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Temporal Anomaly (Sunday)


Norwescon 39


The Sunday daily 'zine for Norwescon 39.


Matthew Buscemi




March 27, 2016


Michael Hanscom


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Temporal Anomaly

Daily Zine for Norwescon 39 • Sunday, March 27

Guest of Honor Schedules

All Guests of Honor

Closing Ceremonies
Evergreen 3&4 4 - 5pm

For the most up-to-date schedule, as well as maps and other useful information, check out the Guidebook app available on the Android, Apple and Windows platforms. Or visit http://guidebook.com/g/NWC39 from any web browser.

Art Show Awards

The Norwescon Art Show is proud to announce this year’s Art Show Award winners. We would like to thank all of our artists for their outstanding contribution to this year’s show.


Aimee Stewart The Jade Gates

AGOH Runner Up

Michael Duquette Temporal Portal Generator

AGOH Special Mention

Andy Vanoverberghe Circles of Quanta 2
William Hartmann Watery Moon of Extra Solar Plane
Jeff Sturgeon Run to Tokyo
Jeliza Patterson Heart of Planetary Nebula NGC2818
Mark Ferrari Old Powers Rising
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Butterfly
Julie Baroh Peri

Judge’s Choice

Best in Show
Thomas Kuebler Athena and Her Sister

1st Place
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Butterfly

2nd Place
William Hartmann Homage to Chesley Bonestell

3rd Place
Mark Ferrari Old Powers Rising

Best Color
Don Maitz Tamastara

Best Black & White
Socar Myles Lady Macbeth

Best Mixed Media Thomas Kuebler Athena and Her Sister

Best 3D
Tim Bruckner He Who Laughs Last

Best Textile
Sandra Ackley Whatever Happened to Bigfoot?

Best Jewelry
Designs by Victoria Moss Agate Triskelion Necklace

People’s Choice Awards

Best Humor
Sarah Clemens Magnus & Loki: Photo Bomb

Best Horror
Cat Grey Gnasherbunny

Best Sci-Fi
Michael Duquette Temporal Portal Generator

Best 3-D/Jewelry
Thomas Kuebler Athena and Her Sister

Best Fantasy
Janny Wurts Fionovar Tapestry

Best in Show
Thomas Kuebler Athena and Her Sister

We would also like to thank this year’s panel of Judges: Julie Dillon, Don Lacky, and Patricia Booze for their generous time and knowledge in helping judge this year’s show.

We offer our congratulations to this year’s recipient of the Art Show Apprentice award, Jean Carlos.


What are the mystery phrases?


  • Video games.
  • Bad translation.
  • Internet meme.


  • 90’s SF television show spanning five seasons.
  • Quote from an alien character.
  • Plot foreshadowing.

Thank You!

The editorial staff of Temporal Anomaly, your daily zine for Norwescon 39, would like to thank everyone who submitted content over the last four days. We couldn’t make this zine awesome without you. We had a great convention, and we hope you did, too!

Attending Pro Changes

Horror As a Mirror (HOR08): Jeremy Zimmerman (M), Jude-Marie Green, K. M. Alexander.
Cascade 13 10 - 11am

Costume Foundations IV: Practical Embellishments (COS27): Holly L. Forbis (M), Julie Zetterberg, Carmen Beaudry.
Cascade 7&8 1 - 2pm

Fukushima at Five (TEC02): Mike Brennan (M), Bart Kemper, Lillian Cohen-Moore.
Cascade 10 2 - 3pm

Alt-Tech & “What If” (TEC11): Stephen L. Gillett (M), Mike Brennan, Russell Ervin, Dr. Misty Marshall.
Cascade 12 12 - 1pm

Cooperative Board & Card Games (GAM04): Ogre Whiteside (M), David Fooden, Dylan S., Burton Gamble, Ryan Macklin.
Cascade 12 10 - 11am

Susan DeFreitas Reading (R53): CANCELLED.
Cascade 1 11:30am - 12pm

Gaming Adjustments

Rotunda 1 (location!) 9am - 2pm

Quirkle (cancelled!)
Maxi’s Ballroom 11am - 1pm

Time is Running Out

The con’s almost over, and you’ve found tons of convention stuff to complain about, haven’t you? We put a comment card in your pgorgram packet for just that reason. Good stuff, bad stuff, neat ideas, send us all of it. We won’t even make you find the one in your packet. Here are all the ways you can get us your feedback:

  • Return filled out cards to the boxes at Information and in the Convention Office
  • Attend our Onions & Rosepetals panel today at 5pm in Evergreen 3&4
  • Send an email to onionsandrosepetals@norwescon.org.
  • Tag your feedback on social media with #NWC39, #NWCrose, or #NWConion.

Movie News that Can’t Wait

We know some of you missed our Movie Previews panel early Friday morning. But there’s so more news to tell! We’ll be taking over the Evergreen Shuttle Bay today at 2pm for a talk about movies. We didn’t even scratch the surface of “why? Why? WHY?” yet. It will be a fun back-and-forth without having to play previews in the dark. Spread the word and be there at two!

Costumer’s Guild Raffle

The Beyond Reality Costumer’s Guild is sponsoring a raffle! The prizes are: a spectacular steampunk treasure chest filled to the brim with costume and fine jewelry, a brown leather jacket, a detailed hand-knit reversible Star Wars scarf, and a beautiful hand-made Victorian parasol. Tickets are $1 each, or eleven for $10, and the drawing will be held on Sunday at noon. Participants must be present at the convention to win, and must pick up their prizes by 2pm.

It’s Just Yogurt

It has come to our attention that rumors have been circulating regarding the “geek yogurt” on sale at the convention being made of geeks. The editoral staff has found no evidence with which to substantiate said rumors.

Tweets ’n Such

Little girl at the Star Wars costuming panel dressed as Capt Phasma. Representation matters. #nwc39
~ @E_VanEvery

Group of folks standing in front of my table. I stare. Guy sees. “I’m so sorry! We’re blocking your table!” Moves his group. #MyHero #NWC39
~ @_Danicia_

Overheard in the Halls

“I need you to pull alongside them so we can have a robot fight on top of these vans.”


The Fiction of Norwescon 39

Felis Catus

by Matthew Buscemi

What an outfit!” the lizard said. “Didn’t your mother teach you how to dress yourself?”

I looked down at the cage beside my feet. The creature contained within was perhaps a meter long and rainbow-striped from head to tail. It wrapped its claws into the grill and stared up at me with beady purple eyes.

I proceeded into the store silently. Engaging genesplics is generally a bad move. If they’re telepathic, that will only give them better access to your thoughts.

The shop was a cavern of a place. Wire mesh and glass and plastic formed twisting passages.

A dog here, a fish there, those were the mostly normal ones. Other genesplics represented more ambitious endeavors. A horse the size of a wolf with the head and neck of a giraffe. I passed a dozing mini-lion with scales instead of fur. Finally, I came to the counter at the back of the room. It stood empty. I stood and stared at the empty wall inset with a dull wooden door.

I searched the counter with my eyes, and discovered a holographic call button. I pressed it, and waited. And waited. I crossed my arms, glancing back at the monstrosities behind me. Having nearly given up, I turned to leave, but the creaking of the wooden door caught me, and I jumped, flustered.

A man peered out, older. His long fingers curled around the doorframe and his eyes bulged, unfriendly, even hostile.

“What do you want?”

I shifted my eyes to the counter. “To buy something.”

“Something? Animals are things to you, are they?”

Indignation welled up within me. “You’re selling them, aren’t you?”

He released a snort. “I suppose I am.”

He strode out from behind the door and stood before his counter. “Well?”

“A cat,” I said.

His face dropped. “Can you be more specific?”

I pursed my lips and did my best to smile.

“Just a cat.”

“You know how many breeds of cat there are?”


He rolled his eyes. “Well?”

“I want a felis catus.”

He blinked a few times.

“Not a genesplic,” I huffed. “A regular cat. No scales, vocal chords, or telepathy. Just a cat.”

The man shifted his weight. “I can get you a felis catus sonus. Best I can do.”

I smiled weakly. It’s not enough that it looks like a felis catus. A creature that can fell airborne prey with mentally generated sonic waves is not a cat.

“I’m sorry I wasted your time.” I turned to leave.

“Wait,” the man said. “I can, but it’ll be expensive.”

“How much?”

He told me the price, and I took a moment to work through my deep inner consternation. The things we silly humans do for a little companionship. “Fine.”

He retreated into the mysterious place behind the wooden door. After some time, he returned holding a stripy orange tabby in his arms.

I held up my computer. “May I?”

“Sure,” the proprietor said. He set the cat down on the counter, held him in place, and I initiated my usual gamut of programs. Forty-seven biogenetic scans later, I witnessed a first-time occurrence: the stripy furball had passed my entire suite of genetic tests.

“Huh,” I said. “Felis catus.”

The cat let out an adorable meow.

I paid, still apprehensive about the cost, but at long last I had my cat. I pulled him into my arms. At first glance, I’d thought him fat, now I could tell this guy was a big ball of muscle.

I thanked the owner and turned, carrying the cat through the maze of cages. My big orange bundle curled up in my arms, narrowed his eyes, and yawned. I approached the exit.

“Pfft,” the lizard hissed. “Fat, lazy lummox.”

“Look who’s talking, you rainbow pansy,” said the cat.

First appeared in Lore & Logos, published by Fuzzy Hedgehog Press in 2015.

Temporal Anomaly Edited by Matthew Buscemi

Typeset by Matthew Buscemi in Iowan Old Style with Alternate Gothic No3 and Almaq Display



Matthew Buscemi, “Temporal Anomaly (Sunday),” Norwescon History, accessed December 4, 2023, https://history.norwescon.org/items/show/205.

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