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Norwescon 38 November 18 Newsletter


Norwescon 38


The 11/18/14 newsletter for Norwescon 38




November 18, 2014



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Norwescon 38

Distant Horizons, Epic Adventures

Norwescon 37 Postcon Report

Finally, that piece of news you have all been waiting for, we give you the Norwescon 37 Postcon Report.

Scheduled Gaming

Scheduled gaming's deadline for full advertisement of your game is coming up! Submit your games by Dec. 1 to have full advertising by our publications team. Email with your game to get started. After Dec 1, your game can still be scheduled, but it will not be in the program book and will be scheduled after all the games submitted by the deadline. Gaming is also still recruiting room staff; we would like a LARP Track Lead to help us recruit and organize LARPs. Again, email if you'd like to sign up as a gaming staffer. Meeting attendance is not mandatory for most room staff, except for the last meeting before the convention. If you can't make meetings, but would still like to work in gaming, drop us a line!

Volunteer Announcement

Norwescon relies solely on a volunteer staff to ensure everyone has a great convention experience. Please consider donating some time, and volunteer to help make this year's convention the best one yet.

If you are interested in the planning and running of the convention, please join us at the next planning meeting November 22, 12:00-4:30. If you find yourself with a little time during the convention, please visit the Volunteer Lounge, and we will be happy to find you something to do.

Lobby Services

Can, Make, Do?

Art in Action is a place for artists and makers to share their craft with other Norwescon member, and applications are now being accepted for Norwescon 38, beginning at the con on Thursday at 3:30 p.m. and closing at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. Norwescon attendees are encouraged to sign up for a time slot/table using our online form. More information is found in the guidelines.

New this year - time slots will be offset 30 minutes from the top of the hour to make improve coordination with scheduling and general crowd control. Electricity and audience seating are also available. Remember, participants must have a Norwescon membership, so buy yours now before the price increases!

Last Call for Club Tables

Norwescon offers table space to clubs, groups, conventions, and organizations that promote science, science fiction, fantasy, costuming, and other fannish pursuits. This table space is an opportunity to share your enthusiasm with Norwescon members who have similar interests. Applications may be submitted via the website until November 21 at 6pm PST. The selection committee will make their selections at the November ConCom meeting, and notices will be sent to participants shortly thereafter. We hope this will allow people to best plan their Norwescon attendance. This will also ensure participating groups have the opportunity to include their information in the Norwescon program book.

Fairwood Writers

Want to take your writing to the next level? The Norwescon Writers Workshop offers extra help with improving your short fiction or novel. Fiction writing professionals will give you feedback on your work. You'll find guidelines here, but don't delay! Submit your work by 11:59pm PST on November 30 for a place in the 2015 workshop.

Cascadia's Got Talent


Cascadia's Got Talent, our very silly talent show, has grown too big for its britches and is moving up in the world. Last year, we broke out of the Tower and made it back to the main floor. This year, we have big ideas, big plans, and big, big delusions of grandeur. We're talking a headline show, baby - and YOU, yes you, can be a part of it. No, even better - you could be the star!

Have you got a talent? Practice up. This could be your day to shine! Details to come.

Let's Make a Movie

Since 1999, the Let's Make a Movie workshop at Norwescon has consistently produced hilarious, thoughtful, fun, uplifting, and just plain weird movies. Professionals and amateurs alike have participated, and it is always a barrel of hilarious fun-monkeys.

Other conventions have tried to mimic the workshop, but they just didn't manage to pull it off. Perhaps there are dangerous microwaves? More likely, the particular combination of participants is the key - a group of professional filmmakers and teachers who not only love their craft but love teaching others.

Not to be accused of resting on its laurels, in 2015, the Let's Make a Movie workshop is expanding!

In addition to workshops on basic filmmaking, shooting, low-budget special effects, and editing, the Let's Make a Movie track is adding three brand new panels:

Let's Make a Movie - Break it Down

It's one thing to read a script and imagine epic space battles across thirty five planets, seven historical periods, three different kinds of airship, and an underground lizard-man lair. It's quite another to break that script down and figure out exactly what needs to happen to go from paper to, "Okay, roll camera!" Our experts walk you through the process using examples from their own movies and maybe something we make up just for this event!

Let's Make a Movie - "What's my Motivation?" Working with Actors

They are the heart and soul of your production, and yet they also have feelings and desires and needs to make their own mark, too. In between tyranny and chaos lies the perfect balance of working well with your actors, and our panel of distinguished directors will walk you through how they went from a character on paper to a terrifying screen presence.

Let's Make a Movie - The Other Two-Thirds: Lights and Sound

If there's anything that identifies an amateur movie production as amateur, it's the lighting and the sound. A simple lighting setup done right can do more for a mood than all the scary music in the world. Come join our filmmakers for a hands-on demonstration of lighting tricks, a chat about good sound versus bad sound, and answers to almost every question you might have.

This is a valuable and unique opportunity for amateur and other filmmakers to learn in an intense and fun environment, while putting Norwescon at the forefront of offering this kind of workshop sequence.

Come check it out!

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