Norwescon 42 Daily Zine (Friday Afternoon)

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Norwescon 42 Daily Zine (Friday Afternoon)


Norwescon 42


The Friday afternoon issue of the Norwescon 42 daily 'zine.


Scotty Summers




April 19, 2019



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Norwescon 42 Digital Daily Zine

AFTERNOON EDITION - Friday, April 19th, 2019

Movie News Talk!

Presidential Suite 1360

There's so much more to talk about than can ever fit in one (or even two!) Movie News and Previews shows, and it can't be held back! Come join the after-party, where Keith and Alan will talk about things they didn't have time for in their Friday show.

Norwescon raffle!

This year Norwescon will be holding out first ever raffle supporting our programs and services. Tickets will be only $5 and sold starting Thursday, April 17th. Must be 18 years or older to purchase tickets. Look for our floating raffle brigade during some events or stop by the Information Table and enter to win some amazing prizes!

News from the Info Table

Did you forget something at home? Mouth wash? Dental floss? Toothbrush? We have all of that and so much more, all donated by the nicest of people. Come check us out! #Information Table has Advice

The U.S. Space Force--Smart Strategy or Dumb Idea?

April 19th at 4:00 PM * Cascade 11

The idea wasn't new, but previous proposals never got off the ground. Will it happen, and what will happen if it does? Join us to discuss the role of the military in space.


If news braks, we can fix it!

Please reach out - and Send your newsworthy items to, or send a text to [redacted].


Pick One - SUCKS/ROCKS/is meh

We really do care what you think about Norwescon. So much so, we put a Comment Card in your Registration Packet. Look for it, it's there amongst the bookmarks.

Make a comment and bring it to Information Table or the Con Office. Lots of other ways to contact us too, check the back of the card!

Evening Music on Friday

5 pm and 6 pm * Ballroom 3

Shubzilla in Concert is now 5 pm on Friday.

Celt Check in Concert is now 6 pm Friday

Socialize Your Media!

Fancy Friday Games (All Ages)

April 19th at 9:30 PM until 2 AM* Evergreen 1 & 2

The Norwescon games department is cooking up some fun games and activities, including Fancy Friday Game Night! Put on your fancy duds, costumes, tiaras, or all of the above, and join us for an excellent time playing games on Friday night, right next door to karaoke!

Guests of Honor

Mary Robinette Kowal-Writer Guest of Honor
Dan Koboldt-Science Guest of Honor
Tran Nguyen-Artist Guest of Honor
Subterranean Press-Spotlight Publisher
Neil Clarke-Honored Professional

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