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The Saturday issue of the Norwescon 40 daily 'zine.

The daily 'zine for Friday of Norwescon 40

Promotional bookmark for Norwescon 40

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NWC40 Badge.jpeg
Badge for Norwescon 40. Shown with and without badge ribbons.

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NWC40 Newsletter 170409.pdf
The 4/9/17 newsletter for Norwescon 40

NWC40 Accessibility.pdf
Informational brochure about Norwescon's accessibility accommodations


NWC40 PK Dick Awards.pdf
Program booklet for the 2016 Philip K. Dick Awards ceremony at Norwescon 40

2017 Philip K. Dick Award Ceremony (normal).mp4
The 2016 Philip K. Dick Awards ceremony, held at Norwescon 40.
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