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Norwescon 38 May 15 Newsletter


Norwescon 38


The 5/15/15 newsletter for Norwescon 38




May 15, 2015



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Norwescon 38

Distant Horizons, Epic Adventures

Letter from the Chair

Wow! What a fantastic convention! Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed Norwescon 38. Even if you did not volunteer, you still made our community a better place by coming out, sharing your stories, and giving us your energy and enthusiasm.

If you did volunteer, THANK YOU! Without volunteers, the convention would be a lot less fun for everyone.

I am very excited about our Guests of Honor for next year, and I hope to see you join us at Norwescon 39 from March 24th-27th 2016.

Volunteer Notes

Well, we have almost closed out another convention with the help of so many people! This year saw over 500 hours of volunteer help at the convention, and we would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered. If you volunteered, or even if you are just thinking about volunteering in the future, please join us at the Volunteer Picnic, July 18, at Steel Lake Park from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the covered picnic area closest to the beach. Thank you all again, and we will see you next year!

Election Results

The Elections for the officers of Norwescon 39 (2016) were held on Saturday May 9th. There were 249 ConCom members in the validated Org Chart. Of those, 139 ConCom (55%) registered for votes this year. Our Quorum number needed to make the election valid was 80 ballots (57% of 139 eligible voters). We reached quorum with 97 ballots received (70% of the eligible voters).

And without further ado, here are the results (Winners are indicated by bold and underline.)

GOH Selection Committee

William Sadorus
Gregory Gadow
Lori Atwell
Jackie Nordquist
No Preference
None of the Above


Jeanine Swanson
Katrina Marier


Kathy Bond

Congratulations to Kathy, Jeanine, Gregory, and William, and thank you to everyone who participated in this year's election.

This year's Election Chair was Rob Stewart. Our ballot counters included four members of the Business team who did yeoman's work recounting when one of the races was decided by one vote.

Norwescon 38 Art Show Report

We hope that you all had a chance to come by the art show to see the art and possibly take some home with you. We had a great time this year and we hope that you did, too.

In our never ending drive to improve the art show, we added biding stickers that allow us to scan your information into our art show system. It is a step forward for us; however, as with any new thing, there are growing pains. We will be looking at how to better integrate the stickers into our processes to ensure you all have an enjoyable buying experience.

We would like to thank our hard working staff for everything they did to make this a successful year; we could not have done any of this without them. Our Art Show Apprentice Award went to Moe LaCoss for all of her hard work, and an honorary award goes to Michael Ormes who works tirelessly on setting up and taking down the art show panels every year. We also want to thank all of the wonderful artists for participating in this year's show. We had 80 artists participating with 2785 pieces of art entered into the show and record sales.

And of course we thank Julie Dillon for being our Artist Guest of Honor; she was such a pleasure to work with and was wonderful to our membership and other artists. Her art was amazing and the true focal point of the show.

We hope to see you all again next year.

Doug and Pat Booze
Norwescon Art Show

LOCUS AWARDS June 26-28th

Norwescon is a proud sponsor of the LOCUS Awards which will be held at the Best Western Executive Inn, a few blocks from the Seattle Center. The Locus Awards is considered one of the premier science fiction awards and events in the science fiction community, and Seattle is fortunate to be its host city. For more information on this event schedule and registration information please go to

Locus Magazine digital edition

We are pleased to announce Norwescon 38 membership also includes a digital subscription to Locus Magazine, for the May 2015 issue. You may access the digital copy which will be available on May 1st by going to

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