News from the Nevernever Issue 4


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News from the Nevernever Issue 4


Norwescon 46


The Sunday issue of the Norwescon 46 daily 'zine.


Caitlin Cormier




March 31, 2024



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Notes from the Nevernever Issue 4

The official daily news sheet for Norwescon 46
Sunday, 31 March 2024

The ’Zine Mutiny

Toot-Toot: Word wielder!

Editor: Well, hello, Toot-Toot! We haven’t seen you since Issue 1 – and I hear there’s been a bit of pizza gone missing …

Toot-Toot: Yes, yes, but more importantly, I have seen issues 0, 1, 2 and 3. Words, words, words. It is important to show the magical beauty of this time. I will bravely take over this duty from you.

Editor: You are commandeering the Daily ‘Zine?

Toot-Toot: If that word means what I think it means, then, yes. And I have back up!

Two other small shapes join Toot-Toot the dew drop faerie. One seems made of roots and the other covered in blue tattoos, wearing only a loincloth.

Editor: Whoa! A ginseng fairy and a Nac Mac Feegle? Okay, take it. Just spell the names right.

Little blue pictsie: I got nae trust in words, ye ken, scunner? Now, offski wid ye!

Single Pattern Contest

All entries were produced using the same Simplicity sewing pattern – and imagination took off from there. Judges were Deborah Strub, Morgan Morgans and Greg Sardo. (photo credit: Thom Walls)

The winners are:

  • Best in Competition: Garage sale oh my Garage sale, by Judith Bennett
  • Best Beginner Level: Dragon Tamer, by Danielle Tilley
  • Best Advanced Level: Autumn Dryad, by Martha Eby
  • Best Workmanship: BookWyrms, by Lynne Magie
  • Best Expression of "Into the Wylde": Elven Queen, by Jessica Evans

Masquerade and Fae Ball, in living color!

Toot-Toot: Did you see?! So many fae, creatures and tributes to the wylde folk. Winter Court, Summer Court, plant people, daemons. You might have missed it, because Sasquatch are so good at not being seen, but I saw Cedar Wind of the Raven's Children Forest People watching from the shadows. Oh, humans, you were honored last night at your Masquerade and dance! Look at all these images I found! Can you spot the royalty? Many visited - including Titania, Oberon and Maleficent!

Art Show awards

Thank you, all entrants, for displaying your creativity and hard work for all of us to enjoy.

Judges Choices:

  • Best in Show: Andy Vanoverberghe, Pharos of Andion
  • 1st place: Krister Eide, Dreaming of Prehistoric Seas
  • 2nd Place: Anna Slater, Silicone Mono in Black
  • 3rd place: Agathon McGeachy, Bored Gargoyle
  • Best Color: Jeff Sturgeon, Lost City of Lyoneese Discovered
  • Best Black & White: Chelsea Santamaria, The Reckoning
  • Best Mixed Media: Diana Daniels, Fairy House #3 / Sew Sew Bad
  • Best 3D: Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk, Sorceress
  • Best Textile: Theresa Halbert, Here There Be Monsters
  • Best Jewelry: Tiger Waddell, Seafoam Sea Glass necklace
  • Artist GoH Pick: Brittany Torres, Song of Serenity

People’s Choice Awards:

  • Best Humor: Liz Hill Volkswagen, Fairy Kitty
  • Best Horror: Douglas Herring, The Big "C"
  • Best Sci-Fi: Eric Vargas, Waiting in Ambush
  • Best 3-D Jewelry: Misty Gibson, Dragon Shawl
  • Best Fantasy: Brittany Torres, Song of Serenity
  • Best Show: Brittany Torres, Song of Serenity

This year’s judges: Charles Vess, Don Lacky, Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk and Jeff LaCoss.

Congratulations to Eric Weber, who received the Art Show Apprentice award.


  • “The more you take the more I can put out. Well, that sounded better in my head!”
  • “Don’t draw me.”
  • “What, you don’t want to be an anthropomorphic bear?”
  • OH at a panel “OK, the man in the black tee- shirt under the clock, next to Santa Claus. You've been waiting very patiently to ask a question.”
  • OH in the gaming library “Your pink ducks have done their duty.”
  • OH at a panel "’Wise as an owl’ doesn't work in India. In India, owls are considered very stupid!“

Oh, Rocky!

The celebration (into the wee hours of Saturday morning) of the raucous, irreverent and the Timewarp was ab fab, darlings. Special thanks to The Swords of Damocles, for live performance and audience rabble rousing.

Fondest of farewells, mortals

Toot-Toot: Time to give the ‘Zine back (I think you should keep the new name, tho’). The portals will be closing ‘ere evening approaches. All the wylde folk, the fae, the Courts, the cryptids and the creatures will leave this space.

And if we fae folk have offended,
Think of it this way and it's mended,
You've just been sleeping here
While this frivolity did appear.
And this weekend's fairie theme,
Was nothing more to you than a dream,
Good friends and fen, don't reprehend:
If you but forgive, all will mend;
Believe this, or Toot a liar call;
My good spring wish to you all.
Give us your thanks, my good friends,
And Toot-Toot shall restore amends.

Oh, and thanks for all the pizza!

with a wink and eternal gratitude to ol’ Will Shakespeare

Notes from the Nevernever

is the daily news sheet for Norwescon 46. It is published as a morning edition, released by 10 a.m. Articles and photos from you, the convention members, are welcome and encouraged. The deadline for each day's edition is 11 p.m. the previous evening. Email your photos, ideas, "Overheard," "Blast from the Past" and "Con Stories" submissions to

Your Wylde Hunt shifter ranger is Caitlin Cormier. Your color & design illusion mage is Shelley George. Special thanks to wizards Michael Hanscom, Michelle Morrell, Kevin Black and Alex Demboski, and adventuring party benefactors Kat Marier and SunnyJim Morgan.

Join us again next year for Norwescon 47! Better yet, volunteer to become part of it. Nevernever, Bob the spirit of intellect and Toot-Toot copyright Jim Butcher, used with permission. (Get well soon, Jim.)



Caitlin Cormier, “News from the Nevernever Issue 4,” Norwescon History, accessed June 13, 2024,

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