Norwescon 36 August 28 Newsletter

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Norwescon 36 August 28 Newsletter


Norwescon 36


The 8/28/12 newsletter for Norwescon 36




August 28, 2012



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Norwescon 36

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Norwescon 36 wil be March 28-31 2013

eNewsletter - August 2012

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Dear (member),

Registration for Norwescon 36 (2013) is open. Purchase your 4-day membership BEFORE SEPTEMBER 1ST and receive a 35% discount over the price at the door.

Convention Registration* Hotel (room) Reservations**

*We offer a $5 discount for Northwest Science Fiction Society (NWSFS) members. Visit them at

** A deposit equal to the cost of one room night will be charged at the time of reservation; this charge will be fully refundable until Friday, December 28, 2012. For more information on this new policy, please see this weblog post.

Convention Committee Volunteers Wanted

The Norwescon Executive team is set in July of each convention year. They immediately begin filling Convention Committee (ConCom) positions in their areas of responsibility. On July 1st, there are only thirteen individuals on the ConCom org chart; by convention time, there are 200+. If you're interested in a position on the Norwescon 36 ConCom, please contact the exec in charge of the area.

Not certain who is responsible for an area in which you are interested? Check out the org chart and then email the executive team member to let them know of your interest. Remember, all positions are re-hired annually. Let your exec know what you want to do. Unsure if you're ready to commit to the ConCom? Contact for other opportunities.

Focus on Special Events

Yes, we will have Special Events at Norwescon 36 (2013)!

DANCES: We are looking for DJs for the various dance events, so if you are ready and willing to spin some tunes, contact us at Special Events or come to the September meeting. We are also hoping to bring back the Norwescon Dance Academy, so if you know some dance moves and are willing to teach them, we will be glad to have you.

GAMING: The Scheduled Gaming signup forms are already on the website, so if you want to run a card or board game (or many) fill out the form. We are also looking for volunteers to staff the gaming room during the convention. Also needed is a dealer to run the poker tournament. If you are interested in running a LARP, please contact us immediately in order to reserve your space!

LAZER TAG: Your favorite lazer blasting game will return (along with the wizard version) bigger and better than ever! If you have (or know where to find) the lazer tag wizard wands, please contact Special Events. We will purchase them!

MASQUERADE: We will be looking for backstage staff for the Masquerade and other ballroom-scale events, and are also seeking a Lighting Director. If you are interested, or know of anyone with knowledge of stage lighting, please let us know as soon as possible!

MISCELLANEOUS GAMES: Do you have a suggestion for an interesting convention-wide game or event? Contact us with the details or come to the September meeting and run your pitch by us. The sooner the better!

Norwescon is a science, science fiction and fantasy convention that takes place on Easter Weekend each year. We are an all-volunteer organization and always have room for more dedicated volunteers. Without members, though, there would be no reason to hold a convention; thank you for your support!

Norwescon Publications Team
Norwescon 36 (2013)



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