Norwescon 44 Daily Zine #1


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Norwescon 44 Daily Zine #1


Norwescon 44


The first daily 'zine for Norwescon 44.




April 13, 2022



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Welcome to Norwescon # 44 Daily Zine #1 - 04-13-2022

Three ways to read the Digital Daily Zine !

Physically, you can view it on the two monitors to the left of the Information Table!

Electronically, you can use the Guidebook Application or the website.

To obtain the mobile Guidebook Application already set up for Norwescon 44 - just scan this QR code!

Guest of Honor Schedules:

"Go, Flash, Go! Flash Fiction for Writers" with Cat Rambo at 3 p.m. in Cascade 9&10 and streaming.

"Young Artist Draw Along" with Rob Carlos at 3 p.m. in Olympic 1.

"Reaching Inclusion" with Cat Rambo at 4 p.m. in Olympic 3.

The Norwescon 44 Opening Ceremonies with Cat Rambo, Rob Carlos, Patrick Swenson of Fairwod Press, Connor Alexander, and Lydia K. Valentine at 7 p.m. in Northwest 2&3.

Our thanks to our Masquerade Judges

Fox Squire has been seen at Crimson Kitty's Switch, Bier Baron, Roxy n Dukes, Blacklist Burlesque, Gummie Bears & Scotch: An Archer Tribute, was slut of the month for, Mr. Nerd NY, Mr. Starlite Royalty 2020, and is the reigning Cosmos Entertainer 2022.

Silver Kitsune is an internationally-known burlesque performer, cofounder of The Bifrost Arts Collective, and founding member of The Flamingo Revue. Silver spends their time offstage battling the forces of boredom, refining performances, and nerding out over multiple fandoms.

Wait, I can’t find what used to be where it was... HELP!

It’s okay, we’ve got you!

  • Dealers Room = Grand 3
  • Stage Events - Northwest 2 and 3
  • Convention Lounge - Northwest 1
  • Scheduled Games -
    • Maxi’s Ballroom - open game library - facilitated gaming by Playtest Northwest and Alexandria RPG Library - both of which will have scheduled events (GB and Website) - will also have staff there to start games
    • Rotunda 1 - Forever Knight's Games - board, D&D 5th Edition, Hero Clix, MtG, and More



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