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Norwescon 30


Thursday issue of the Norwescon 30 daily 'zine


April 5, 2007

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30th year of Norwescon...Thursday 30/04/05...Logan 1, please report to Carou-

Welcome to Norwescon!

Tracy Knoedler
Chair, Norwescon 30

I would like to welcome each and every one of you to Norwescon 30. We have put together some brilliant programming, unique exhibits, and some fresh new events. I'm very excited with our Guest of Honor lineup; please come by Opening Ceremonies to meet them! It promises to be an entertaining and educational event.

As much fun as I want everybody to have, please be safe and relatively sane. We are all guests of the hotel, so play nice. Okay?

Norwescon History Exhibit in Olympic 2

Norwescon is 30 years old. Or is that 30 years young? Stop by Quiet Hospitality in Olympic 2 and browse through our old programme books and photos. See our past in T-shirts, trinkets, and memories.

Our history collection is far from complete, so please let us know if you have any items to donate. You may also notice a variety of call-backs to previous years of Norwescon around the convention. See if you can find them!

Thanks and enjoy the display!


You don't have to die!

Welcome to RUN, RUNNER!, the Norwescon 30 Newsletter of Record. RUN, RUNNER! appears once daily in a morning edition, and can be found distributed at various points around the con. LARGE TYPE editions in particular are available at the Information Desk.

This is where you go to find programme changes, party notices, metallic unitard fashion tips, awards, news, the last nail in the last coffin of 70s futurism, and event updates. It's also where you tell embarrassing stories about your friends, enemies, and otherwise at the con, or so we desperately pray. Contribution boxes are at Information, Registration, Carousel, Office, Cathedral, and Quiet Hospitality. Use them!

Because seriously, you have a daly fanzine here. It comes out every day. We've got to fill it and we can't do it on our own — there's only so much you can do with mirrors and brushed chrome! Sure, it's got news to get it started, sure, but most of it comes down to you. We need reports. We need reporters — particularly anyone going to the P. K. Dick award and to parties — to write up what they see, what people say, and how to get past that stupid ice robot on level 34.

The key things to remember are that 1) we build this 'zine live at the convention, with 2) material from the convention, that's 3) submitted by you, the convention membership. If you want to fly around in flame-pattern leotards above some freaky radioactive jello sitting on a black plastic pie plate and then explode, hey, that's fine with us! Just let us know when, where, and how. We'll print details. You'll be famous! Briefly.

Hotel Restaurant Hours

We are happy to announce that The Coffee Garden will be open until midnight on Friday evening. Here are the updated hours:

Thursday 6:00AM–10:00PM Friday 6:00AM–MIDNIGHT Saturday 6:00AM–MIDNIGHT Sunday 6:00AM–10:00PM

[..30th year of Norwescon...Thursday 30/04/05...Some of you fans are in deep shit now...Capricorn 1, please report to Ca]

[A LARGE TYPE edition is available at Information]

Programme Changes for Thursday

Burst into Flame:

Reading: Heather Hudson (was 9:00PM Thursday, Cascade 3)

Art Show Docent Tours

Listen up, art fans. We will be hosting four art show docent tours this year at Norwescon 30 for your art edification! Donna Barr will be hosting tours twice on Friday, once at 11AM and again at 3PM. She will be talking about technique and answering questions. Jane Patterson will be hosting tours twice on Saturday, also at 11AM and 3PM. She will be discussing composition and historical reference in all media as well as technique in digital or photographic pieces. She will also be happy to answer questions.

So if you've always wanted to learn about the glorious art you see at conventions, now's your chance. Space is limited and will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so be prompt and tag along with Donna and Jane as they lift the veil and provide new insight into the fantastic images on display!


We Know What You Do 'Cause We Do It Too

For Norwescon 31, I am going to start working sooner — like maybe two years ahead of time.


is the daily newsletter of NORWESCON 30, published as a morning edition. Articles from the membership are begged for; the deadline for each day's edition is 10PM the previous evening, or later if you can find the editors in person. (Try Quiet Hospitality.) Submissions boxes are marked and placed throughout the convention, most notably in Quiet Hospitality, Office, and Information.

Your Editor is R'ykander (Dara) Korra'ti. Conceptual and graphics assistance have been provided by Paul Johnson. Metallic leotard fashion advice comes courtesy Kathryn Tewson. Catering by Box and his birds.



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