Norwescon 45 Daily Zine #4


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Norwescon 45 Daily Zine #4


Norwescon 45


The Sunday daily 'zine for Norwescon 45.




April 9, 2023



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Welcome to Norwescon # 45

Daily Zine #4 - 04-09-2023

Wanted! Photographers!

Wanted-more photographers!

If you would like to volunteer your skills for the next Norwescon -

Contact the head photographer at

Get in touch now! (before the rest of our life gets... ooo squirrel!)

Speculative Film Festival

The 2023 Speculative Film Festival happened Thursday and Friday Nights. We showed 37 short films from 13 countries over two nights. The film quality was so good the judges had a hard time selecting the winners, so this year we are giving…

2 Judges Choices awards:
Fetch, directed by Sam Gill, New Zealand.
La Nueva (The Newcomer), directed by Ivan Villamel, Spain.

The judges would also like to give an Honorable Mention to
All is Well, directed by Elaine del Valle, United States

The Audience choice was also split between two films

The Post, directed by Antonio Souto Fraguas, United States
The Operator, directed by Matt Riley, United Kingdoms

Congratulations to our winners, and a huge thank you to all the filmmakers who submitted their films!

Secret QR Code to the left.

Is it an Easter Surprise?

Or, simply something you can look at for your memories!


The Norwescon Art Show is proud to announce this year’s Art Show Award winners. We would like to thank our artists for their outstanding contributions to this year’s show.

Judges Choices:

Best in Show Alan M. Clark Mr. Macklin, the Bonehill Ghost 1st place Grace P. Fong The River That Walks 2nd Place Jeff Sturgeon Unbelievable 3rd place Kayla Klassy Voodoo Cauldron Best Color Theresa Mather Treasure Hunters Best Black & White The Creeping Moon Map of White Hollow Best Mixed Media Sarah Clemens Sam Best 3D Lisa Snellings Apocalypse Horsemen Set of Four Best Textile Cleothyla Keeper of the Keys Best Jewelry Victoria Shaffer Over the Rainbow Artist GoH Pick Theresa Mather Valkyries' Ride

People’s Choice Awards:

Best Humor Sarah Clemens Magnus & Loki: Tuna Cookies Best Horror Alan M. Clark Mr. Macklin, the Bonehill Ghost Best Sci-Fi Michael Brugger Payment Due Best 3-D/Jewelry Victoria Shaffer Frozen Waterfall Best Fantasy Brittany Torres The Watch of Hades Best Show Brittany Torres The Watch of Hades

Hoedown Superheroes

Lobby Photo Area
Sunday, noon–1 p.m.

Howdy partners welcome to the Hoedown Superheroes photoshoot event!

There will be superheroes Wild West style for you to photograph—or you’re welcome to participate! Choose a superhero and create them as if they were in the Wild West (roughly 1865-1895). Anything is fair game, Steampunk, fantasy, Westworld, or whatever makes you happy. It doesn’t need to be period but should be recognizable as the Wild West.



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