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Norwescon 41 April 19 Newsletter


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The 4/19/18 newsletter for Norwescon 41




April 19, 2018



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Norwescon 41

Uncovering Mysteries

Norwescon 42 Registration and Hotel Reservations Coming Soon!

Our membership registration system for Norwescon 42 will be up once our Registration team has updated the public-facing side of things (as opposed to the private- network version we had running on Sunday of this year's convention) and turned it on. This should happen fairly soon and we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we can.

Hotel reservations will take just a little bit longer. Because Norwescon takes place over Easter weekend, the next Norwescon is actually a few weeks more than one year away (April 18-21, 2019) and the Hilton's reservation system doesn't allow reservations more than one year out. Hotel reservations won't be available until at least April 22nd this year. Once again, as soon as we've confirmed that the system is up and working, we'll make the announcement on the website and our social media pages!

Norwescon 41 Art Show Awards!

The Norwescon Art Show is proud to announce this year's art show award winners. We would like to thank all of the artists for their outstanding contribution to this year's show.

Judges Choices:

Best in Show: Galen Dara, Space Whales
1st place: Foxfires, The Secret Carousel
2nd place: Tiffany Dae, Inner Working
3rd place: Camille High, Venus
Best Color: Lee Moyer, Wyrm
Best Black & White: Alan M. Clark, The Bonehill Ghost
Best Mixed Media: My Treehouse Studio, Arboreal Armor
Best 3D: Lisa Snellings, Who's Laughing Now
Best Textile: Cleothyla, Always
Best Jewelry: Scarletrabbit, Ivory Beaded Floral Bracelet
GoH Pick: Rebecca Flaum, The Guardians

People's Choice Awards:

Best Humor: Rob Carlos, Chinchilla Cavalry
Best Horror: Alan M. Clark, In the Dark, In the Night
Best Sci-Fi: Jeff Sturgeon, Doorway to Giza
Best 3-D/Jewelry: Josh Foreman, Colossus Barba
Best Fantasy: Josh Foreman, Colossus Barba
Best in Show: Cleothyla, Always

We would like to thank this year's panel of judges: Galen Dara, Jeff LaCoss, Don Lacky, and Doug Booze for their generous time and knowledge in helping judge this year's show. Every year we recognize one of our art show volunteers for going above and beyond in support of the art show. Please join is in congratulating this year's recipient of the art show apprentice award, Alex Demboski.

Onions and Roses!

Did you experience something that went really well at the convention (a rose)? We'd love to hear from you! Do we have an opportunity to improve for next year (an onion)? We'd love to hear from you! Your feedback and perspective are vital to the continuing success of Norwescon. If you would like to share an onion or a rose, you can email or provide your feedback using this survey: (survey may be taken multiple times).

We hope to hear from you!

Locus Awards Weekend!

The Locus Awards are a science fiction and fantasy literary award determined by polls of readers of Locus magazine since 1971. The awards are presented at a banquet in Seattle, Washington (across from the Seattle Center) and emceed by the witty and entertaining Connie Willis. Highlights of the event include an autograph session, panel discussions with leading authors, and an annual Hawaiian shirt contest. Attending memberships are $55 until May 1, which includes a six-month digital subscription to Locus Online from February to the August 2018 issue. In addition, the Locus Writers Workshop will take place during the same weekend with instructors Connie Willis and Yoon Ha Lee. More details are available at Locus Awards Weekend. Norwescon is proud to be a sponsor of the Locus Awards Weekend.

Do You Have Programming Ideas for Norwescon 42?

We will begin considering ideas for Norwescon 42 panels over the summer of 2018. If you have ideas, we recommend getting them to us by September so we can give them our best consideration; we try to have our schedule more or less set by December of each year.

If you would like to suggest a panel, presentation, or workshop for Norwescon 42, we require:

  1. A title (no more than 8 words)
  2. A description of the event (no more than 100 words)
  3. Technical requirements (if any)
  4. If you're presenting this idea with the intention of participating, information about yourself and why you're qualified to give this presentation or workshop.

PLEASE NOTE: If you submit an idea, we consider it fair game, in whole or in part. We won't be tracking where it came from, nor notify you if we use it. We might chop it up and use it for parts, combine it with other ideas, re-write it, or use it exactly the way you submitted it. If we do use it, we can't guarantee who will be on it by the time the convention rolls around. Basically, by submitting the form, you've given it to us to do with as we like. Thanks!

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