Norwescon 43 Opening Announcement

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Norwescon 43 Opening Announcement


Norwescon 43


The email announcing that the virtual convention space was open, sent the day prior to the convention starting.




March 31, 2021



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Norwescon 43

It's Time!

The time is here! If you are registered for Norwescon 43, your email address has been registered in Airmeet, our online convention platform. You can access the convention from our webpage, which has links to our full schedule on Guidebook, the art show, dealers’ room, club tables, and our Twitch channel. You can still see the art show, dealers' room and club tables without a membership, but we sure hope you'll join us for the full convention.

The convention will go live tomorrow at noon!

How to get into Norwescon 43: When you click the link you will be asked to log in. Use your email address registered with the convention. The system will ask you for a password. Choose “reset password” and you will be sent a six-digit verification code. Use this code to set your own password, and then join the con!

Here’s what you can expect to find in Airmeet:

Sessions – Most panel programming and events are hosted in spaces called Sessions, which contain content on ten stages. Be sure to check out Guidebook as well, for scheduled events that are not on the Airmeet stages.

The Arena –The Arena is where you’ll find booths, which have a variety of functions. Among the booths are the Norwescon info desk, scheduled games, green room, artists, dealers, club tables, the Little Free Library and more! Many booths will be staffed at various times, or throughout the convention. Be sure to visit the artists on Thursday from 8–10 p.m. for the art show reception!

The Lounge – The Lounge is an informal social space, full of tables. Pull up a chair to chat with old friends, make new ones, or continue the discussion from a panel. Tables for socializing are named after the Houses of the Night Court from Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series.

Want a look around? Take a video tour of our virtual convention. Need help? Visit the Helpdesk

Our programming starts on Thursday, with the Airmeet space open tomorrow. We can’t wait to see you there!

Visit our Website



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