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Norwescon 40 March 16 Newsletter


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The 3/16/17 newsletter for Norwescon 40




March 16, 2017



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Norwescon 40

Over the Hills and Far Away

Cloak Room Limited Hours

Did you know that Norwescon is a totally volunteer-run convention? Are you a member of the convention that uses the Norwescon Cloak Room to store your belongings during the day? We have some hard news; at this time we will be running the cloak room on a very limited basis during this year's convention. The wonderful person and his team who have volunteered to run the cloakroom the last few years has decided to take on other positions with the convention, which is always exciting for us. But this has left a hole in a very valuable service to you. We are looking for a person interested in overseeing the operations of the cloak room, and coordinating staff and member volunteers.

Speaking of volunteering - are you part of a fan group that would like to earn extra volunteer hours? We've got a deal for you! If your organization signs up to take on a block or two of hours in the cloakroom, you could earn double credit for your volunteer hours. If interested, please contact us at

Info table volunteers also needed! Love people watching? Enjoy cosplay? Want to help fellow con-goers have the best experience ever? Here's your chance! Come join some of the funnest people you'll ever meet at the Info table in the lobby at Norwescon 40. There will be at least 3 ribbons for your efforts. We need two folks for each two-hour spot. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

Or do you want to hang out with the cool kids? And by cool kids, I mean our awesome pros and panelists! We still have positions open for Pro Check-in and Stage Management. Pro Check-in is lots of fun because you get to meet the pros and make sure they have what they need to have a successful con experience. Stage Management are those helpful folks who let everyone know that they need to wrap up their panels. Contact if you're interested, or if you have questions.

There are plenty of other open positions, so please peruse the list at volunteer-positions/ and join the gang!

Get Your Game On!

Norwescon is just a few weeks away, but it is not too late to get signed up to run your game! Gaming is also still recruiting game room staff, so if you'd like to get involved we'd love to have you. To DM or sign up as staff, email and we'll get you all set up!

Join Hero Corp, competitive questing!

The guild seeks 20 potential heroes willing to pursue the challenges of becoming a champion. The god of time has commissioned Hero Corps to retrieve his lost controller. Heroes will need to use their wits, cunning, and prowess to be this god's champion. So grab your bag of tricks and join us at the convention to face challenges on an epic quest to earn the title of Champion!

Guidebook and the Program Schedule are Live!

Start planning your time at the convention now! Full panel descriptions for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are available on the Programming page of our website.

Enhance your convention experience with Guidebook, your mobile guide to Norwescon 40. It includes all scheduled events and panels, plus profiles for attending professionals, artists, and dealers. Other features include maps, photo sharing, messaging with other attendees, and "my schedule," where you can plan each day. Best of all, Guidebook provides you with up-to- the-minute schedule changes. Visit our website for more information and a download link, then search for Norwescon 40 on Guidebook! events/

Help Us Move In!

Just a brief reminder to save the date and HELP US MOVE into the Hotel on Wednesday, April 12. To help say thank you for your help and to keep you fueled, we will be hosting a volunteer social in the new Green Room (on the third floor of the Tower) at 6 p.m. There will be food! Please bring your own beverage.

At about 6:30 p.m., there will be some brief announcements as well.

Do You Need to Cancel?

At this late date, you can no longer get your deposit back if you cancel your room. If you don't want to lose out on your deposit, you can transfer your room to another attendee. Post about your room on Norwescon's Facebook or Twitter and transfer your room to another needy fan! Need a room? Transfer or search for one here:

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Pre-registration for Norwescon 40 is still open! Just $ 65 for a full four-day weekend membership!

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