Norwescon 20

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Norwescon 20


Norwescon 20


Red Lion Hotel Seattle Airport

Chair: Michael Citrak
Guest of Honor: Larry Niven
Guest of Honor: A.E. Van Vogt
Artist Guest of Honor: Vincent Di Fate
Fan Guest of Honor: Brad Foster
Science Guest of Honor: Dr. Robert L. Forward
Volunteer Guest of Honor: Glenda Hedden

Attendance: (unrecorded)


March 27-30, 1997

Collection Items

Norwescon 20 Badge
Badge for Norwescon 20. Shown alone (in plastic "license plate" holder) and with commemorative ribbon given to those who had attended all Norwescons to date.

Norwescon 20 Mug
Commemorative mug for Norwescon's 20th anniversary.

Norwescon 20 Masquerade
The Norwescon 20 Masquerade

Photos from Norwescon 20 (hosted externally on Flickr).
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