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Norwescon 35 December 22 Newsletter


Norwescon 35


The 12/22/11 newsletter for Norwescon 35




December 22, 2011



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Norwescon 35 April 5-8, 2012 SeaTac, WA

Norwescon eNewsletter December 2011

In This Issue

Maxi's Venue
PostCon Report
Norwescon 35 GoH Awards Banquet
ATTENTION! New Hotel policy...
Why Pre-register?
Still seeking Volunteers
Lobby & Club tables

PreRegistration (a.k.a. membership)

A full-weekend membership is $55 until January 7, 2012. This represents a 21% reduction in the at-the-door price (assuming we don't sell-out in advance). Membership includes the right to attend the convention, a membership badge, program book, pocket program, member's guide, and post-con report.

Register via PayPal

For more information, or to register by mail go to the membership page

Norwescon Secures Maxi's Venue

Norwescon 35, in conjunction with the DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport, is pleased to announce that Maxi's Lounge will be open Friday and Saturday nights for the exclusive use of Norwescon 35 attendees. Maxi's will provide a new and exciting space for all attendees over 21 (with ID and Norwescon badge) to drink, eat, dance and hang out. It will be open both Friday and Saturday night starting at 10 p.m. As with any bar, you must be recognizable as the person you your ID - no masks or feature-obscuring makeup.

We have two nights of exciting activities and entertainment lined up for you. Get on the first elevator you can, take it all the way to the top, and join us at Maxi's Lounge for an evening you will never forget!

If you want to do more than just come to Maxi's Lounge and have fun, we have openings for assistant coordinators to help set up and run the fun events being held in Maxi's Lounge. We are also looking for DJs to light up the dance floor. If you are interested in these positions or you just have some great ideas, please contact us at

Norwescon 34 Post Con Report

Arriving soon to a mailbox near you (and currently available on the website here) is the post con report for NWC34. My sincere apologies for the tardiness of this publication. The content was submitted on time, the production delay is entirely my responsiblity.

Felice Nightengale
Publications & Promotions Director
Norwescon 34 & 35

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This Year's Guests of Honor

Stephen Baxter - Writer Guest of Honor
John Picacio - Artist Guest of Honor
Bridget Landry - Science Guest of Honor
DAW Books - Spotlight Publisher

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Norwescon 35 GoH Awards Banquet

This is a great way to start off your Norwescon weekend!

This year, Norwescon is thrilled to once again hold a Guest of Honor and awards banquet. It will take place on Thursday, April 5 from 5 - 7 p.m. This is a great way to start off your Norwescon weekend! The event is open to all Norwescon members. When you join us in Grand Ballroom 2 for a delicious dinner you get to wine and dine with the Guests of Honor.

We have several awards to present and you will get to hear first hand from our honored guests and learn something about many of the exciting events that will take place over the weekend. Come and learn about the scholarships Norwescon is donating and perhaps you will even win a door prize! This year we have a delicious Italian Buffet that you won't want to miss. Tickets are $40.00 per person and are going fast. You may purchase tickets through PayPal or by mail. Registration forms can be downloaded from the website. Tickets are limited, the price at con will also be $40.00 but there may not be any tickets left when you get there. Hurry and reserve your place now.

Click here for the banquet menu or to pay online

New Room Deposit Policy!

A change is coming in the way we reserve rooms for Norwescon. It is a significant change for our members but we believe it will help us make more convention rooms available for our members at the cheaper convention rate.

Starting with Norwescon 36, we have asked the DoubleTree to collect a one-night room deposit when the room is first reserved. This deposit will remain fully refundable until 90 days before the convention, which for next year would be Friday, December 28, 2012. By agreement with the hotel, all rooms cancelled by this date will be returned to the room block and made available for reservation by other Norwescon members..

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Benefits of Pre-registration

Why would you want to pre-register for Norwescon 35?

If you like to save money, the rates are going up to $65 on January 9, 2012, and will be $70 at the door. They are currently $55, so see how much you could save.

This year changes are being made to speed up the process of getting your pre-reg badge. So you will be able to get checked in and on your way to enjoying the convention rather than standing in a line to register.

We have sold out for the last two years. So by pre-registering you will not have to worry about being able to even get a badge.

And lastly, you will have one less thing to worry about when you are packing up to come to the convention.

And how do you pre-register you ask? Just pull up the Norwescon 35 web page, drop to the bottom of the page and click on the membership button. There you will find Instructions on how to register via PayPal or mail.

See you at the con at the Pre-Registered check-in. Remember to bring your photo ID!

Sally Woehrle,
NWC 35 Registration

Register via PayPal

Seeking Volunteers

We keep saying it. The success of Norwescon is because of the volunteers.

Volunteer today and enjoy several perks. We'd love to see new faces within our Convention Committee (ConCom)! Contact us or come to one of our monthly meetings and join our fun-loving group!

Volunteer ConCom Position - Assistant Webmaster

Norwescon is looking for an assistant webmaster. This person would back-up our current webmaster and would also be tasked with developing a Norwescon History sub domain which will provide a sustainable way to keep Norwescon's history on the web without having to keep entire sites archived from previous years. If you have experience designing websites and this eight-month volunteer opportunity sounds like a good fit for you please contact

If you can't spare the time pre-convention to help, but have spare time while you're at the convention, volunteer! Volunteers also enjoy privileges like priority seating at the popular Masquerade, prizes, and more! If you know you'll have time in advance, let our Volunteer department know by emailing

Lobby & Club Tables

Norwescon offers Lobby Tables to clubs, groups, conventions, and organizations that promote science , science fiction, fantasy, costuming, and other fannish pursuits. This is an opportunity to share your enthusiasm with Norwescon members who have similar interests.

Fees: Fannish groups are the heart and soul of our geeky culture, so there is no charge to groups for their table. However, everyone staffing a fan table must have a current Norwescon membership badge.

read more . . .

Norwescon is a science, science fiction and fantasy convention that takes place on Easter Weekend each year. We are an all-volunteer organization and always have room for more dedicated volunteers. Without members, though, there would be no reason to hold a convention; thank you for your support.

Norwescon - PO Box 68547 - Seattle, Washington 98168



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