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Norwescon 37 Membership Guide


Norwescon 37


The full membership guide for Norwescon 37, including rules and policies, overviews of events, and available services.


Pearl Young


Northwest Science Fiction Society (NWSFS)


April 17-20, 2014


Michael Hanscom



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AS OF 3/15/2014


Everyone attending Norwescon 13 years of age and over are required to fill out a membership form before receiving a membership badge. Signing the membership form indicates that you understand the rules of conduct as listed in this document and agree to abide by them. Children 12 and under receive a free membership when attending with their parent or guardian, their membership is recorded on the adult's form.

Membership includes:

  • The right to attend the convention

  • Membership badge

  • Program/Souvenir Book, Pocket Program, and Member's Guide

  • Post-Con Report (for all current members)

Your membership badge must be visibly displayed while in designated convention space. Anyone who cannot produce a current membership badge upon request will be asked to leave convention space.


A minor as defined by the State of Washington must have a parent/legal guardian/individual designated by the parent or legal guardian who is on-site when the minor is on-site. Minors must have a permission slip on file with Registration signed by a parent or guardian.


If you lose your membership badge, you are encouraged to search everywhere before a new one is issued. Make sure you check with Lost and Found (both the hotel and the convention have Lost and Found departments), Registration, and Security prior to purchasing a replacement badge. There is a replacement fee of $55 for lost badges.


Norwescon reserves the right to refuse or withdraw membership.



Norwescon welcomes its young and future fans. To do this, we have programs planned throughout the convention that are geared for different age groups. Please refer to the Pocket Program for information about programming for children, tweens, and teens.

A minor as defined by the State of Washington must have a parent/legal guardian/individual designated by the parent or legal guardian who is on-site when the minor is on-site. Minors must have a permission slip on file with Registration signed by a parent or guardian.

Norwescon does not accept responsibility for supervision of attending minors; that responsibility remains with the minors' parent/guardian/designee. In the event that child care is needed, The DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport has a relationship with Best Sitters, Inc.; more information on Best Sitters can be found at 206-682-2556.




This policy includes all real and replicated weapons of any type that may be construed as a projectile weapon or any extension of the human hand.

Peacebonding will be available next to the Information Table during open registration hours and in the Security Office when the Peacebonding table is closed.

Peacebonding is required on all weapons visibly worn/carried on the hotel property including parking areas and indoor spaces. The only type of peacebonding allowed is that provided by the convention. Fashion coordinated substitutes are not sufficient.

NO unsheathed weapon allowed in ANY public space (unless approved in advance for Masquerade or Programming event in which bonding ties will be removed for such an event and replaced immediately afterward).

All bladed/pointed weapons will be appropriately covered in all public areas and function spaces. This includes but is not limited to: Daggers, Swords, Pikes, Axes, and Polearms, be they made of steel, plastic, or any other hard material.

Polearms, Spears, Staves, and other such weapons shall be kept upright at all times and have weapon heads sheathed and bonded. The ends of said weapons must never project more than 12" from the bearer's body.

Some weapons are not allowed at all: tazers, batons, real guns, pepper spray, crossbows, slingshots, pellet guns, water pistols, blowguns, catapults, or any type of functioning projectile weapon.


"Airsoft-style" or "Nerf-style" weapons:

At NO time is ammo allowed, in weapon or in magazine.

Empty magazines are NOT allowed in the weapon, but allowed on the belt or in a pouch for costume purposes (again NO ammo allowed).

Bows (again, crossbows are NOT allowed):

Arrows must be proven to be secured in such a manner as to be unable to be removed from their container and be secured by Peacebonding the same as all other weapons.

Any obvious appearing toy "side arms" such as Disruptors, Phasers, Laser Tag pistols/rifles, laser pointers, or any other item that can project/emit light or sound shall be peacebonded and remain in an appropriate holster at all times or held in an appropriate manner. Exemptions must be authorized by qualified Security personnel.

Special consideration will be granted by the Convention Services Executive or a select designee by said Executive to Merchants or Dealers who display or show for the purpose of sale. Any weapons removed from Dealers room will fall under above guidelines.

No weapons are allowed in Maxi's Lounge, Seaport Lounge, or Coffee Garden Restaurant.

This Policy complies with hotel policy and local, state, and federal laws.



If you must drive, please let others know, so that they can help you stay away from alcohol (whatever form it takes) and stay sober so that you arrive at your destination safely. If you plan to drink, PLEASE, do not drive.

There is another topic under the heading of responsible drinking which is a touchy subject... persons under 21 indulging in alcohol and other drugs. We, the Norwescon Committee, are realistic enough to know that if a young adult is determined to drink, it is not always possible to stop them. We do require that all parties serving alcohol check ID. Washington law forbids serving alcohol to minors with the exception of your own children and then only in your own home when there are no visitors. Responsible drinking by those over 21 (that means not getting falling down drunk or becoming a menace to yourself and others) will not be noticed as much, and the heavy hand of the hotel detective and/or our Security Director may not be felt. We want all of our members to have a good time at Norwescon, and we want you all to return home safely.


Guest rooms in Wing 5b and suites will be available for social events. A "social event" is a reception or open house-type event held in a guest room in Wing 5b or a hotel suite. Food and beverages may be served in compliance with hotel, state, and local regulations. Maximum occupancy guidelines will be enforced. Service of alcohol must be in accordance with Washington State Liquor Control Board provisions. A special occasion license or banquet permit must be obtained and posted in the suite. Events that do not qualify for a special license or permit must not serve alcohol. Alcohol service times must be in accordance with state regulations. Complete Social Event guidelines are posted on the Norwescon website.


Washington State law states that smoking is prohibited within a presumptively reasonable minimum distance of 25 feet from entrances, exits, windows that open, and ventilation intakes that serve an enclosed area where smoking is prohibited so as to ensure that tobacco smoke does not enter the area through entrances, exits, open windows, or other means. Smoking areas at the hotel are clearly marked.


Service animals only are allowed in Norwescon function space. Service animals will be issued convention identification at registration. Contact the hotel for their rules about animals in the guest rooms and public hotel areas.


Flyers may be posted only on the paper or cloth covered kiosks that we have provided. Check at the Information Table for locations. Do not attach anything to walls, windows, or doors. The hotel and/or the convention will remove any flyers found in unauthorized places.


One word to say on this subject...




Come see artists in action! Artists' Alley is a very special event where you can interact directly with the artists while they work. See the process unfold and ask questions as several real artists, working in multiple media, show how they do it. If you're having difficulties with your own art, bring it down and seek advice on getting past your block. Alternately, if you have an idea or would like a sketch of yourself done, many of the artists will do on-the-spot custom work (fees may be charged and will vary by artist). Come down and take a look! If you like what you see, original work will be available on a limited basis. Artists' Alley is located on the first floor corridor just after the turn to Wing 7.


BAG CHECK: For the safety and protection of the artwork, some personal items may have to be checked at the time you enter the art show, at the bag check station. These items may include, but are not limited to: all bags, large coats or cloaks, and any large costume accessories that may cause safety concerns.

BIDDING: Your badge number is your bidding number. Write your name, badge number, and bid on the bid tag associated with the item. Remember that a written bid is a commitment to buy and you will be held to that commitment. Under no circumstances may you withdraw your bid. So, consider carefully before you place any bids. It is not fair to the artist or other potential bidders if you bid on a piece and then decide you do not want it.

DIRECT SALE: If you purchase a piece at the Direct Sale price, it belongs to you and will be marked SOLD. It must remain on display until Sunday morning. When you make a Direct Sale purchase, you will be given a receipt. You must present this receipt when you come to pick up your art on Sunday.

AUCTION: Items purchased at auction will be paid for at the Art Show checkout.

PRINT SHOP: Many of our artists bring prints of their work. A copy of the print is hanging in their panel, with the additional copies located in the Print Shop. Print Shop items can be purchased at any time during the convention. If the print is not the one hanging on the panel, the print can be removed at time of purchase. Additionally, many of our music performers have their CDs available for sale in the Art Show Print Shop.


The last event of the convention each year, closing ceremonies gives us a chance to say "good bye" and "thank you" to our Guests of Honor.


Each year the Norwescon masquerade showcases the works of many of the best costumers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The masquerade is held Saturday night in Grand Ballrooms 2 and 3 and is open to all Norwescon attendees.

If you are interested in participating in the masquerade, there is still time. Pick up the masquerade rules and entry form at the Norwescon information table and carefully read them. You must go to ONE of the two masquerade panels listed in the Pocket Program, as this is where you will get all your questions answered and it is where you turn in your forms and music.

If you have never seen a masquerade, here are a few tidbits to help orient you to what to expect.

Entries are categorized by SKILL DIVISIONS. The divisions are based on the guidelines of the International Costumers Guild . The divisions are:

RISING STAR is for any contestant 13 years of age or younger who is not part of an adult group. Rising Star costumes must be made by the entrant with no more than a minimum amount of supervisory help. An adult-made costume may not be entered in this category and should instead be entered in the appropriate skill division of the adult or in the children's masquerade.

NOVICE is for any contestant who has not previously won an award for a costume in any masquerade, or who has won a maximum of two awards in the Novice division for different costumes at a world-class convention masquerade such as Worldcon or Costume Con, or at a regional convention masquerade such as Norwescon or Westercon.

JOURNEYMAN is for any contestant who has won a maximum of three awards for different costumes in the Journeyman division at a world-class or regional convention masquerade.

MASTER is for any contestant who has won four or more awards for different costumes in the Journeyman or Master division, or who has won one or more Best in Show awards, at a regional or world-class convention masquerade. Professional costumers must enter the Master division.

JUDGING FOR THE MASQUERADE has two components: Presentation and Workmanship.


Presentation judging evaluates the presentation as it is displayed on stage. It judges the costume's appearance from the audience, how the contestant acts and moves, the effectiveness of the music and voiceovers, and more. The Judges give awards that are divided by skill levels and excellence of performance within those different skill levels.


Workmanship judging is optional. It takes place in the masquerade backstage area before the show begins. It allows the workmanship judges to consider exceptional accomplishment in crafting costumes, props, and accessories. This is the place where exquisite attention to detail is recognized.

During the judging process, there is a halftime presentation. During the halftime there will be an opportunity for taking photos, special announcements, and the announcement of next year's confirmed Guests of Honor, after which the masquerade awards will be presented. You will miss a lot of great things of you leave early, so please stay until the end and applaud the winners.

The Norwescon Masquerade is not broadcast live over the Norwescon TV channels, there is a tape delay to allow for an increase in broadcast quality.


Onions and Roses is a panel held right after closing ceremonies on Sunday. At this panel the convention membership provide feedback both positive (roses) and negative (onions) to the Norwescon Chairman and Convention Services Director.


Opening Ceremonies are held at 7 p. m. on Thursday night of the convention. They are an excellent way to catch a first glimpse of our Guests of Honor as well as find out who is on the Executive Team this year.


The Philip K. Dick Award is presented annually for distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States. The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society sponsors the award and the Northwest Science Fiction Society and Norwescon sponsor the award ceremony. For more information on the award, see:

The first time the PK Dick Award was presented at Norwescon was at Norwescon 7 to William Gibson for Neuromancer. See your Pocket Program for the location and time of this year's ceremony.


The single pattern contest focuses on wearable art pieces created from a preselected pattern. Each year the contest coordinator selects a pattern, which often ties in with the convention's theme. The entrants then create their designs prior to the convention. Entrants show their creations at the Single Pattern Contest Fashion Show. In addition to the Judges' Awards, there is also a Fan Favorite Award that is given based on votes received from the audience.

If you would like information on entering future Single Pattern Contests watch the Norwescon website or register for the Norwescon eNewsletter.


Each year in Grand Ballroom Three, a different event is held for the fun and entertainment of our membership. The Sunday Special Event for Norwescon 37 will be a Robotics Fair. The Norwescon Robotics Fair is your chance to get involved by getting some hands on experience with some entry level robots that are kid friendly and won't break the bank. Meet representatives from robotics teams, see robots that more seasoned engineers are making, or just come and play with the swarm of robots that we will be unleashing. See your Pocket Program for the exact times for this event.




The Cloak Room is located in Wing 7, room 7101. See the Pocket Program or online guide for hours of operation. This is a free service provided by the convention for the use of convention members. The Cloak Room is for temporary storage of parcels, coats, and bags, and is not meant as a substitute hotel room or food locker. Please make other arrangements for inappropriate items. We reserve the right to refuse any article.

Norwescon is not responsible for items left in the Cloak Room. Use of the room is at your own risk. We suggest that before you place your items in the room, you make certain to understand the hours the room will be open. There is a 25¢ charge for lost claim tags.


The nerve centers of the convention are the Convention Offices located in Wing 7. The main Convention Office is located in room 7106 while the Convention Security Office is in 7108. You can find one of these open all hours of the day to help iron out any wrinkles you may encounter.


Norwescon's official Daily 'Zine has been pared down to provide the most recent schedule updates only. After 9: 00 am, copies of the 'zine can be found in numerous locations throughout the convention.

Previously the Daily 'Zine was full of interesting news, information, and other tidbits from members of the con.

Unfortunately, we did not have a volunteer to run this service for Norwescon 37. If you are interested in making this service available again for Norwescon 38, please contact


In addition to the pocket program, Norwescon provides access to the information online via guidebook. Guidebook is user­friendly on iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, and any other devices that you might use. There is a native app for iPhone and Android and a mobile web app for everything else. Access it via guidebook. com/getit


Information about the convention, the hotel, and the local area can be found at the Information Table, which is located in the convention lobby, across from Registration. If you have questions after the Information Table closes, you can go to the Convention Office in room 7106 or the Security Office in room 7108.


The Lost & Found is located in 7108, Convention Security. If you lose something during the convention, be sure to check both with the convention's Lost & Found and with the hotel. If it does not turn up right away, check back on Sunday afternoon; as sometimes things take a little while to be discovered and filter in.

Unclaimed articles left in the Cloak Room after 4 p. m. on Sunday will either go into the hotel's Lost & Found or will go home with Norwescon's Lost & Found Manager. Determination of which location items will be placed will depend on their nature - luggage and like items will be placed with the hotel's Lost & Found, miscellaneous objects and small items with the Norwescon Lost & Found. Again, please be sure to check with both the convention and the hotel's Lost & Found departments for items that you may have misplaced during the convention.

After the convention, inquiries about lost items can be made to or 100 Andover Park W Suite 150-165 Tukwila, WA 98188-2828. Inquiries should also be made with the hotel. Lost items will be kept until July 1 of the convention year. After that date, any unclaimed items will be auctioned at the Volunteer Picnic, with the proceeds going to the Northwest Science Fiction Society (NWSFS).




Norwescon recognizes that the future of convention attendees and volunteering staff will come from the teens currently attending the convention with their parents. In an effort to give you, our younger members, the opportunity to gain firsthand experience, and a behind the scenes look into the world of conventions, Norwescon implemented the "Teen Runner" program. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, and you are looking for things to do at the convention, stop by Volunteers and try your hand in helping out as a Runner. There are jobs in areas such as: Registration, Technical Services, Office Service, Volunteers, Masquerade, and Dispatch that have jobs, suitable for teenagers and are vital to the convention.


Have you ever wanted to know if your friends have arrived at the con? Have you ever wanted to leave a message for somebody but didn't know if they are staying in a room?

Norwescon offers members a way to leave messages for each other by means of a Voodoo Message Board. The board is located by the restrooms near Registration and will have a list of all pre-registered convention members. When you get to the convention, please place a check mark next to your name or add your name to the list in alphabetical order. This will let others know that you are on-site and will be checking for messages.


Norwescon runs on volunteers ̶ without them there would be no convention. As such, everybody is encouraged to volunteer at the convention for a few hours. There are many things that you can volunteer for that still let you attend certain events. As a bonus, volunteers who have helped at any time during the con have early entry into the Masquerade; may attend a special event arranged for them; are invited to a post-con party during the summer; may be entered in drawings for special gifts; and receive tokens to show our appreciation. Go to the Volunteer Table in the convention lobby or the Volunteer Office and sign up for a shift (or two, or three, or four, or five).

The volunteer office does not provide babysitting. Minors may volunteer with permission of their parent/guardian/designee but should not be dropped off at the office without a specific purpose. In the event that child care is needed, The DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport has a relationship with Best Sitters, Inc.; more information on Best Sitters can be found at 206-682­2556.



The hotel shuttle can transport you to SeaTac International Airport, the light rail station and the Hilton. Check with the Concierge for availability, departure, and return times.


The pool and hot tub are open to hotel guests 24 hours a day and can be accessed with a hotel room key. The pool and hot tub will be closed for scheduled cleaning and maintenance during part of the day. Please read the pool and hot tub rules posted in that area. The rules must be obeyed if we want to keep this area open for the weekend.


High speed internet (DSL) access is available in all guest rooms during Norwescon for a fee. Please call the hotel front desk for access.


The Hotel has a monitored parking system. There are four entry gates into the hotel parking lot. Tickets are dispensed at each gate and payment is made as you leave or in one of the marked kiosk in the hotel lobby. Off-site parking is available nearby as well.


  • The first car registered to each hotel room is free.

  • Any additional cars registered to the same hotel room are charged $8. 00 per day and receive in/out privileges.

  • Attendees who drive to the convention, but do not stay at the hotel, will be charged $8.00 per 24-hour day with NO in/out privileges.

  • Motorcycles are charged the same convention rate of $8. 00 per 24-hour day. There are no special motorcycle parking spaces and a standard parking space must be used.

  • If you are pulling a trailer and use more than one space, the parking fee will be based on the number of parking stalls you use.

  • Handicapped parking stalls are charged the same convention rate of $8.00 per day.

Parking is always limited at Norwescon. Do not park in fire lanes. Do not park in spaces marked for those with disabilities

unless you have a valid handicap permit. Only park in marked parking spaces. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas (including that which is set aside for reserved parking spaces) will be towed. Please park legally and walk the distance rather than parking where you should not. There are many parking lots in the area and some provide transport to and from the airport and hotel.


ESPRESSO CART: espresso drinks, coffee, juice, soft drinks, cookies and pastries. The Espresso cart is open from 6 a. m. to 8 p. m. every day.

ROOM SERVICE: Room service is available 6 a. m. to midnight daily. Please use the phone in your hotel room to access this hotel service.

THE COFFEE GARDEN: The Coffee Garden offers a comfortable, casual dining area, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a straightforward approach to American cuisine and express buffet. The Coffee Garden is open daily from 6 a. m. to 11 p. m.

SEAPORTS: Seaports Restaurant and Lounge offers fine dining in a comfortable Norwescon atmosphere. Open daily for lunch and dinner from 11 a. m. to 2 a. m. Please be aware that between the hours of 10 p. m. and 2 a. m. Seaports offers a limited menu.


(*denotes vegetarian selections)

Thursday 11: 30 am--11:00pm




13 Coins - 18000 International Blvd. (206-243-9500)

Five minute walk north of hotel. Serving up hearty fare 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Denny's - 18623 International Blvd. (206-248-1558)

Across the road from our hotel. Open 24 hours.

Dave's Diner and Brew - 19204 International Blvd. (206-277-7196)

2 minute walk. Classic diner food. Diner open 6 am - 10 pm; Lounge open until 2 am.

Jack-In-The-Box - 2840 South 188th (206-244-6293)

Across International Blvd. from our hotel. Open 24 hours.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue - 18613 International Blvd., Bldg. B-3 (206-432-9646)

Across International Blvd. from our hotel. The name says it all, Hawaiian style BBQ and other Hawaiian staples.

Monday - Saturday 9am - 11pm; Sunday 10am -- 9pm

Mango Thai Cuisine & Bar -18613 International Blvd (206-243-1888)

Across International Blvd. from our hotel. Casual, contemporary eatery offering a varied menu of classic Thai dishes & handcrafted cocktails.

Monday - Friday 11am - 10pm; Saturday - Sunday 12pm - 10pm; Closed Sunday.

Masae's Teriyaki - 19021 International Blvd. (206-241-6231)

South on International Blvd. from the hotel, just past the Days Inn. Japanese food.

Not open Sunday.

Sharp's Roaster & Ale House - 18427 International Blvd. (206-241-5744)

Across from hotel. Features rotisserie chicken, baby back ribs, smoked meats, and American food.

Sunday - Thursday 11 am - midnight; Friday -- Saturday 11 am - 12: 30 am

Subway - 18613 International Blvd. (206-436-8570)

In the WallyPark across from the hotel. Sandwiches and salads.

Thursday - Friday 7 am - midnight; Saturday 8 am - midnight; Sunday 9 am - midnight

Taco Bell - 18812 International Blvd. (206-243-8171)

Across 188th from the hotel. 9: 00 am -- 10: 00 pm.


7-11 - 20008 International Boulevard (206-824-3984)

South on International Blvd. from our hotel, just past the Day's Inn.

7-11 - 3120 S 176th St (206-242-4559)

North on International Blvd. from our hotel and right on 176th. Near the Hilton

7-11 - 19023 International Blvd (206-243-8854)

South on International Blvd. from our hotel.


Costco -- 400 Costco Drive (206-575-9191)

15 minute drive east of hotel. Open Monday - Friday 8: 00 am - 8: 30 pm; Saturday 9: 30 am - 6: 00 pm; Sunday 10: 00 am - 6: 00 pm. Costco membership required.

Safeway - 4011 S. 164th (206-244-2567)

Includes a Deli, Bakery, Pharmacy, Starbucks, Video, and Liquor departments. Open 24 Hours


There is an ATM in the hotel lobby. There is a Chase bank at the north end of the parking lot it is a full-service bank with ATM. The Safeway listed above has a Wells Fargo bank and ATM.


Attach your badge to the outside of your outfit. It saves you from having to fish it out when asked by door guards or convention security.

Remember to carry your identification (driver's licenses, state identification, etc. ) with you at all times. Identification is required at the hotel bars and room parties. Also, remember to bring money or your credit card ̶ you never know when you will see something you want in the Dealers' Room or the Art Show.

Note: You may be asked to provide your identification for entry into events and panels labeled "A" for adult or 18+ with ID.

Without your ID you may be refused entry.

Floor 14 is limited to members 21+ with photo ID from 8: 00 p. m. -- 3 a. m. on Friday and Saturday night; carry your ID or you might have to make the elevator journey twice.

Carry the Pocket Program with you so that you know what's happening and where to find it. Highlight the panels you want to attend so that you don't miss them.

Check out the online schedule and calendar; sync the appropriate one with your smart phone.

Pick up a Daily 'zine every morning to learn of any changes to the daily schedule.

Check out the Voodoo Message Board daily to see if you have messages.

Stop by Hospitality to see who you know and who you want to know.

Smile and say "Hi" to the people around you! You never know who is standing next to you. They may be the next big author or artist. Then you can say "I knew them when ..."

Volunteer, it's a great way to get to know people.



Pearl Young, “Norwescon 37 Membership Guide,” Norwescon History, accessed June 13, 2024,

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