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The first major progress report for Norwescon 12




October/November 1989


Donated by Mark Ogilvie



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PR Alpha

First Pre-convention report of Norwescon 12

Progress Report Alpha is a production of Norwescon. All contents copyright (c) 1989 for contributors by Norwescon. Production Staff: Sue Bartroff, Michael Brocha, Yvonne Richardson, Judy Suryan, Robert Suryan, Richard Wright.

And So It Begins...

As we begin preparations for Norwescon 12 it is easy to tell it is going to be a good one! The committee is re-formed as it does each year to make the best use of each member's talent. We now know the Tacoma Sheraton pretty well, and best of all, they know us pretty well. Everyone is working towards making Norwescon 12 the smoothest-running and most fantastic convention anywhere, anywhen.

Tacoma is easy to reach by freeway, city bus, or airport shuttles. Please join us on the last weekend in March and have a good time.

-- Elizabeth Warren

Writer Guest of Honor: Roger Zelazny

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1937, Roger Zelazny began his freelance writing career in 1962. He became a full-time writer in 1969. The Social Security Administration's loss in this matter was a great gain for the F&SF field.

Zelazny's unique blend of fantasy, science fiction, and myth has earned him a prominent position among the writers of imaginative fiction. He was one of the New Wave writers of science-fiction during the mid-1960's. This fiction differed from Golden Age Fiction in that it focused on the internal world via psychology, sociology, and linguistics, as opposed to the external world of chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Zelazny wrote for magazines such as Amazing Stories, Fantastic, Worlds of Tomorrow, If, Galaxy and a host of others; he often used the pseudonym of Harrison Denmark. In 1965 he won a Nebula for the novella "He Who Shapes", a Nebula for The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth, and a Hugo for the serial And Call Me Conrad, which was later published in book form as This Immortal. In 1967 he won another Hugo for Lord of Light, and in 1975 he won both the Hugo and the Nebula for "Home is the Hangman". Unicorn Variations garnered Zelazny another Hugo in 1982.

Zelazny's works such as Isle of the Dead stand out due to the completeness of character profiles, a feat that was not often accomplished in SF of its decade. In fact, the debate over character advancement vs. plot advancement is still being bantered about in some of the magazines in which Roger publishes.

In the seventies, Roger began devoting more of his time to writing novels rather than the shorter novelettes or stories. The most well-known of these are Damnation Alley and the Amber books. The first Amber series ran to five novels, and the second should also; the fourth book should be published in approximately a year.

Roger Zelazny is considered a superior writer of futuristic adventure stories, and we are honored to have him as Guest of Honor for Norwescon 12.

Artist Guest of Honor: David A. Cherry

David Cherry graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1972, Phi Beta Kappa, with General Honors and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin. In 1975 he followed this accomplishment up with a J.D. degree from the U. of O. College of Law. While still a full-time attorney, he did his first published work "as a bit of a lark." This work was entitled The Summoning, and was the cover for C.J. Cherryh's Ealdwood. After having approached that project with the same concentration and dedication used upon everything from law to classic literature, he came to realize that he could never again NOT paint. So, he left legal practice to pursue a career in art. He has never regretted his choice. Neither has the F/SF field; he has won awards in many art shows around the country, and in 1986 he won the Chelsey for the best hardback bookcover of the year. In 1987, Locus rated him among the top fantasy and science fiction illustrators in the United States. He has exhibited his works in shows sponsored by the Cultural Arts Council of Plano, Texas, the Pendragon Gallery in Maryland, and co-sponsored by The Delaware Art Museum and The National Museum of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

To a certain extent, David did revisit his career in law shortly after the Tax Reform Act of 1984 was enacted. The IRS' new rules were so detrimental to artists that David took on the task of notifying as many people as possible of their adverse affects. Being active in ASFS was one of the channels he used to encourage artists to notify their congressmen of the inequities of the rules; this intensive lobbying resulted in the law being changed to something less unfavorable.

David does most of his work in acrylics, using oils on occasion for special effects. Some effects are thoroughly planned and researched before execution, but to quote David himself, "sometimes the magic works.... As an artist, I find no greater joy than to work solely to please myself and find that I have touched my audience as well. At that point, the line between work and play has simply ceased to exist. I feel that something of what I see and am trying to express is being understood, maybe even appreciated. Communication, when it happens, is worth the effort it takes. When it happens without effort, the satisfaction for the artist is tremendous."

Many of David's works serve to show how he manages to mix work and play. Portions of the frontispiece for David Brin's Startide Rising were bits and pieces of a vacation spent snorkeling in the Bahamas. It was a surprise that Startide's cover was to be somewhat astronomical, but for Cherry, it was a challenge rather than an obstacle. It was a special treat to do a portrait of his sister Carolyn (C.J. Cherryh) as the cover for her anthology Visible Light--she had written herself into her collection as a traveller who told tales to other passengers.

In 1986, David was made a Member of the Board of the National Academy of Fantastic Art. He published a book of his works in 1987; its title is Imagination: The Art and Technique of David A. Cherry, and is highly recommended not only for the beauty of the artwork or the detailed discussions on techniques, but also for the glimpses it gives of David Cherry, the person. Among his works can be included the dust jackets of C.J. Cherryh's Chanur series, special portraits of Real and Muff Musgrave, Huss Shadowspawn from the Thieves' World series, Robotech Art covers and the occasional role-playing game box illustration. David currently lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, but is more than happy to come work/play with us at Norwescon 12 as our Artist Guest of Honor.

Science Guest of Honor: John G. Cramer

We are very fortunate to have John Cramer as our Science Guest of Honor this year. He is a Professor of Physics at the University of Washington, a regular contributor to Analog, and has recently completed his first novel, Twistor. He brings an incredible amount of detail to the work that he does, whether it be delving into the workings of things that are, or making plausible the workings of things that cannot yet be. His Wormholes and Time Machines lecture at the last Norwescon packed Ballroom Four, and I'm sure he'll have the hottest news on room temperature science for us in March. He shows us how fun it is to do REAL science (forget Yahoo Serious and Young Einstein!!!), to experience the excitement of scientific ideas and to see how they can be incorporated into and transform our lives. He is one of the cadre who is truly going where no man has gone before, or leading the troops in verifying that where someone else went, we can go too. after all the axiom underlying all science is that anyone who sets up identital test conditions should get identical test results; many theories have ben proven or disproven simply by having another scientist attempt to reach the same conclusion by walking the same road. (NOTE: this is for professionas only. Do not try this in your own home.)

Joh says that being Science GOH at Norwescon 12 is special for him because it marks the tenth anniversary of his first science fiction convention--Norwescon III. He lives in Seattle with his wife, Pauline, and can be found at the occasional fannish get-together when not lecturing at the U.W. or working on the sequel to Twistor.

Fan Guest of Honor: Pat Mueller

We are pleased to welcome Pat Mueller to Norwescon as our Fan Guest of Honor. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, she spent a few years in Phoenix, Arizona, working for Flying Buffalo. By the way, that's a game company, not an hourly wage. She spent some time in Austin, working as a professional typesetter for Futura. On almost every Saturday there would be fannish get-togethers at the home she shared with Kim Graham, now a local Seattle artist. Approximately once a month the get-togethers would tend towards the business of F&SF fandom, including bidding for--and winning--the right to put on LoneStarCon, the 1985 NASFIC. The Texas SF Inquirer got its start as the bidzine for this event, and NASFIC was such a success that the publication of its bidzine continued.

Three years ago Pat moved to Dallas, but carried a good portion of her fanactivity with her. So what if it means a six-hour drive to get TSFI to the printer? That's almost a normal commute for many Texans, and when it came to getting the job done, Pat wouldn't let a few hundred miles stand in her way....

While in Dallas, Pat met her husband-to-be, Dennis Virzi; she married him at Armadillocon in 1986. She remained editor of The Texas SF Inquirer until mid-1987; the publication won that year's Hugo for Best Fanzine under her editorship. Now Pat is doing Pirate Jenny, a zine named after a character in Three-Penny Opera. When she's not creating incredible delicacies in her kitchen, she reads volumes of books--her interests include science fiction and fantasy, obviously, but she also reads a great deal of literature about the F&SF field, as well as classic literature. She was also quite knowledgeable about dinosaurs BEFORE they became the latest craze. She has a computer on which the bulk of the NASFIC '85 work was done (our own Richard Wright can tell you horror stories about that). Pat is also the proud mother of Madeline Frances Virzi, born July 14, 1989. Her friends (Pat's, not Madeline's) describe her as outgoing, friendly, and exuberant, and I'm sure that she'll be more than happy to mingle with Northwest fen at Norwescon 12.

Toastmaster: Dan Reeder

Where might you find an elementary school math teacher who motivates his students to learn by incorporating their teeth into his artwork? Where else bu there in the Northwest, and who else but Dan Reeder? We are more than happy to have Dan be Toastmaster of Norwescon 12.

Dan and his screamers (the sculptures, not the students) are well-known here, and titles such as Molar Man, The Horns of a Dilemma, and Give Me Your Tired, Your Demented, are not uncommon. Worked in papier mache, cloth mache, old musical instruments and other, well, things, Dan's screamers are always eye-catching. For that matter, so is Dan; I'm still not sure how it's possible to fit THAT much zaniness, imagination and verve behind that brown-haired, blue-eyed, well-mannered, reserved facade. But somehow he manages, not unlike his friend Gary Larson; when asked to do a foreword for Dan's book The Simple Screamer, Gary drew a Far Side cartoon instead. (if you want to know which one, go buy the book!!!)

Dan Reeder was Norwescon's Artist Guest of Honor at Alternacon, and has been showcasing his artwork at the annual Bellevue Arts & Crafts Fair, as well as various conventions on the coast and in the Midwest. He also does commission pieces (whatever DID happen to that six-foot chicken?) and has taught his techniques to many local artists. The mache demonstrations he and Damon Bard have done at previous are, er, a scream.

Dan lives in Seattle, with Butch the cat and several other assorted beasties, some of which are in progress and many of which go bump in the night....

Volunteer Guest of Honor: Joe Wheeler

We are proud to present another Norwescon first--the Volunteer Guest of Honor. Last year, in order to encourage more people to volunteer to help run the convention, we instituted some special programs for those who do volunteer. They included tokens which represented which departments the volunteer has worked, a volunteer lounge, and the usual Volunteer's Picnic in the sumer, but we also did something new and completely different. All those who volunteered turned in "timesheets" for hours worked; at the Closing Ceremonies, a single sheet was drawn at random. Whoever was on that slip of paper, should they decide to accept, would be our Volunteer Guest of Honor for Norwescon 12. This is our salute to all the people who help make a convention this large run as smoothly as it does, and I do have to say that there are still many people out there who volunteered for volunteering's sake, as opposed to some tangible reward they could display or spend. I also must say that the person who will be Norwescon 12's Volunteer Guest of Honor--Joseph Wheeler--is one of those many.

Joe Wheeler is another one of those shy, quiet, well-mannered volunteers who only seem to apear if you are in need of assistance. he has been a pre-con recruit for the Green Room for several years, and will probably STILL be working there between his special appearances as Volunteer GOH. When not attending the occasional convention, he is an attorney for a Western Washington county. No, he won't help you with the speeding ticket you got last week.

The values he holds dear are the ones that make him such a wonderful volunteer; he's kind, patient, soft-spoken, and slow to react with anger, even when the roof is falling in. He values his friendships highly and is more than happy to lend a helping hand, or back, or biceps. Joe, we are as proud to present you as Norwescon's first Volunteer Guest of Honor, and hope that others in later years may be of such a high caliber.


Well, last year we tried the Smorgasbord Effect--we offered a little something to suit nearly every fannish taste. Unfortunately, some fannish factions were still expecting the all-you-can-eat buffet version. I'd like to say that you were forewarned, but that would imply that you read this column in last year's PR Alpha. In my post-con report, I mentioned that there would be no more Ms. Nice Person next year (well, less of her, anyway) and that the program would be more focused. consequently, my clone Alexandra "I am in control" Haig is making an occasional appearance so as to prepare a program which will appeal to the more focused fan.

As always, Norwescon will still be a multi-track con, but the number of tracks will be compressed in order to bring you a higher quality program.

Interacticon: There will be an emphasis on workshops, discussions, demonstrations and sharing of ideas. We'd like to get the audience (i.e., YOU) more involved in the convention. Don't spectate--PARTICIPATE!!! Some specialty workshops may require signing up before the convention or at the convention itself; they will be on a first-come, first-served basis. What they will be and how many there will be to a certain extent depends on your survey responses--otherwise I get to decide, heh heh heh....

Wrycon: The combined wit of Roger Zelazny, Joe Wheeler, Dan Reeder, Pat Mueller, John Cramer and David Cherry is bound to break loose and provide us with some truly special moments. Be there or be non-dimensional.

Relaxacon: Hospitality is once again expanding. Not only will it occupy the Executive Board room it had last year, but the South and Center rooms will be dedicated to this purpose as well. In addition, a portion of the foyer will be walled off, making Hospitality into four "rooms". If Hospitality gets any bigger, we'll have to make it a convention all by itself...hmmm, how about Norwescon Point Two-Five?

Smallercon: Norwescon, as a regional convention, tempts its members with a wide cross-section of the F/SF field; we hope to whet your appetite for new experiences with our varied program. If we do, we will have succeeded in tempting you into deeper fannish waters. We realize that one fan's meal is another fan's appetizer; this is part of why there are other cons in the area which dedicate more of their time and space to specialized interests. This allows attending fen to dive a little deeper than they can at Norwescon. The Northwest ALONE averages a convention a month--you may get your feet wet at Norwescon, but when you want to swim, we invite you to attend FillintheBlankcon. (So does the FillintheBlankcon Committee). The Northwest is a beehive of fanactivity--groups such as The Nameless and The Homeless meet monthly in the Seattle area; there are also chapters for those who know no limits (The Shameless), those who don't accept responsibility for ANYTHING (The Blameless) and those who don't believe in fantasy (The Gnomeless).

Visit with Old Friends Con: does this really need explaining?

Make some New Friends Con: see description of previous convention.

Goodsensecon: a convention that seems to have been forgotten as a whole by our society; politeness, manners and looking out for the other person are attitudes fast-disappearing from the worlds we inhabit, be they mundane, arcane, or otherwise. We've discovered, though, that when a good number of fans attending Norwescon tend to remember Goodsensecon, Norwescon ends up being far more enjoyable.

HappyFeetcon: The Boogie Beings will be hard at work again, providing that "bop 'til you drop" music all weekend long.

???con: you won't know what con this is until it appears--if it appears at all....

See? That's less than a dozen dynamic programming tracks. You can mix and match from the various cons within the con to make your own Norwescon 12. Using your recipe and these ingredients, I guarantee you will create a unique experience, designed with YOU in mind.

Even at the big cons, we can still be our own entertainment!!

-- Yvonne V. Richardson

KidKon III

We will be open for both paid childcare and to schedule free activities at specific times (see pocket program) for other children.

Once again we will offer multi-track programming with some of the pros to visit and a few trips out into the convention.

Ages 36 months through 12 years must be potty trained, have nursery or pre-school experience, and play well with others.

We do not accept children who are ill and we cannot give routine medications.


Thursday - for staff by appointment only
Friday - noon to 5 p.m. / 8 to 11 p.m.
Saturday - 10 to noon / 2 to 6 p.m. / 8 to 11 p.m.
Sunday - noon to closing

Due to the increased demand for childcare services at Norwescon, we may be limiting the number of children registered in KidKon. For those of you who call and register your child in advance, you will be assured that your child will have a good time at Norwescon.

Rules for Children

Infant through 12 years - must be accompanied by responsible adult or be in a childcare facility at all times.

13 through 17 - Must have parental permission (signed form) on file at registration to attend convention.

Junior Volunteers

last year we found that some of our guests under 13 wanted to volunteer. We are hoping to set up a Jr. volunteer program this year in specific sheltered circumstances -- Children's rules still apply and there are only limited opportunities -- further info in future Westwinds.

For more information, contact sue Bartroff via the P.O. box or call [omitted].

Last Chance!!!

The flyer inclosed with this PR-a will allow you to receive your Norwescon 12 membership for only $25. This price is effective until 11/30/89; after that, membership will be $28 until March 1, 1990. At-the-door memberships are $35, if any remain by that time; memberships will be limited this year. So, get your memberships now, while you still can. There is a $3 discount on all these prices for members of the Northwest Science Fiction Society. And, remember, Norwescon memberships make great Christmas presents, too.

The big January Progress Report goes only to pre-registered Norwescon members. The Progress Report contains information on Guests of Honor, registration, attending pros, masquerade, film contest, preliminary program schedule, and departmental reports.

Send for your membership TODAY while you are thinking about it. Those of you who become members before January 15 will receive the added bonus of the Progress Report contained within the pages of the highly praised Westwind, the clubzine of the Northwest Science Fiction Society. What a deal!

Norwescon 12 Phone List


Convention Services
Judy Suryan...[omitted]

Art Show
Katherine Howes...[omitted]

Don Forbis...[omitted]

Becky Simpson...[omitted]

Carolyn Palms...[omitted]

Michael Brocha...[omitted]

Yvonne Richardson...[omitted]

Writers Workshop:
Michael Scanlon...[omitted]

Richard Wright...[omitted]

Elizabeth Warren...[omitted]

Art Show

Art Show information on Norwescon 12 can be obtained by checking the appropriate box on the flyer, or you may send a postcard or letter to the Norwescon P. o. Box. There will be over 130 4'-by-4' panels for two-dimensional art; and tables for 3-D art. Requests are already being received; we will be sending out packets in late October.

Norwescon Masquerade

Information on participating in the Norwescon 12 Masquerade can be obtained by checking the appropriate box on the flyer, or you may send a postcard or letter to the Norwescon P. O. Box. Participants' packets will be sent out by the end of 1989; information will also be available at the convention, but pre-registration is preferred.

Dealers Room

Solicitations for space in the Dealers Room will be mailed October 1 with a reply needed by November 1 to ensure "head of the line" in being selected for space. As usual, we anticipate being sold out. You may request a Dealers Room application by dropping a line to the Norwescon P.O. Box. You may also call the Dealers Room coordinator, Don Forbis, at [omitted], or Judy Suryan at [omitted].

NOTE: If your business address has changed since the last Norwescon, or if you know someone whose address has changed, please mail us the change of address notification as soon as possible!

Our Hotels

This year Norwescon is returning to the beautiful Tacoma Sheraton. We keep learning how to use this facility, so there will be some changes to increase traffic flows and help everyone have a great time. The Sheraton is filling fast, so those of you who want to be in the Sheraton should send in your hotel reservation form TODAY! Rates at the Sheraton are $185 for three nights single/double, $205 triple/quad. Additional nights are $63/69. This three night rate reduces processing costs and helps keep our rate down. (87% of us stayed three nights or more last year.)

The two overflow hotels are the La Quinta ($44 a night single, $49 double, $54 triple/quad) and the Best Western Executive Inn ($50 single/1 person, $54 sing-dbl/2 prsons, $60 dbl/3 persons, $66 dbl/4 persons). We will have shuttle service again connecting the hotels. Both hotels are very nice and have pools, coffee shops, and cocktail lounges. We will also have a conversation room and an open gaming room at both. It is important to get your hotel reservation forms in early for these hotels, too.

Room Parties

Important notice!! Your room party and party host or hostess must be registered with the Convention Office. The host or hostess of your room party must stay sober. Remember, when you are serving booze at your party you are responsible for the good health and safety of your party attendees and for following state liquor laws.

Norwescon will be buying some party supplies in bulk and will resell them to party-givers at cost. If you are giving a party and want more information, write to Party Supplies at the P.O. Box.

New Registration Policy

In the interests of keeping within various Washington State laws, we are requiring that you show legal identification at registration, and purchase your membership using your REAL name. (Of course, you can still have your fannish name on your badge, with or without your real name.) Please bring ID with you. if you do not have a driver's license, learner's permit, passport, military ID, or other identification, now's the time to get one! The Washington State Department of Motor Vehicles issues I.D. cards; other states may do so also.

The Hospitality Suite cards people at the door; private parties often do the same thing, due to liability laws. In the interests of responsible conventioneering, and keeping the convention fun for EVERYONE, please do us all this favor and BRING ID!

Help Wanted

Your questions, suggestions, ideas, art, etc. are welcome and wanted for Norwescon. Please write to us at: Norwescon 12, [omitted]. Or, you can call the 24-hour Hotline at [omitted].


October 1, 1989

Dear Norwescon Member:

Six years ago, for Norwescon 8, we surveyed the membership to see how well Norwescon was doing for its members. A good percentage of the surveys were returned, and the information was used to revamp many of Norwescon's programs.

Now, the time has come to reevaluate. Please, please take time to go through this year's survey. You can provide valuable data to Norwescon managers by just going quickly through the survey, or, if you wish, you can take time to add detailed analyses of those issues which concern you the most. Please also keep in mind that there are some things that are beyond our control--we can't make the hotel grow new parking spots or clone more elevators, much as we'd like to. but if there are things we can do something about, we'd like to hear about them--from YOU!

When done, fold up your survey so that the return address shows; stamp it, and mail it in. You may provide your name if you wish, and you may also indicate whether you want to discuss your comments with the appropriate Norwescon manager. Or, you may enclose a note addressing a particular issue, and it will be forwarded to the responsible manager.

You may also enclose registrations, NWSFS memberships, programming panel ideas, etc. All mail will be processed by Lauraine Miranda, to whom you have entrusted with your membership for years. She will separate the surveys and maintain anonymity as requested.

I will analyze the surveys and report back to you in the big Progress Report in January. Results will be provided to Norwescon managers during a special Convention Committee meeting where they will be discussed and appropriate adjustive actions will be defined and implemented.

Your contribution to this effort is definitely required and wanted. Norwescon is your convention, and it is important to all of us that it be as informative and enjoyable to all of its members as possible. But, if there is something that is bugging you, the best way to bring attention to it is to let the Norwescon managers know via this survey. Please give this survey your immediate attention -- it is needed.

Thanking you now for your response,

Richard Wright
Public Relations

Norwescon 11 General Survey

Generally, in your own words, how do you rate Norwescon 11?

What pleased you the most abot the convention?

What pleased you least?

How does it compares to Norwescons of the past 5 or 6 years?

What are yourimpressions of the following aspects of the convention?

Art Auction (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Art Show (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Child Care (KidKon) (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Dealers' room (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Fanzine room (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Film Contest (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Gaming room (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Hospitality (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
January Progress Report (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Pocket Program (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Program Book Content (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Program Book Cover (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Program Book Style (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Progress Report Alpha (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Registration (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
SAM room (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Other (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)

Other comments:

Norwescon 11 Program Survey

Which area(s) of programming interested you most?

Which would you like to see more of? Which would you like to see less of?

What are your impressions of the following aspects of programming?

Art (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Art Demos (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Autograph Party (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
The Business of F/SF (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
SAM Room (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Costuming (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Dancing (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Editing (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Environmental issues (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Fannish topics (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Gaming (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Genre discussions (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Hall parties (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Humor (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Interviews (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Masquerade (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Physical Sciences (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Politics (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Publishing (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Readings (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Religious issues (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Research and reference (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Room parties (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
SCA Demonstrations (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Slide shows (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Social issues (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Technology (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Tours (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Workshops (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Writing (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Video (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Solo artists' spots (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)
Solo writers' spots (Excellent) (Good) (Fair) (Poor) (No interest) (N/A)

Other comments:

Norwescon 12 Masquerade Survey

Are you a costumer? (Yes) (No)
Have you participated in a Norwescon Masquerade? (Yes) (No)
Have you participated in other convention Masquerades? (Yes) (No)
Do you want a Masquerade at Norwescon? (Yes) (No)
Do you want the masquerade broadcast live on the hotel Cable TV? (Yes) (No)
Would a videotaped delay of the broadcast be ok? ______
Would you like a Children's Masquerade separate from the main Masquerade or part of the main Masquerade? (Yes) (No)
What time would you like the Masquerade to start? ______ What kind of entertainment would you like during halftime, while the judges are deliberating?

Do you like the runway? (Yes) (No)
Length? (longer) (shorter)
The little stage near the back of the room? (Yes) (No)
Do you like prejudging for technical workmanship? (Yes) (No)
Do you like having a competitive masquerade? (Yes) (No)
Would you like a costume-oriented dance? If so give details.

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The Northwest Science Fiction Society proudly presents

March 29—April 1, 1990
Annual Northwest Regional Science Fiction Convention

Please Join Us in Welcoming:

Guest of Honor: Roger Zelazny
Art GoH: David Cherry
Science GoH: John G. Cramer
Fan GoH: Pat Mueller
Volunteer GoH: Joe Wheeler
Toastmaster: Dan Reeder


$28 Until March 1, 1990
$35 After March 1st
Children 12 & under free w/adult

$3 off convention rates
for Northwest Science
Fiction Society* members

Membership will be limited
Please, no mailed registrations after March 1st


Sheraton Tacoma Hotel


featuring: Multi-track Programming on Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature, Art, Science, Media, Gaming, Costuming, & more. Autograph Party, Masquerade, Stardance, Writers' & Artists' Workshops, Author Readings, Book Dealers, Art Show & Auction, Childrens' Programs, Films, 3-Channel 24-Hour-A-Day Video, Hospitality & Fan Rooms.

Hotline: [omitted]

Special PR Alpha Discount!
Memberships $25
until November 30, 1989

Norwescon Memberships

____ at $ each = $____
____ at $ each = $____
____ free children
12 & under free w/adult


____ at $ each = $ ____
yearly rates: $15 inside U.S. $18 outside U.S.
$7 Nonsubscribing

(U.S. Funds)
PR Alpha

Please make checks payable to

Would you also like
info? to help?

dealers ____
____ masquerade ____
____ security ____
____ registration ____
____ volunteering ____
____ childcare ____
____ workshops ____
____ artshow registration ____ other ____________ ________________

Hotel Reservation Form

Please complete form below. Cut along dotted line and mail to:
Tacoma Sheraton Hotel; [omitted]

NAME ________________ PHONE (____)________

ADDRESS ________________________________

CITY ____________________ STATE ____ ZIP ____

I'M SHARING MY ROOM WITH (name) ____________________

TYPE OF ROOM ____________ NUMBER IN PARTY ________
(Single - Double - Double/Double - Triple - Quad - Suite)


(Please indicate 1st, 2nd, etc. choice)


Would you like to guarantee your room now?
(Visa - MC - AmeEx - Diners - Check) Please circle one

No. ________________ Exp. ____ Check No. ____

SIGNATURE (for credit card) ________________________

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There are new rules concerning attendees who are 17 years old or younger. For a copy of these rules see the PR Alpha or write to Norwescon, [omitted]

Hotel Information

Convention hotel:

Three night minimum only
(Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
$185 Single or Double
$205 Triple or Quad

Each additional night
$63 Single or Double
$69 Triple or Quad


$44 Single
$49 Double
$54 Triple/Quad



$50 Single - 1 person
$54 Single/Double - 2 persons
$60 Double - 3 persons
$66 Double - 4 persons


Norwescon will provide a limited shuttle service between these hotels.



“Norwescon 12 PR Alpha,” Norwescon History, accessed June 17, 2024,

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