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Norwescon 43 December 1 Newsletter


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The 12/1/20 newsletter for Norwescon 43.







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News from Norwescon 43

"The Longest Night"

Enter the Single Pattern Contest!

A cloak can protect your fantastic garb on the way to a celebration, or to protect you on an arduous trek across strange and dangerous lands. This year's pattern is Simplicity Pattern 8770 Unisex Costume Capes. Here's a link to the pattern. Functional or fashionable or both- it's up to you! For more details on how to enter the Single Pattern Contest, click here.

Prop Contest - a Mask or a Spear

In Celebration of The Longest Night, the major holiday in Jacqueline Carey's novels of Terre d'Ange, we invite you to create one of two items for the celebration to honor the Winter Queen, the Sun Prince, and the members of their court: a mask, as the Longest Night is celebrated by the Midwinter Masque; or a spear, by which the Sun Prince transforms the Winter Queen at the hour of the sun's return at the Masque. For details about how to enter the Prop Contest, click here.

The Longest Night is a Time for Masquerade...

Our beloved tradition of the Masquerade continues for Norwescon 43. The venue for this year's Masquerade is in cyberspace, and the imagination. This requires some changes in the format from previous years:

  • All presentations must be submitted in video format, and any music used must be royalty free.
  • All submissions received will be presented during the Masquerade on Saturday of the convention.
  • Registration for the Masquerade will open in early January, and close on March 14th, 2021, at midnight.
  • For those not wishing to be judged on presentation, costumes may be submitted for workmanship judging alone.
  • Children under the age of 13 must have an adult giving verbal approval at the beginning or at the end of their video submission. We will edit the approvals out for the actual event.
  • Group entries are welcome, if the filming is accomplished safely in accordance with safety guidelines for COVID-19.
  • Judging will occur prior to the Masquerade broadcast, and the results will be revealed at the end of the event.

Further information, including a new Masquerade category, will be announced in early January. Please watch our social media and for updates as they become available.

Guest of Honor Selection for Norwescon 44

Each year, our Guests of Honor bring their special talents to Norwescon, and make that year unique and memorable. You can help our Guest of Honor selection committee decide who to invite for next year - send your suggestions to:

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