cotumes are not allowed. There will be a snack bar provided in the Bicetennial Pavilion Rotunda. The Sheraton will now be providing PIZZA via Room Service that can be delivered to any location within the hotel. The Pizza hours will be posted at the information table and in each sleeping room in the Sheraton.


The Cloak Room is a free service provided by the convention for the use of convention attendees. It is meant to be used for temporary storage of parcels, coats and bags, not as a substitute room or food locker. Please make other arrangements for these. We reserve the right to refuse any article.

NWC is not responsible for items left in the Cloak Room: use of the room is at your own risk. Be sure the room will be open during the hours you wish to retrieve your belongings BEFORE you leave them.

The Lost and Found hours are the same as the Cloak Room. During the time the Room is closed, lost items should be taken to the Convetion Office in Rooms 503/505 or to the Sheraton front desk. Lost ID badges should go to the Registration table or to rooms 503/505.

After the convention, inquires about lost items can be made to P.O. Box 24207, Seattle, WA 98124 or call [REDACTED]. Lost items will be kept until June 1, 1989.


As you probably already know, parking at this hotel is quite a problem. For those of you staying at the other convention hotels we have arranged for a shuttle service from these to the Sheraton. See schedule times below. In the meantime, park only in designated parking places. Check for a flyer in your program packet for any updates. There are several pay parking lots within a few blocks of the Sheraton. Anyone found double parking or blocking fire lanes will be subject to towing without notice.

Shuttle Schedule

Thursday 4–7pm / 10pm-2am
Friday 9am-12 Noon / 3–7pm / 10pm-2am
Saturday 9am-12 Noon / 3–7pm / 10pm-2am
Sunday 9am-12 Noon / 3–7pm



Pavilion Rotunda

Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 9am-12 Noon, l:30–5pm



Friday llam-6pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-5pm


600, 602

Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-4pm


Main Lobby

Thursday 2–10pm
Friday 10am-
Saturday 9am-
Sunday 10am-


Lower Lobby

Thursday 2–6pm, 7pm-Midnight
Friday 9:30am-3pm, 4–7pm, 8pm-lam
Saturday 9:30am-3pm, 4–7:45pm, 10:30pm-lam
Sunday llam-5pm, 6–10pm


3rd Floor

Saturday llam-6pm
Sunday llam-6pm


(ID Required)
Executive Board Room, 3rd Floor

Thursday 5pm-2am
Friday 9am-2am
Saturday 9am-2am
Sunday 9am-Midnight


(see Child Care for prices)

Thursday By appointment
Friday l-5pm, 7–11pm (Pajama Party)
Saturday 9am-12 Noon, l-5pm, 7–11pm (Pajama Party)
Sunday 9am-5pm



Thursday 6pm-Midnight
Friday 12 Noon-Midnight
Saturday 10am-Midnight
Sunday 10am-8pm



Friday 10am-7pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 10am-6pm



(Artwork) Copyright 1989 by Frank Kelly Freas


Titles followed by (K) are those that parents may find more suitable for younger children. Parents are encouraged to view any videos with their children to determine if the program is too intense. Not all programs are marked. (JA) stands for Japanese Animation.

Viewing rooms are listed here. Hotel rooms receive the same channels. Hotel personnel are to clean each viewing room in the morning, please leave the room so that they may do their work.

CHANNEL SIX (6) Viewing Room - North Room

Thursday Afternoon

Starting time

3:00 pm Orange Road Kimagure: 1A (JA)
3:55 Buckaroo Banzai
5:40 Akira (JA)
7:45 Big Trouble in Little China
9:30 Innerspace (K)
11:35 RoboCop

Friday Morning

1:30am The Lost Boys
3:10 Starman (K)
5:10 The Fly
6:50 Spaceballs
8:30 2001
10:55: 2010

Friday Afternoon

12:55pm Bubblegum Crisis (JA)
1:50 Time Bandits (K)
3:50 Orange Road Kimagure:lB (JA)
4:45 Lilly C.A.T. (JA)
5:50 Gremlins (K)
7:40 Back to the Future (K) 10:00 Late Night Norwescon (K)
11:00 Aliens

Saturday Morning

1:30am Highlander
3:25 The Running Man
5:10 Howard the Duck (K)
7:05 Explorers (K)
8:55 Dragonslayer (K) 10:50 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (K)

Saturday Afternoon

12:45pm Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (K)
2:50 Gall Force (JA)
4:20 Macross: Do You Remember Love (JA)
6:25 Ghostbusters (K)
8:10 Live Showing of the Masquerade (K)
11:00 “Elvira” presents Son of Hercules meets Venus

Sunday Morning

1:15am Little Shop of Horrors
2:40 Mad Max
4:15 The Road Warrior
5:55 Beyond Thunderdome
7:45 DynaMan (K)
9:00 Live Good Morning Norwescon (K)
10:00 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (K)

Sunday Afternoon

12:05pm Star Wars (K)
2:00 Star Wars II: The Empire Strikes Back (K)
4:05 Star Wars III: Return of the Jedi (K)
6:20 Blade Runner
8:20 Raiders of the Lost Ark (K)
10:50 Alien
12:15am Aliens

(Artwork) Copyright 1989 by William Roister

CHANNEL EIGHT (8) Viewing Room - 407

Thursday Afternoon

Starting Time

3:00pm The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
5:30 Urusei Yatsura: I (JA)
6:30 Max Headroom: Blipverts
7:20 The Prisoner: Episodes 1 & 2
9:05 The Prisoner: Episodes 3 & 4
10:50 The Prisoner Episodes 5 & 6

Friday Morning

12:40am In the Company of Wolves
2:20 Dune
4:40 The Day of the Triffids
6:2 Octopussy
8:30 Kimagure Orange Road: IIB (JA)
9:20 The Prisoner Episodes 7 & 8
11:05 Urusei Yatsura: Only You (JA)

Friday Afternoon

12:40pm The Prisoner Episodes 9 & 10
2:25 Dirty Pair: Affair of Nolandia (JA)
3:25 The Prisoner Episodes 11 & 12
5:10 The Prisoner: Episodes 13 & 14
6:55 Max Headroom: Rake Boarding
7:45 The Right Stuff
11:05 The Andromeda Strain

Saturday Morning

1:30am Fantastic Planet
2:50 Enemy Mine
3:40 The Terminator
5:30 Little Shop of Horrors
6:55 Innerspace (K)
9:00 Kimagure Orange Road: IIB (JA)
9:55 The Prisoner: Episodes 1 & 2
11:40 The Prisoner Episodes 3 & 4

Saturday Afternoon

1:25pm The Prisoner: Episodes 5 & 6
3:10 The Prisoner Episodes 7 & 8
5:00 Kimagure Orange Road: IIIA (JA)
5:50 The Prisoner: Episodes 9 & 10
7:35 Grey: Digital Target (JA)
9:05 The Prisoner: Episodes 11 & 12
10:50 The Prisoner Episodes 13 & 14

Sunday Morning

12:50am The Prisoner Episodes 15 & 16
2:35 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
5:10 Big Trouble in Little China
6:50 Starman (K)
8:50 Altered States
10:35 Tron

Sunday Afternoon

12:15pm Quest for Fire
2:00 The Day the Earth Stood Still
3:35 Forbidden Planet
5:20 Legend
6:50 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (K)
9:10 Silent Running (K)
10:40 Dark Star
12:10am The Shining

CHANNEL TEN (10) Viewing Room - 409

Thursday Afternoon

Starting time

3:00pm Labyrinth (K)
4:45 Ladyhawke (K)
6:50 Masters of the Universe (K)
8:35 The Princess Bride (K)
10:15 Time Bandits (K)

Friday Morning

12:30am The Great Space Race (Science fact)
4:30 Buckaroo Banzai
6:15 Doctor Doolittle (K)
8:40 Urusei Yatsura: II (JA)
9:40 The Ewok Adventure (K) 12:00pm Batman

Friday Afternoon

1:50 E.T. (K)
3:50 Star Trek Cartoons (K)
4:40 Dot and the Whale (K)
6:00 Jack and the Beanstalk (K)
7:35 Robot Carnival (JA)
9:20 Space Flight (Science Fact)
12:30am Space Flight: Part IV

Saturday Morning

1:30 Innerspace (K)
3:35 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (K)
5:55 Peewee’s Playhouse: Door (K)
6:20 Pinnochio (K)
7:25 Peewee’s Playhouse: Fun (K)
7:50 Peewee’s Big Adventure (K)
9:25 Urusei Yatsura: Lum the Forever
11:05 The Neverending Story (K)
12:50pm The Princess Bride (K)

Saturday Afternoon

2:30 In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Wobble Wozzy Woodie Woo (K)
3:25 Labyrinth (K)
5:10 Computer Animation (Science Fact)
6:10 Joseph Cambell’s The Power of Myth: I
7:15 Joseph Cambell’s The power of Myth: II
8:20 The Great Space Race (K)
12:35am Cosmos: A Special Edition

Sunday Morning

5:10 Peewee’s Playhouse: Day (K)
5:35 Peewee’s Playhouse: Look (K)
6:00 Dynaman (K)
7:20 Peewee’s Playhouse: Okay & This (K)
8:10 Batteries Not Included (K)
10:00 Time Bandits (K)
12:00pm Ladyhawke

Sunday Afternoon

2:05 Masters of the Universe (K)
3:50 Joseph Cambell’s The Power of Myth: III
4:50 Back to the Future (K)
6:50 Buckaroo Banzai
8:35 Explorers (K)
10:25 Nova: The Brain
11:25 Nova: Test Tube Babies

(Artwork) Catspaw Copyright 1989 by Michael Whelan. Cover for the book by Joan Vinge, published by Warner Books.


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Michael Brocha, “Norwescon 11 Pocket Program,” Norwescon History, accessed February 22, 2024,

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