Norwescon 35 November 28 Newsletter


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Norwescon 35 November 28 Newsletter


Norwescon 35


The 11/28/11 newsletter for Norwescon 35




November 28, 2011



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Norwescon 35 April 5-8, 2012 SeaTac, WA

Norwescon eNewsletter November 2011

In This Issue

Last chance for writers workshop!
Lobby & Club tables
Volunteers wanted

PreRegistration (a.k.a. membership)

A full-weekend membership is $55 until January 7, 2012. This represents a 21% reduction in the at-the-door price (assuming we don't sell-out in advance). Membership includes the right to attend the convention, a membership badge, program book, pocket program, member's guide, and post-con report.

Register via PayPal

For more information, or to register by mail go to the membership page

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This Year's Guests of Honor

Stephen Baxter - Writer Guest of Honor
John Picacio - Artist Guest of Honor
Bridget Landry - Science Guest of Honor
DAW Books - Spotlight Publisher

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Writers' Workshop Closing Fast

The Fairwood Writers are pleased to sponsor the writing workshop for Norwescon 35 during April 5-8 2012. They accept both short stories and novel excerpts to be critiqued by professional writers during Norwescon 35, according to the guidelines on the Norwescon website. All submissions for the 2012 event are due by November 30, 2011.

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Lobby & Club Tables

Norwescon offers Lobby Tables to clubs, groups, conventions, and organizations that promote science , science fiction, fantasy, costuming, and other fannish pursuits. This is an opportunity to share your enthusiasm with Norwescon members who have similar interests.

Fees: Fannish groups are the heart and soul of our geeky culture, so there is no charge to groups for their table. However, everyone staffing a fan table must have a current Norwescon membership badge.

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Volunteer Staff and Volunteers Needed

We can't say it enough. Norwescon relies on highly valued volunteers throughout the year to create a successful convention. Will you join us?

There are still many positions available in most departments. Staff members enjoy several perks, and are appreciated by pros, guests of honor and convention attendees. We'd love to see new faces within our Convention Committee (ConCom)! Contact us or come to one of our monthly meetings and join our fun-loving group!

We currently are looking for talented and motivated people in all areas of the con. Registration, the Art Show, and Tech can always use help. Right now we are looking for folks to fill the following positions:

Publications: We're looking for a Publications Assistant who would like to take over the position in the future.

Convention Services needs people in all staffing areas. This includes Transportation, Security & Dispatch, and Cloakroom.

Programming needs someone to head Stage Management, help with the Green room and a talented Host to head our Opening and Closing ceremonies. They also need someone plan and host the parties in the Pro Suite.

In Personnel, we need people who are interested in working as assistants, to learn the various jobs with an eye to taking them over some day. This includes someone who can work with young volunteers to help our Watcher/Runner lead. We also need someone who likes to plan menus, shop for good food pricing, and loves to feed people to work with our Food Coordinator for the Pro Socials, Staff Support, Hospitality and more.

Special Events is looking for more staff to help the Masquerade. They also are looking for someone with a "Grand" idea for an event they would like to organize for our Sunday event in Grand 3. A Midnight Movie Coordinator is needed as well.

If you can't spare the time pre-convention to help, but have spare time while you're at the convention, volunteer! Volunteers also enjoy privileges like priority seating at the popular Masquerade, prizes, and more! If you know you'll have time in advance, let our Volunteer department know by emailing Or, when you come to the convention, drop by our Volunteers office and lounge at Olympic 2. Let us know what kinds of things you like to do, what your availability and skills are, and we'll find a great place for you to spend your free time to make the best of Norwescon!

We can't say it enough. Norwescon relies on highly valued volunteers throughout the year to create a successful convention. Will you join us?

Norwescon is a science, science fiction and fantasy convention that takes place on Easter Weekend each year. We are an all-volunteer organization and always have room for more dedicated volunteers. Without members, though, there would be no reason to hold a convention; thank you for your support.

Norwescon - PO Box 68547 - Seattle, Washington 98168



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