News from the Nevernever Issue 2


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News from the Nevernever Issue 2


Norwescon 46


The Friday issue of the Norwescon 46 daily 'zine.


Caitlin Cormier




March 29, 2024



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Notes from the Nevernever Issue 2

The official daily news sheet for Norwescon 46
Friday, 29 March 2024

Party on, dudes

We are not sure if there were any room parties last night, because we were not informed.

But there certainly was a party on the dance floor, courtesy of DJ Wüdi! Rumor has it that a contingent from Norwescon Publications led an imperfect, but energetic Electric Slide to Weird Al Yankovic’s “Word Crimes.” Apropos for a group of writers & editors!

Join The Wylde Hunt

Do you hear the horns? The Hunt is afoot! Look for information about The Wylde Hunt in tomorrow’s issue of the ‘Zine!

Special event for teens and tweens

There will be a root beer float social for younger fen today, 3 – 4 p.m., in the Convention Lounge (Room 7108). We will consume ice cream and soda while reviewing what's new and exciting this weekend. This will be the first step in adventuring with the Norwescon Shire!

Check out more youth programming:

Tonight! The Philip K. Dick Award ceremony

The Philip K. Dick Award is given annually at Norwescon to recognize distinguished science fiction published in paperback original format in the U.S. the prior year. The ceremony is at 7 p.m. in Grand 2. This year’s nominations: (three nominees will be present, including one flew in from Uganda!).

Art in Action

You are in for a treat! Today and tomorrow, in Area 8 of the Art Show, several artists will demonstrate their creative skills, answering questions and showing the techniques they use. From the Art Show entrance, Area 8 is in the far-right corner of the room.


  • 10 – 11 a.m., Elizabeth Fellows will show how to knit metal scales into yarn pieces, such as fingerless gloves.
  • Noon – 1 p.m., ceramic figure sculptor Agathon McGeachy will demonstrate & describe sculpting facial features in clay.
  • 2 – 3 p.m., Ashley J. Harper will provide a brief overview of her collaging methods, including additional embellishments such as stencil work, and adding charms and wax seals.

Tonight, at midnight, in the velvet darkness

Come up to the lab and see what’s … well, if you know, you know. And if you don’t, join us for a screening and live action presentation of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Grand 3, with performance troupe The Swords of Damacles.

You - want - to - play - a - game?

Scheduled gaming in the Rotundas until midnight (maybe later – check with the desk), open gaming and the Library of Alexandria in Cascade 11/12, the Artemis bridge in Maxi's Salon until 10 p.m., and a movie set-based LARP in Maxi's Lounge at 6 p.m.

Pub trivia

Dave O'Neill is back with his now annual tradition of pub trivia up in Maxi's Lounge at 9 p.m. (Maxi's is a happening place this year!). But if you're of a more fandom frame of mind, we've got themed Charades from noon to 5 p.m., including Britcon, Firefly, D&D, Star Trek and Star Wars. Come out and show off what you know!

Dance, dance

Come groove to the music with mc300baud, as he spins a choice selection of convention classics and thumpin' newer tracks. 9 p.m., Grand.

Is there a TARDIS in the house?

BritCon's club display features the TARDIS, from British sci-fi series Doctor Who. Perfect for a photo op.Go down the West Concourse along the west side of the pool (check out all the club tables on your way). Pass Wing 2 and pass the elevator, and there it is, in all its beautiful (and sexy) blue glory.

Norwescon Speculative Film Fest

Tonight, we bring you two special, themed blocks of short films in Evergreen 1 & 2. Starting at 7 p.m., our international block has films from seven different countries.

At 9 p.m., we will serve up horror. There are many facets to the horror genre. Some make you laugh. Some raise your heart rate, worrying about the people on the screen. And some may make you check that no monsters are hiding under your seats.

Blast from the Past

Hello, Bob the Skull again, with my superior intellect and taste in cinema. You too can share your loved nerdtastic movies and why. Send to

When Worlds Collide (1951): I was very young when I saw it and it terrified me. We didn’t know about “the dangers from above,” so this was a rude awakening. I was too little to know this was fiction and it made a huge impression on me. ~ Lynne M.

Con Stories

More a micro story than Con Story, but that won't stop us from publishing it for your reading pleasure.

"You do realize you run a mortuary, yes?"

"Of course I do."

"And you're not ... dead?"

"I am a vampire," said Klaus. "Technically, I am undead."

"Even so," the lawyer replied, "you might wish to reconsider the slogan, 'I'm not just the owner, I'm also a client ...’” From Vanellope M.

Overheard …

  • “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may be in Utah.”
  • “Will you please stop falling apart at the waist?!" (costumer Lisa Satterlund to a mannequin)
  • I was in a converted Pay-N-Save in Aberdeen, learning how to defend myself in prison.”
  • “The pizza is most welcome!Don’t forget to leave out the Za.”
  • OH in the Dealers’ Room, “Smell anything you want. Take a whiff; we’re really smelly.”

Send Overheard items to

Participating in the Masquerade this year?

Required meeting tonight at 7 p.m., in Cascade 7/8. Bring your audio/video files and your description.

Notes from the Nevernever

is the daily news sheet for Norwescon 46. It is published as a morning edition, released by 10 a.m. Articles and photos from you, the convention members, are welcome and encouraged. The deadline for each day's edition is 11 p.m. the previous evening. Email your photos, ideas, "Overheard," "Blast from the Past" and "Con Stories" submissions to

Your Wylde Hunt shifter ranger is Caitlin Cormier. Your color & design illusion mage is Shelley George. Special thanks to wizards Michael Hanscom, Michelle Morrell, Kevin Black and Alex Demboski, and adventuring party benefactors Kat Marier and SunnyJim Morgan.

Nevernever, Bob the spirit of intellect and Toot-Toot copyright Jim Butcher, used with permission. (Get better soon, Jim.)



Caitlin Cormier, “News from the Nevernever Issue 2,” Norwescon History, accessed June 13, 2024,

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