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Norwescon 9


Norwescon 9


Red Lion Inn, Sea-Tac

Chair: Robert Suryan
Guest of Honor: Anne McCaffrey
Artist Guest of Honor: Kelly Freas
Fan Guest of Honor: Greg Bennett
Toastmaster: Spider Robinson
Science Guest of Honor: James Oberg

Attendance: (unrecorded but “HUGE”, unofficial estimates at ~3,000)


March 20-23, 1986

Collection Items

Norwescon 9 Badge
Badge #1401

Norwescon 9 Flyer
Advertising flyer for Norwescon 9

Norwescon 9 Progress Report
January 1986 update for the upcoming Norwescon 9

Norwescon 9 Masquerade
The masquerade from Norwescon 9

Photos from Norwescon 9 (hosted externally on Flickr).

Norwescon 9 Program Book
The full souvenir program book for Norwescon 9.

Norwescon 9 Pocket Program
The pocket program guide for Norwescon 9.
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