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This is a scan of the original art for the Norwescon 1 program book cover. The cover is by Bill Warren (William R. Warren, Jr.), 1978; India ink on vellum. The little gnome with the glowing guts sitting under the bridge with his quill is, of course,…

Bill Warren drew this cartoon depicting some members of the Norwescon 1 convention committee to fill a space in the program book. It was amusing enough, but there was depth to it. Many of the people in the cartoon are identifiable from Bill's…

Photos from Norwescon 1

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A short newspaper blurb announcing the first Norwescon.


nwc1 flyer.jpg
Advertising flyer for Norwescon 1

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Badge #368.

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The full program book for Norwescon 1. Notes from Gregory Bennett, Norwescon 1 chair: And yet another fun note about the Norwescon 1 program book and how it got to be that size. I had mentioned the pocket program at Midamericon in Kansas City in…
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