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Norwescon 39 December 18 Newsletter


Norwescon 39


The 12/18/15 newsletter for Norwescon 39




December 18, 2015



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Norwescon 39

Remembering the Future

Beat the Registration Price Increase!

The Registration Team at Norwescon 39 would like to remind you that pre-registration prices increase on January 1st from $65 to $70. Norwescon memberships make excellent gifts, are high in psionic nutrition value, and lead to satisfying Easter weekends with thousands of your closest friends. Take advantage of the pre- registration price break while you can!

Emerging Artist Competition

Norwescon Art Show Emerging Artist Competition is a new art contest for young adults ages 14-18. To see prizes and rules please visit the competition page here. We would like to thank ASFA for their generous support of this event.

New Rules for Club Table Applications

This year, before awarding club tables to groups of fannish interest, we require that at least one person representing the group must have already purchased a membership for Norwescon 39. Tables are free, and signup is open from now until January 8th! We will review applications and award the first round of tables at the January ConCom meeting. Memberships are currently available for the low price of $65 until December 31st. Don't lose points on your group's application, purchase a membership ASAP!

Midnight Movies Marking Out Merry Madness

"I can remember," said the old man, "when we showed so many movies at Norwescon that a man could walk across the prairie on their backs alone."

That guy...? Crazy!

But movies have always been a huge part of fandom, and that's never going to change (mark my words so you can quote another "old man!"), and at the next Norwescon, we hope to add to that vast collection of crazy movies in your head with the Midnight Movies!

We've got a lineup this year of some amazing indie stuff from our own personal collections:

The Big Bad
A roundhouse-kick-to-the-side-of-your-head film that starts out with seeming innocence, but then quickly evolves into an eye-popping tale of horror, revenge, and regret. The Big Bad reminds us that the best monster movies aren't always about the monsters.

They Will Outlive Us All
Fast on the tails of The Big Bad, Gotta/Enk Productions brings this weird and claustrophobic dark comedy. In a near-future world thrashed by regular superstorms, two New York roomies uncover a dangerous conspiracy breeding right under their very noses. Literally breeding.

Strange Aeons
While most people are familiar with the works of H. P. Lovecraft through his Cthulhu mythos, Lovecraft wrote quite a few individual tales of chilling weirdness, including the short story "The Thing on the Doorstep." Strange Aeons spins that story into the present and introduces us to one of literature's most fatal of femmes fatale.

We hope you can join us for these movies. We are delighted that the producers are letting us show them at Norwescon, and we're also very glad to be returning to our roots of, "Oh, you haven't seen this one yet? Sit down and watch!"

Art in Action at Norwescon

Let's make a movie at The Hellbender Filmmaking Workshop!

This fast-paced, energetic workshop will keep you

Art in Action is a unique place for artists and creators to come together with Norwescon members. It provides an area for artists and creators to show and teach Norwescon members about what they love creating. This area provides table space for demonstrations and make-and-takes for the members. These activities are a great way for artists and creators to spread the love they have for their art form by talking directly to those who are inspired by it.

For more information, see the Art In Action page on our web site.

Norwescon Laser Tag & Nerf Schedule

Thursday 8:30 pm - 11 pm, Grand 2, Laser Tag until 10, Nerf until 11
Friday 4 pm - 7 pm, Evergreen 1&2, Nerf Shooting Gallery
Saturday 8 pm - 10 pm, Grand 2, Player's Choice

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