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Norwescon 42 May 16 Newsletter


Norwescon 42


The 5/16/19 newsletter for Norwescon 42




May 16, 2019



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Norwescon 42

Thanks for a great convention!

Do You Have Feedback?

Our webmonkeys team has created a handy feedback form on the website that you can fill out with just a few clicks! Check it out and give us some roses! (Or onions, if you must.) There is also space to leave a comment.

Click here to give us some feedback.

Locus Awards Weekend!

Norwescon is proud to be a sponsor for the Locus Awards Weekend on June 28 - 30. The weekend includes readings, a kickoff party (hosted by Clarion West for instructor Elizabeth Hand), panels with leading authors, an autograph session, a lunch banquet, and a Hawaiian shirt plus trivia contest judged by the fabulous Connie Willis, who will MC the ceremony and present the Locus Awards! More details are available at Locus Awards Weekend.

Art Show Awards!

The Norwescon Art Show is proud to announce this year's Art Show Award winners. We would like to thank all of our artists for their outstanding contributions to this year's show.

Judges Choices:

Best in Show * Jeff Sturgeon * Pyramid Complex Unknown System
1st place * Brittany Torres * Lady of the Lake
2nd place * Stephanie Cost * Trust
3rd place * Jeff Fennel * Creation Sequence
Best Color * Bruce Brenneise * The Wreckers
Best Black & White * Andy Vanoverberghe * Calm Before the Steam
Best Mixed Media * Josh Foreman * Demon Hunter Triptych - Rust Belt
Best 3D * David Lee Pancake * Vent Dragons
Best Textile * Theresa Halbert * Contemplation
Best Jewelry * My Treehouse Studio * Wrap it Up
GOH Pick * Tiffany Dae * Chimerical

People's Choice Awards:

Best Humor * David Lee Pancake * Vent Dragons
Best Horror * Keith Amarak Waters * Sugar Plum Fairy
Best Sci-Fi * Jeff Sturgeon * Portal
Best 3-D/Jewelry * David Lee Pancake * Vent Dragons
Best Fantasy * Katie Croonenberghs * The Lookout Dragons
Best in Show * Tiffany Dae * Entrusted

We would also like to thank this year's panel of Judges: Tran Nguyen, Don Lacky, Rob Stewart, and Pat Booze for their generous time and knowledge in helping judge this year's show, plus a big thank you to all of the members who took the time to vote for the People's Choice Awards.

Congratulations to this year's recipient of the Art Show Apprentice award: Julie Demboski!

Speaking of Art...

The centerpiece art in the souvenir program book (shown below) was incorrectly credited in the book. The name of the piece is "Beacon Home" and it was created by Camille Meehan. We apologize for the error and would like to thank the artist for bringing it to our attention. On the plus side, we get to see it again here!

The Summer Picnic is Coming!

Did you volunteer at Norwescon 42? Are you curious about volunteering at Norwescon 43? Then please join us on Saturday, August 3rd for our annual Norwescon Volunteer Picnic! This year the picnic will be at Steel Lake Park in Federal Way, in the covered picnic area closest to the beach, from noon until 5 p.m. We will be providing hamburgers and hot dogs with fixings, along with soda and water. If you can please bring a side dish or dessert for everyone to share, that would be great! Friends and family are welcome. Parking is available, first-come, first-parked!

And the Camping Trip!

Once again the Norwescon Summer Camping Trip will be at Taidnapam State Park in scenic Glenoma, WA. Join us on August 23 - 25 for some fun in the (hopefully) sun! More details coming this summer, so save the date!

Masquerade Winners!

In case you missed our other social media posts, here are the winners of the Norwescon 42 masquerade!

Workmanship - Judges Choice "Best Media Representation" Torrey Stenmark, "Galadriel"
Best Journeyman - Workmanship Carol Williams, "Snow Queen"
Best Master - Workmanship Wendy Kaufman, "Certainly Mermaids"
Best in Show - Workmanship Joy Day, "Up the Waterspout"
Presentation - Judges Choice "Best Media Recreation" Trisan Fuller, Leslie Fuller, Scarlet Fuller, "How Bad?"
Presentation - Judges Choice "Never Grow Up Award" Lorelei, "Tinker Belle in Austin Powers' Style"
Best Journeyman - Presentation Carol Williams, "Snow Queen"
Best Master - Presentation Melissa Quinn, Diana Daniels, "Cosplay is Life"
Best in Show - Presentation Joy Day, "Up the Waterspout"

Congratulations to our winners! Look for their photos and more on the Norwescon Flikr account!

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Writers Write Right!
Guidebook is Good!
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