Norwescon 39 January 18 Newsletter

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Norwescon 39 January 18 Newsletter


Norwescon 39


The 1/18/16 newsletter for Norwescon 39




January 18, 2016



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Norwescon 39

Remembering the Future

Clothing Exchange and Teddy Bear Parade

Do you have costume pieces you have outgrown? Grown tired of? Do your kids? Do your STUFFIES? Bring your used things to Grand 3 at 10 a.m. on Saturday at Con. We'll have five sections - doll, small, medium, large, and other. The room will be set up with chairs. You can lay out your things in the appropriate sections, and then browse the areas that interest you.

At 11 a.m. we will gather in the doll area to introduce our stuffies and prepare them for a Teddy Bear Parade through the lobby. We will end back up in Grand 3 to gather up our acquisitions and any un-taken clothing. Any clothing left behind will be donated to either a shelter or charity organization.

Fandance Film Festival is Open for submissions!

If you or your buddies are filmmakers-especially fannish filmmakers-then there's no better time than now to send us your movies for the Fandance Film Festival. We accept sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and fan films. Go ahead and let out that need to make a Land of the Giants fan film-we want to see it!

Since 2000 (and before!) we've shown awesome, scary, and brilliant movies every Sunday at Norwescon. This year we could show yours!

The rules are super-super-SUPER easy to follow, and submission is free with a Norwescon membership! Pass the word around-we are looking forward to seeing your work!

htttp:// film-festival/

Mad Libs Filk!

There will be Mad Libs Filk at Norwescon! Do you have any ideas for fun filk songs to use for Mad Libs? Send them to!

Herocorps calls for heroes!

The gods of fortune and luck have gathered for their millennial games of chance-but someone has stolen Loki's dice, causing discord and a halt to the games! Herocorps is a LARP-style game with elimination challenges involving games of chance and skill. We seek 20 brave souls to test their might, their mettle and their minds! Solve a mystery and avert war in a series of challenges that will impress even the gods. Are you are the hero we're looking for? Prizes awarded to the worthy!

Evergreen 1&2, 5-7 p.m., Saturday

Cards Against Humanity - The Tournament

Join us for the First Annual Cards Against Humanity Tournament Saturday night! Seven tables, eight rounds (with the table judge remaining the dealer the whole time), and countless chances to prove once and for all that you're the best/worst Humanity has to offer. The top two players from each table will move on to the next round until only one table of finalists-the worst of the worst!- remains. Prizes awarded to the damnedest, dirtiest apes.

Evergreen 1&2, 9-midnight, Saturday

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