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Norwescon 38 December 1 Newsletter


Norwescon 38


The 12/1/15 newsletter for Norwescon 38




December 1, 2015



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Norwescon 38

Distant Horizons, Epic Adventures

Norwescon 38 Post Con Chair's Letter

Well, that was fun! Let's do it again.

In all seriousness, thank you to all of you who attended, volunteered, and otherwise enjoyed Norwescon 38. We had one of our best years and conventions, and it could not have happened without your active participation. In the rest of this report, you'll see the nitty-gritty about total programming hours and the numbers of attendees, but from my experience of the convention, I saw people thoroughly enjoying themselves. It was a good year.

I would like to specifically recognize the hard work that our ConCom staff put into making Norwescon 38 run as smoothly as it did. We made a few changes this year, and everyone stepped up to the plate admirably to make things as smooth as possible. From a new space for the Volunteers' Lounge to an Iron Throne in the lobby, everyone did their job with a smile. It is truly an honor to work with this group of people.

At this point, we're already hard at work for Norwescon 39. With a theme of "Remembering The Future," I am very excited to see all the retro-futuristic costumes which I'm sure will be gracing the hotel hallways in March.

We are always looking for more volunteers and staff members, so please consider joining us at our monthly planning meetings to see how it all comes together.


Katherine Bond
Norwescon 38 chair

Norwescon Wrap Up

Norwescon 38 was a good convention. Over 3,300 of you joined us to honor our guests and take part in the activities we offered. We heard many good things about the con, for which we must thank our panelists and volunteers, without whom the convention would not have been possible.

Check out our convention wrap-up for more details.

Norwescon 38 Art Show Winners

The Norwescon Art Show would like to congratulate all of our artists this year. Many of our members have told us that this year is the best to date, and the quality of the show was more than amazing. This is all due to the highly talented individuals who have dedicated themselves to our world and to a love of art.

We would also like to thank all who purchased art this year and went through our new process. We know we have a lot to work to do, and we will improve and streamline it for next year.

Lastly, thank you to those who took the time to vote for the People's Choice Awards. We and our artists really appreciate you taking the time to do so. We also send personal thanks to our judges Julie Dillon, Don Lacky, and Betty Bigelow, and a special mention to Peter Pan for his insight and help.

For the full list of winners, click here.

Norwescon 38 PostCon Financial Report

Norwescon had a good year this year. Thanks to the popularity of our GoHs, we drew in a large number of new members, while still keeping costs under control. We ended with a surplus, which goes into our reserves to be used for years when we run at a loss.

For a deeper look at our numbers, visit our report on the Norwescon web site.

Congratulations to the 2015 Philip K. Dick Winners

We would like to congratulate the winner of the 2015 Philip K. Dick Award, The Book of the Unnamed Midwife by Meg Elison (Sybaritic Press). The special citation was given to Elysium by Jennifer Marie Brissett (Aqueduct Press).

The Philip K Dick Award is presented each year to a distinguished original science fiction paperback published in the United States for the first time during the award year.

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