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Temporal Anomaly (Friday)


Norwescon 39


The Friday daily 'zine for Norwescon 39


Matthew Buscemi




March 25, 2016


Michael Hanscom


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Temporal Anomaly

Daily Zine for Norwescon 39 • Friday, March 25

Guest of Honor Schedules

Tanya Huff, writer

Writing a Series
Evergreen 3&4 12 - 1pm

Q & A
Grand 3 2 - 3pm

Janny Wurts, artist

Writing a Series
Evergreen 3&4 12 - 1pm

Q & A
Grand 3 1 - 2pm

William K. Hartmann, science

Science and Religion in Space
Cascade 10 10 - 11am

Q & A
Grand 3 3 - 4pm

From the Moon to Mars
Evergreen 1&2 4 - 5pm

Betsy Wollheim & Sheila Gilbert, publisher

DAW Books Live
Grand 3 12 - 1pm

Why Editors Pass
Cascade 9 3 - 4pm

If You Please...

When you are attending a panel, please silence your cell phones and other mobile devices.

If you must take a call, please leave the panel room before starting your conversation. The panelists and your fellow audience members thank you.

For the most up-to-date schedule, as well as maps and other useful information, check out the Guidebook app available on the Android, Apple and Windows platforms. Or visit http://guidebook.com/g/NWC39 from any web browser.

Science Fiction

Some consider science fiction to originate with the American pulp magazines of the 1920’s and 30’s. However, the more commonly cited origin of science fiction is Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley, first published in London in 1818.

Science Fact

The visible universe contains about 50 billion galaxies. There are between 100 billion and 1 trillion stars in the average galaxy. In the Milky Way alone, there could be as many as 100 million planets. If humanity is indeed alone, those are some pretty ridiculous odds.

Contribute to the Zine

The editorial sta of Temporal Anomaly, your daily zine for Norwescon 39, invites you to submit content to appear within our pages! If you overhear something interesting in the halls, want to rant or rave, or if you’d like to submit a 50-600 word microfiction story to our daily anthology Unremembrances, contact us at zine@norwescon.org or drop us a note at one of the boxes at Information or in the Convention Office.

We accept submissions from all attendees, staff and guests. Submissions must be made by 9pm the day prior to publication.

All bylined content remains the property of the author.

Word Search

All words are related to the Norwescon 39 conference location and its denizens (or are they?) Can you catch find them all?

Attending Pro Changes

Body Horror (HOR07): Arinn Dembo (M), Jeremy Zimmerman, Jason Bourget, Lisa Bolekaja.
Cascade 9 7 - 8pm

Stitch & Bitch (COS22): Tammie L. Dupuis (M), Joy Day, Deborah Strub, Julie Zetter- berg, Camin Bradbury
Olympic 1 9pm - 12am

Costume Foundations II: Building the Base (COS25): Carmen Beaudry (M), Julie Zetterberg, Margo Loes, Tammie L. Dupuis
Cascade 10 3 - 4pm

Size Acceptance Is For Everybody (CUL02): Jen K (M), Ogre Whiteside, Frog Jones
Cascade 7&8 4 - 5pm

Blasts from the Past (POP07): Dan Murphy (M), John Lovett, Brian Oberquell, Wendy Murphy
Cascade 13 4 - 6pm

Cold Exobiology (BIO04): Pat MacEwen (M), Stephen L. Gillett, Marguerite Reed.
Cascade 10 8 - 9pm

Gaming Adjustments

Magic: The Gathering Tournament (added!)
Maxi’s Bar 2pm

No Honor Among Thieves (added!)
Maxi’s Ballroom 6 - 8pm

Curse of Strahd (added!)
Maxi’s Ballroom 12 - 5pm

Pairs / Give Me the Brain / Lord of the Fries (added!)
Maxi’s Salon, Table 29 9-11am / 1:30-4pm

Rotunda 1 (location!) 9am - 2am

Zombie Mosh! (cancelled!)
Cascade 12 12am - 1am

Smash Up (cancelled!)
Cascade 12 10 - 11:30pm

EuroRails (cancelled!)
Maxi’s Ballroom 2 - 6pm

Art in Action Session Adjustments

Theresa Halbert
Table F 9:30am - 2:30pm

Liv Rainey-Smith
Table B 9:30am - 12:30pm

John Alexander
Table F 4:30 - 6:30pm

If You’re Reading This, it’s Probably Too Late

Grab your morning bagel and OJ, then head down to Grand 3 for Keith and Alan’s Movie News and Previews. From 10 to Noon, then it’s over. So much genre stuff to talk about; movies, TV, theme parks, the whole gamut. Grab your seat early for all the latest!

Adventure Time: Card Wars

Now you can play the actual Card Wars game from the show! Based on the original Adventure Time episode featuring “Card Wars,” where Finn and Jake battle against each other to decide who will be the Dweeb and who will be the Cool Guy.
Maxi’s Ballroom 2 - 8pm

In the Hotel Cafe

A delectable dish has been spotted in the hotel cafeteria. The Chewbacca Dog 3.0, a special treat for Norwescon 39 attendees, promises to be a 100% beef hotdog with pulled pork, aged cheddar cheese, and applewood bacon on a hoagie. Only $8.95.

Tweets ’n Such

Our new rulers have landed @norwescon 39. All bow in their presence. #NWC39 #FelineOverlords
~ @Traevynn

Overheard in the Halls

“We heard something in our basement and didn’t know what it was! Turns out it was the Enterprise.”
~ @EMPmuseum


The Fiction of Norwescon 39

Slinder Flies

by H.M. Jones

The nippy, dense fog did not deter Nimo from his morning fishing expedition. Nothing could keep him from fishing, now he had Slinder to protect him. His friend wouldn’t let him sleep through fishing, anyway. Slinder’s appetite grew daily. Lately, Nimo only ever brought back a meager meal. His stomach growled. Pangs stabbed his belly.

If he didn’t give Slinder the first few fish, the little dragon was unbearable. He would sulk, stomp and burn bushes, small trees and flowers until Nimo gave in and fed him until he was full. They had to stay out later every day.

The high sun sank. Dusk turned the emerald water orange. Slinder’s appetite would not be satiated. The silly creature waited at water’s edge, body low, tiny talons sinking into black mud as he made ready to pounce. Nimo yanked his last catch from the water hard, to throw Slinder off. Now his catch and his fishing line were stuck in a tree. He stared in dismay at the thin branches, his throat tightening. His line wound tightly around a few small, finger-like twigs.

He turned on Slinder. Tears spattered his cold cheeks. “Slinder! Naughty dragon! Look what you made me do! You know that fish is the only thing ma and I have to eat. She can’t find anymore berries. Roots are scarce. It’s autumn now. I have to bring something back. Without da, it’s all we have. I’m glad you found me. I do love you, but you’ve had eight fish! Please help me with the line, and don’t eat the only fish I will be able to bring home.”

Slinder dipped his narrow head, his body low, ears tilted back in shame. Then, he leaped up, flitting his wings and hovering unsteadily. He gently untangled the line with a sharp nail. The fish fell with a smack. He pumped his thin wings until he was gliding unsteadily over the pond.

Nimo clapped and hooted. “Good boy, Slinder! You can fly like a proper dragon!”

If Slinder could smile, he would have. His boy was proud of him. He pulled his wings back when he was high enough, and dove like a rocket into the pond. Water splashed his giggling boy. He rose and paddled toward Nimo, his cheeks puffed out oddly. He looked like a foraging chipmunk.

Nimo met him at the side of the pond, worried about how his face bulged. At the bank, Slinder opened his mouth. A gush of smoke and water poured from his maw. When the haze cleared, Nimo saw six fat fish slapping their tails against the muddy bank.

“Oh, Slinder! You smart boy! Are these for ma and me?” Slinder inclined his head.

“I’m gonna have to take you to the ocean next time. Our fishing hole’ll be empty at this rate!”

Nimo chuckled and slipped Slinder the fattest fish. Slinder looked awfully proud as he scooped the fish delicately into his mouth and shot into the air.

H.M. Jones is a fantasy, sci-fi, speculative fiction and poetry author. Her debut dark fantasy, Monochrome, is a B.R.A.G Medallion honoree and is an Honorable Mention Book for the Los Angeles Book Festival. She is also a prolific blogger and has been featured on Huffington Post, among other notable cites. At Norwescon, she is a panelist for several fun panels and is selling her books in Author’s Alley. She will also be reading from Monochrome Saturday, 9-9:30 in Cascade 1. She posts geeky tidbits and free short readings at her website, www.hmjones.net.

Temporal Anomaly Edited by Matthew Buscemi

Typeset by Matthew Buscemi in Iowan Old Style with Alternate Gothic No3 and Almaq Display




Matthew Buscemi, “Temporal Anomaly (Friday),” Norwescon History, accessed February 3, 2023, http://history.norwescon.org/items/show/203.

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