Norwescon 44 Daily Zine #4


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Norwescon 44 Daily Zine #4


Norwescon 44


The fourth 'zine for Norwescon 44.




April 17, 2022



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Welcome to Norwescon # 44 Daily Zine #4 - 04-17-2022

2022 Philip K. Dick Award Winner

Winner for the distinguished original science fiction paperback: DEAD SPACE by Kali Wallace (Berkley Books)

Special citation was given to: THE ESCAPEMENT by Lavie Tidhar (Tachyon Publications)

Single Pattern

Best of show --Martha Eby (E-B), Transylvanian Embassy Visit, Or Not!

Best Novice -- Melissa Cook, Lady Mel's Top Hat

Judge's Choice -- Laura Honeycutt, Tatteted Hat (virtual entry)

Best use of materials -- Victoria Beegle, The Odyssey

Audience Choice -- Victoria Beegle, The Odyssey

Norwescon Speculative Film Fest

Norwescon is proud to announce our festival’s winners.

Judges' Choice Micro Short Film
Stray, directed by Wanjiru Njendu (USA).

Judges' Choice Short Film
Honorable Mention: Ryoko's Qubit Summer, directed by Yuichi Kondo (Japan).

Winner: The Lord of the Woods (Kriss De Valnor), directed by Mai Bui (Poland)

Audience’s Choice
Runners up: Tim Travers and the Time Travelers Paradox, directed by Stimson Snead (USA) and Le Varou, directed by Marie Heyse (France).

Winner: The Lord of the Woods (Kriss De Valnor), directed by Mai Bui (Poland)

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Judges Choices:

Best in Show: R.R. Meisler: Chromebot
1st place: Brittany Torres: The Lady of Shallot
2nd Place: TheCreepingMoon: The Harvest
3rd place: SunnyJim Morgan: Floral Plague Doctor and Floral Skull Hat
Best Color: Rob Carlos: The Hill We Climb
Best Black & White: Theresa Mather: Heart of the Storm
Best Mixed Media: Vandy Hall: Cat Fish Tail
Best 3D: Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk: Rest Stop
Best Textile: Theresa Halbert: In the Time of Covid
Best Jewelry: Lynne Magie: Vortex
Artist GoH Pick: Michael Brugger: Off the Grid

People’s Choice Awards:

Best Humor: Douglas Herring: Cthulhu Minion
Best Horror: Rob Carlos: Z-Sleeping Princess
Best Sci-Fi: Michael Brugger: Off the Grid
Best 3-D/Jewelry: David Lee Pancake: Vent Dragons
Best Fantasy: Brittany Torres: The Last Flight of Icarus
Best Show: Brittany Torres: Lady of Shallot

Masquerade Awards

Awards for Workmanship:

Novice, best in class - #13 - Monica from Doki Doki Literature Club
Journeyman, Judge’s Choice for the comfiest PJ’s in the universe - #12!, The Universe
Journeyman, best in class, #2 - One Afternoon In April
Master - Judge’s Choice - #7 Queens of the World for their Disney D&D Party.
Master - Best in Class - #6 Padme Nabarrie Keeps A Blog

Awards for Performance

Novice Judge’s Choice- #9 Queen’s Treasures
Novice best in class - # 15 Its Almost Murder
Journeyman, Judge’s Choice, for great choreography - # 3 Geralt
Journeyman, Judge’s Choice for their excellent theme - # 10 Oktena Theurge Journeyman Best in class - #1 Belle
Master Class - Judge’s Choice - # 4 Ice Imp Matriarch
Master - Best in Class - # 7 queens of the world


#5 - Victorian Princess Leia Organa

Zine Credits: Editor in Chief – ScottyDont
Zine Minion – Sterling



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