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Norwescon 36 Daily 'Zine (Sunday)


Norwescon 36


Daily informational bulletin for Sunday of Norwescon 36.




March 31, 2013


Michael Hanscom


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Sunday 'Zine

Volume 1, issue 3
March 30, 2013
Norwescon 36

Hugo Nominations

Norwescon would like to congratulate the following guests on their Hugo Nominations:

  • Spring Schoenhuth, Best Fan Artist
  • Nancy Kress, Best Novella: After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall (Tachyon Publications)
  • Jay Lake, Best Novella: "The Stars Do Not Lie" by (Asimov's, Oct-Nov 2012)

If you see them around the convention do not hesitate to say hello and congratulate them on their nomination.

For the full list of 2013 Hugo Nominees, see

Masquerade Mayhem

Due to technical difficulties the Masquerade will no be broadcast on the hotel channels. Instead the masquerade video will be shown at 11am in the Salon.

Stop by and see the show again (or for the first time)!

Masquerade Awards

Novice Workmanship-General Vostroyan-Curtis Bender

Novice Presentation-Don't Blink -Leslee, Tristan & Scarlett Fuller

Novice Best in Class-General Vostroyan-Curtis Bender

Journeyman Workmanship-Game of Thrones-The Calgary Costume Guild

Journeyman Presentation-Game of Thrones-The Calgary Costume Guild

Journeyman Best in Class-Music of the Spheres-Diana Daniels

Master Workmanship- Here to Save the World- Anita Taylor, David Tackett, Jonnalynn Prill, Melissa Quinn

Master Presentation- The Disney Princess Retirement Home-Janet Borkowski, Orchid Cavett, Lisa Satterlund, Julie Zetterberg, Surdo

Master Best in Class- Something Wicked This Way Comes-Richard Stephens

Directors Choice Best Use of Theme-Here to Save the World-Anita Taylor, David Tackett, Jonnalynn Prill, Melissa Quinn

Best in Show-Here to Save the World-Anita Taylor, David Tackett, Jonnalynn Prill, Melissa Quinn

Art and Charity Auction 11:30am Grand 2

Deals of a lifetime yours for the plucking — all to support Northwest Harvest's hunger relief efforts! The auction will feature over 60 items, including:

  • Limited edition Lost in Space Robot bas relief
  • Bobba Fett limited edition bust
  • First edition, signed Robin Hobbs book
  • $100 Lastwear gift certificate

This may be one of the most exciting auctions in recent history. Deals and steals are just moments away; again, all to support our local community.

You can be a superhero!

They said what?!!

  • I just love the fact that [her] bosom is big enough that everything dangles nicely.
  • Even for a Norwescon this is a very smooth convention. Kind of like a whisky we get better with age!
  • "I love you." "I love you too, who are you?"

Pre-reg for Norwescon 37



Art Show Awards

The Norwescon 36 Art Show is proud to announce this year's winners and would like to thank all of our artists for their outstanding contribution to this year's show.

From Panel of Judges

Best in Show — Lee Moyer: "Theora"
1st place — Stephanie Pui-mun Law: "Firefly Hunters"
2nd place — Heather Hudson: "Out of the Closet"
3rd place — Theresa Lee Halbert: "Guardian of Avalon"
Best Color — Mark Tedin: "Chaos Orb 2013"
Best Black & White — Julie Baroh: "Faerie Wasponry"
Best Mixed Media — Michael Duquette: "Nazca Machine"
Best 3D — Gabe Marquez: "Uberlopz"
Best Textile — Sandfra Ackley: "The Navigator"
Best Jewelry - Squirrel: "Naboo"

From People's Choice

Best of Show — Lee Moyer: "Theora"
Best Humor — Robin Kaplan: "Tea Rex"
Best Fantasy — Aimee Stewart: "The Dreaming Tree"
Best Horror — Cat Grey: "Robert"
Best 3D — Butch Honeck: "Teeter Totter Twins"
Best Jewelry — Katherine Howes: "Weeping Garden"

We would also like to thank this year's panel of judges Betty Bigelow, Don Lacky for their generous time and knowledge in helping judge this year's show.

Northwest College of Art Scholarship

We are proud to announce that the recipient of this year's scholarship has been awarded to Leanna Dunn. This is Leanna's second year of participating in the scholarship process and is also her second win. We would like to congratulate her and hope that she has a bright and successful future. We would also like to thank the other two participants Kelsea Dill and Michael Young they both presented outstanding work and received great praise

Seeds of the Movies of Tomorrow

Our final panel of Movie News & Previews will start right after the Fandance Film Festival at 2pm and run until 4pm in Evergreen 1-2. Tech has worked hard this year to make the screen bigger and the sound better, come see their solution. If you haven't seen the latest from Hollywood, drop on by - for the swag and be ready for "why? Why? WHY?"

Help Wanted

Norwescon is a fan-run convention and we are always looking for good people. Planning for the next convention starts in the summer months with the new exec team being selected in June.

If you saw something you liked or didn't like this year please let us know. If you are interested in joining the convention committee or being a professional panelist now is the time to throw your hat into the ring. We re collecting ideas for next year and planning on how the convention can become just that much more amazing.

Norwescon 37

"Elegance & Entropy"
April 17-20, 2014

Norwescon 37 Guests & Hotel

Norwescon 37 will, once again, be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport. You will be able to reserve your room after April 18, 2013.

Next year's theme is "Elegance & Entropy" and there are three confirmed guests so far:

Author Guest of Honor: Michael Moorcock

Artist Guest of Honor: Robert Gould

Special Guest of Honor: Seanan McGuire

Stay tuned to the Norwescon website for more information as it becomes available. Updates will also be included in our monthly eNewsletter.




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