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Norwescon 46 October Newsletter


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The October newsletter for Norwescon 46




October 4, 2023



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News from Norwescon October 2023

Do You Have a Membership Yet for Norwescon 46?

Don’t forget to purchase your membership! Pre-registration is $85 for our entire four-day convention. Rates go up at the end of the year. Visit our Memberships page to purchase a membership and to reserve a hotel room.

Club Tables Registration Open Now!

Club tables registration is now open for Norwescon 46! Club tables give your organization an opportunity to interact with all Norwescon attendees and the occasional hotel guest. Share your group and enthusiasm for your brand of fandom, meet new people, and discover other organizations.

Accepted club table applicants must purchase a Norwescon membership and provide staffing for the table for the duration of the convention. You must conduct your business in a pleasant and professional manner. With limited exceptions, table location is determined by date of application, with consideration for space needs. The sooner you apply, the more likely you will get the location you want! Register at our Club Tables page!

Art Show Applications are Open!

The Norwescon 46 art show is now accepting applications from artists, and we would love to hear from you. Our goal is to provide a venue that features both well-known and up and coming artists who create fantasy and science-fiction themed artwork of all types. Come be a part of our convention community! Visit our Art Show page for more information on how you can apply to be in theNorwescon 46 art show.

Art Show Volunteers

The art show is looking for more great volunteers. Become part of the team who make the art show fun and successful. If you are interested in joining us,please contact our volunteer department through our Art Show page. We would love to hear from you.

Open position: Art in Action Manager!

We're looking for an Art in Action manager! Manage a space in the art show where artists will hold live demonstrations and discussions of their art and techniques. Please visit our open volunteer positions page for more information. This position is listed under the Member Services Department.Reach out to if you are interested or have any questions.

Dances and Variety Show for Norwescon 46

Dances are back! We will also have live music and whatever other fun things come our way!

What are the dances for Norwescon 46, you ask? The Thursday theme is Fandom, with everyone encouraged to wear any and all appropriate costumes. Represent your particular nerdiness on the dance floor! We will play fandom related tunes, along with a variety of music.

In honor of guests of honor Jim Butcher and Charles Vess, we are also planning a Fae Ball. We hear the heartbeats of hundreds of costume-happy members who are already dreaming about what you are going to wear!

We heard your requests for live music and entertainment, so there will also be a Variety Show! (Your suggestions for a better name are very welcome.) We will need a lot of help with these events, so be sure the read the item below.

Positions Are Available for Special Events!

There are many positions available to support Special Events at the con, including the Masquerade, Thursday Dance, Fae Ball, Variety Show, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and Lazer Tag and Nerf. We need DJs, emcees,stage managers, assistants, stage ninjas, decorators, and designers. For a list of positions available, click to visit our Open Positions page and scroll down to Special Events.

Norwescon 46 Suites Now Available for Booking

We are excited to announce that you can now request a suite for Norwescon 46! You can use a suite as a space for private parties, events to promote your club, organization, or upcoming convention, and, of course, your room at the con.

Detailed information about the rooms and the form to make the request at Norwescon's Hotel page.

Details of the different suites available and the reservation form for the hotel can be found at the DoubleTree website.

Please note that you need to make a reservation with the hotel and provide the reservation number on the form. You will be assigned to your suite by the Norwescon Hotel Laison when they receive the form. If you have any questions, please contact the Hotel Liaison at:



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