Norwescon 41 August 18 Newsletter

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Norwescon 41 August 18 Newsletter


Norwescon 41


The 8/18/17 newsletter for Norwescon 41




August 18, 2017



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Norwescon 41

Uncovering Mysteries

Membership Price Increase

Have you been thinking, "Gee, I should have locked in my membership for Norwescon 41 already"? If you haven't purchased your membership, you might want to do it now! Norwescon is streamlining its processes and simplifying its registration structures, so on Sept 1st the price for a membership will be going up to $70. The big change is that there will be no further price breaks moving forward.

Norwescon Pre-Reg Prices:
September 1st to March 15th
$70 Adults
$50 Youth - 13 to 15

At the Door:
$85 Adults
$50 Youth - 13 to 15
Children 12 and under Free.

Day Rates to be announced on March 16th.

Pros and Panels!

There is still time to throw your name into the hat to become a Pro, or if you have a cool panel idea, be sure to send it along! The website has guidelines for how to do both, found here:

Becoming a Panelist

Submitting Panel Ideas

Do You Want Even More Special Events?

If you have some new ideas for Special Events that you would love to see at Norwescon, now is the time to submit them! Email with your suggestions!

Don't Forget Your Hotel Room!

The DoubleTree fills up long before the convention, so be sure to grab your room ahead of time. Remember the Hilton requires a one-night deposit to be paid at the time of reservation. (This is fully refundable until January 13, 2018.) Book here to get our discounted rate!

Staff Members Are Awesome!

If you are interested in a staff position or haven't heard back from anyone about a position you would like, please contact us by emailing the corresponding department executive. Here is a handy list with a form you can fill out! And if you aren't sure what department the position is in, contact and it will be routed appropriately.

You can also come to the meeting on September 9th and sign up in person. The full list of meeting dates and times can be found here: Norwescon 41 Planning Meetings.

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Membership Price Increase Pros and Panels
Special Events Ideas
Register Now!
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Pre-registration is only $55 for a full four-day membership - get this discount while you can!

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