Norwescon 45 January Newsletter

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Norwescon 45 January Newsletter


Norwescon 45


The January 12, 2023 newsletter for Norwescon 45.




January 12, 2023



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News from Norwescon January 2023


Welcome to the Norwescon Masquerade!

We would like to invite you to participate in the Norwescon masquerade. The Norwescon masquerade is open to all convention members of all costuming skill levels. You will compete against other contestants at your own level. The masquerade is the highlight of Saturday night at the con. Please visit our website for guidelines and how to register. We look forward to see all your wonderful costumes!

Announcing the Pattern for the Single Pattern Contest!!

Norwescon is excited to announce the pattern for this years’ Single Pattern Contest: Simplicity 8517 (S8517), a trio of ponchos fit for characters from ancient fantasy, modern cyberverse, future dystopia, or any worlds—now, ahead, or past. With three distinct silhouettes—and a hood!—you can mix-and-match looks, alter, embellish, and layer to your heart’s content. All three versions end near the hip line, so the fabric requirements are minimal, but you can make yours any length, from large collar to sweeping the floor. Bring us your most imaginative takes on this universal bit of classic outerwear! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Competition awards will include, but are not limited to, best workmanship, best use of convention theme, and best in competition.

Join the Norwescon Bibliophiles to Discuss Snow Crash

Norwescon's Bibliophiles are meeting online on Monday, January 16th to discuss Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. This cyberpunk classic is 30 years old. Find the meeting details on our Facebook group, or email

This book, available in a new 30th anniversary edition, established Stephenson's reputation as a major science fiction writer in the 1990s, coined the term metaverse, and popularized the term avater to describe a virtual personality. Stephenson lives in Seattle.


Teen Member Space at Norwescon 45

Norwescon is providing space at Norwescon 45 for teen members, teen staff, and teen professional guests to relax in a safe, fun space that is planned and run by teens. The area is located in Concourse A near the lobby and swimming pool.

The key to the success of this area is that teens will plan and run the space. Please contact if you are a teen member and are interested in participating in the plan and design! Or tell us what your wish list for the space would be.

Signs Lead

Norwescon is looking for someone to take charge of signage. Signs help attendees and pros get where they want to be—and there are a LOT of cool places to be at con. We need a well-organized person willing to take on our inventory and work with all departments to ensure signage is readable and accurate. Contact us at if you are interested and would like more information!

Social Media Lead

Love social media? Love science-fiction and fantasy? Norwescon has a strong social media presence, but we need volunteers to help us keep it that way. Meld your interests and help us spread the love of Norwescon across the web! We are on a variety of platforms and are open to new ideas. Contact us at if you are interested and would like more information!



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