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Run, Runner! #3


Norwescon 30


Sunday issue of the Norwescon 30 daily 'zine


April 8, 2007

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[..30th year of Norwescon...Sunday 30/04/08...But I had four more years!...Carous]


Masquerade Awards

Wait did somebody actually get renewed here?

Congratulations to all entrants!

Workmanship Awards:

Best Hands and Feet: Freya Crescent (Trans Mode) — Sionna Neidengard
Best Use of Machine Embroidery: The Gardener's Dream — Betty Bigelow, Greg Sardo, Lisa Sutterlund, Julie Zetterberg
Best Concept: Ruler of the Tholian Assembly — Garth Stubbs
Best Headpiece: Medusa — Rita Pudlewski
Best Use of Sculptural Details: Raiders of the Temple of Doom — Richard Stephens, Ciandi Stephens, Tia Stephens, Forest Kohler, Austen De Grado, Chris Girr
Most Creative Use of Materials: Ambassador Hugh — John Huenefeld
Best Media Recreation: A Poem for Padme — Bethany Roullett
Honourable Mention: Lead Us Not Into Temptation — Laura Rieschiek, Mark Rieschiek
Best Novice: Jedi Knight Tatiana — Dana Marshall
Best Journeyman: Medusa Luna — Joanne Spink
Best Master: Fairy Tale Bachelor — Amanda Harris-Forbes, Margo Loes, the Mystery Prince
Best in Show: Gaia's First Children — Molly Boone, Jonnalynn Wolfrat, Juliana Robinson, Bronwyn Thomas, Jennifer Neel, Nick Strickland; snood made by Elizabeth Fellows.

Presentation Awards:

Beyond Reality Costumer's Guild Special "Ooh, Shiney" Award: Freya Crescent (Trance Mode) — Sionna Neidengard
Judge's Choice: The Gardener's Dream — Betty Bigelow, Greg Sardo, Lisa Sutterlund, Julie Zetterberg
Best Novice Original Concept: Stalker Elk — Tiffany Hugentobler Best Novice: Ambassador Hugh — John Huenefeld
Best Media Recreation (Journeyman): A Poem for Padme — Bethany Roullett
Best Journeyman: Medusa Luna — Joanne Spink
Best Media Recreation, Master: Raiders of the Temple of Doom — Richard Stephens, Ciandi Stephens, Tia Stephens, Forest Kohler, Austen De Grado, Chris Girr
Best Master: Fairy Fairy Tale Bachelor — Amanda Harris-Forbes, Margo Loes, the Mystery Prince
Best in Show: Medusa Luna — Joanne Spink

From Masquerade Director Peggy Stewart: There are way too many fabulous people who helped put this on to thank everyone individually here, but please, consider yourself thanked! It took every single one of you to make this a success. A special thank you goes out to the contestants who were all fabulous and worked very hard on their costumes and presentations!

Your Emcee was Master Payne. Presentation Judges were Don Glover, Lori Edwards, and Mimi Noyes. Workmanship Judges were Alisa Green & Marie Cooley. Thanks to all!

Texas Holdem Winner

Clearly, something is very wrong. Procedure 033-03 execute immediate!

Norwescon is proud to announce that Jeramy Hobouty is the winner of this year's Texas Holdem tournament. Congratulations, Jeramy!

Programme Changes

Newly Green:

SFM Presents: SF Art Outside the Con: Sunday 11:00AM, Evergreen 1&2; Brooks Peck (M), Jacob McMurray, Kirsten Anderson Brom. Conventions aren't the only place to find SF/F aft. Curators from the Science Fiction Museum and Roq La Rue gallery will talk about local art shows that feature the biggest names in the field. We'll also discuss some artists working outside the genre who would definitely appeal to SF/F fans.
Biotechnology Comes to Hobbiton: Sunday 3PM, Cascade 10; Jim Kling (M). Science writer Jim Kling recently traveled to New Zealand to tour some of the country's biotech companies, government labs, and university programs. He'll provide an overview of the surprisingly vibrant biotech industry in this small island country in the South Pacific.

[...30th year of Norwescon...Sunday 30/04/08...Gauzy metallic fabrics - particularly in jumpsuits - are the new black...]

[A LARGE TYPE edition is available at Information]

Single Pattern Contest

The Single Pattern Contest judges were so dazzled by this year's entries that they wanted to avoid trouble and take them all home with them. All awards are for outstanding work in their areas. Bravo!

Construction Detailing: Thea, by Stephanie Wessling
Creating a Unified Theme: Rose Fairy, by Susan Courney
Historical Recreation: The Tsarina's Bathrobe, by Janet Borkowski
Creating Wearable Art: Lady of Rohan
Construction Using Difficult Materials: The Journeyman, by Bror Rand

Certificates and prizes can be picked up in the Convention Office, room 7106.

Maille Shirt Winner

Did somebody shoot up Computer or what?

Congratulations Skedros Koslove; your maille shirt is on Matilda in Artist's Alley, waiting for you to arrive! Please show up for a fitting.

Stay in Contact

All Year Long!

When Norwescon is over, there are many ways to stay in contact with Norwescon's membership. Norwescon has a Yahoo! group, a Livejournal, and a MySpace group. Double — no triple — your pleasure. Join all three and enjoy Norwescon all year long!

Kiss and tell? Oh god yes.

by Jesse "Fish" Simpson

Okay, so before I do the whole telling-where-you-should-have-been-last-night thing, I want to talk a little bit about a word I learned in college: "Pre-gaming." Pre-gaming is a noun, adjective, and abusive best friend.

See, the party wing tends to open about nine, and as the rooms are small and the masses are not, the general idea of getting the ball rolling becomes a mighty fine proposition. But there are limits, folks. Because pre-gaming tends to lead straight into the actual game — and for those of you who might be confused, I'm not talking about those smelly rooms on the far side of the Cascade wings, I'm talking about getting hammered, smashed, lit, and drunk all at the same time.

Friday started off with a trip to the Cult of Scott Bakula. I tried in vain to get myself a slushy and to petition the cult members to pray that Bakula get a last name easier to spell, as my computer doth find his real last name distasteful yea verily much. I eventually gave up on both of my goals, and left Scott Bakula for greener and less-crowded pastures, though I would return to have the more fun later.

Next was the gnomish garden party, which had two things that turned out to be mighty fine and popular. Gnomish hats for selected people, one of whom was me, and many different types of beer and mead. That's right: mead. The strawberry mead quickly became my favorite, and I found myself having quite the wonderful time in the land of the gnomes.

Eventually my hat and I had to leave, and we ventured on to Biohazard, which was a lot like the usual Biohazard party, which is to say, plenty of alcohol and the mandatory room of h/o/r/n/y/ /n/a/k/e/d/n/e/s/s/ Jell-O wrestling. Then I found something that most of you youngins wouldn't remember unless you had been coming to cons since you were too young to read this report: I found an old-fashioned convention-oriented room party.

Kansas in 2009 had themselves a hootenanny if I do say so myself. There were finger foods and a woman talking to passers-by out front. She had a very nice dress and a corset so good at its job that it wouldn't let her tits in if she were stuck outside on a snow day. Carrot sticks and actual conversations were had by all until we ventured back to Scott Bakula to try a second time to retrieve a strawberry slushy. And huzzah, I was successful! I had to get past naked women in the bathroom to do it. Bonus! As always, Bakula throws an interesting party; something about being stared at by the guy from Quantum Leap while I am drinking just feels a good, good way.

I also stopped by the Dethcon party, but they were closing down the bar and people were socializing. Tomorrow night I plan to hit them up earlier and find out why there was no pizza in the tops of the roman columns.

All in all, last night was an education. I learned that being a boy scout teaches you all sorts of useful life skills, specifically which knots are good for bondage. I saw amazing tattoo work that went from her hips all the way to the floor. And most importantly, please don't touch the big black Nerf gun. It makes him mad.


Now I'm still on my feet all the time and up to my elbows in mayonnaise and stuff, but for a more select clientele.

So you're saying that your ball is growing.

Hmmm. I wonder what god tastes like?

Nothing says raw bloody flesh like fruit wraps!

If you get attacked by a puppet, it's not serious.

I'm never drinking with a Klingon again.

What's Saturday morning without glitter?

I'm sorry, I touched your bird without even asking.

There is no rule against boobies in the face while on duty!


was the daily newsletter of NORWESCON 30, published as a morning edition. Articles from the membership were begged for; the deadline for each day's edition was 10PM the previous evening. Submissions boxes are going bye-bye now.

Your Editor was R'ykander (Dara) Korra'ti. Blort was provided by Mimi "Utensil" Noyes. Conceptual and graphics aid courtesy Paul Johnson; fashion tips courtesy Kathryn Tewson. Catering courtesy Box and his birds, one of whom seems to be going all fangirl at somebody now. Hopefully that's not too weird.



“Run, Runner! #3,” Norwescon History, accessed June 17, 2024,

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