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NWC40 Newsletter 161015.pdf
The 10/15/16 newsletter for Norwescon 40

NWC40 Pocket Programs.jpeg
The covers of the pocket programs for Norwescon 40. One for Thursday and Friday, one for Saturday and Sunday.

NWC40 Program.jpeg
The cover of the NWC40 Program Book

NWC40 Newsletter 160915.pdf
The 9/15/16 newsletter for Norwescon 40

Staff t-shirt for Norwescon 40

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The "swag bag" tote bag for Norwescon 40. Usually we use recycled plastic grocery bags; this year, as part of our anniversary celebrations, we upgraded to nice fabric tote bags.

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Commemorative t-shirt for Norwescon 40

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Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 1.37.49 PM.png
The archived website for Norwescon 40.

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