Norwescon 5

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Norwescon 5


Norwescon 5


Hyatt House, Sea-Tac

Chair: Richard Wright
Guest of Honor: Thomas Disch
Artist Guest of Honor: Michael Whelan
Fan Guest of Honor: Bob Shaw
Toastmaster: Richard A. Lupoff

Attendance: 1,371


March 18-21, 1982

Collection Items

Norwescon 5 Badge
Badge #900

Norwescon 5 Flyer
Advertising flyer for Norwescon 5.

Norwescon 5 Pocket Program
Foldable pocket program for Norwescon 5. Schedule on one side; hotel map and list of Dealers Room vendors on other side.

Norwescon 5 Masquerade
The masquerade at Norwescon 5
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