Norwescon 36 Daily 'Zine (Thursday)


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Norwescon 36 Daily 'Zine (Thursday)


Norwescon 36


The daily 'zine, a short informational bulletin, for Thursday of Norwescon 36




March 28, 2013


Michael Hanscom


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Thursday 'Zine

Volume 1, Issue 1
March 28, 2013
Norwescon 36

Movie News & Previews

Keith & Alan's Movie News & Previews are again ready to bring the latest news from Hollywood straight to your eye/earballs, with previews, too! This year there have been some changes - our panel on Friday is earlier in the day, there is no Saturday show, and our Sunday show now starts after the Fandance Film Festival. Check out our new schedule!

Friday - Previews Show #first - 12Noon-2pm - Grand 3 - Note earlier time!
Friday - Family Previews - 2:30-3:30pm - Olympic 1
Sunday - Previews Show #last - 2-4pm - Evergreen 1-2 - Note later time!

With no show on Saturday, Friday will be especially popular so get there early. See you there!

New Scheduled Gaming Arrivals

Pathfinder Society Creation Station, Cascade 9 & 10

  • Thursday 1-10:30pm
  • Friday 9am-11pm
  • Saturday 9am-11pm
  • Sunday 10am-2pm

Have questions about Pathfinder? Want to know what the Pathfinder Society is? Then come find us at Table 1 (right next to the wall of games) and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have, provide details about some of the games we run, and even help you make your character to start your Pathfinder Agent career!

Pathfinder Society One-Hour Demos, Cascade 9 & 10

  • Thursday 1-10:30pm
  • Friday 9am-11pm
  • Saturday 9am-11pm
  • Sunday 10am-2pm

Interested in Pathfinder Society Organized play? Not certain you want to commit to a full four hour session? Visit Table 18 in scheduled gaming and play a one-hour session to try it out. PFS will run extra sessions all-weekend based on interest. Want to play something but don't have that specific time available? Stop by to see what's available.

Take Note:

The 'zine accepts submissions from attendees, staff and guests. Preferred submission format is via email to . Submissions are also accepted in the 'zine boxes located at the information table and in the convention office. Daily deadline is 10pm.

  • Banquet tickets may be available at the info table, check and see.
  • Size Acceptance is for Everybody has a new time 5pm THURSDAY instead of the previously published 9pm time.
  • The membership guide has been incorporated into the guidebook and pocket program. Them’s the rules!

Cancellations as of March 27th

Elton Elliott, Chris Pramas, and Jennifer McCreight have cancelled their appearances.

Issac Marion is unable to attend this year, his reading scheduled for 11:30pm on Saturday will not take place.

Friday, 5pm “Leslie Howle reads an original work”

Friday, 6pm “Geek Geek Don’t Tell Me”

Sunday, Pathfinder Society will not be running PFSS#4-10: Feast of Sigils

Saturday, Steve Savitzky in Concert has been cancelled.

Due to a family emergency, Steve Savitzky will not be able to perform his scheduled concert at 7pm Saturday. We all hope Colleen feels better soon, and wish them both the best.

Where in the world are Elton Elliott, Chris Pramas, Jennifer McCreight, and Issac Marion?

You are missed.

Open Mic Saturday @ 7pm in Evergreen 1&2

Sign up at information, or just show up when we start. Two songs or ten minutes, whichever is shorter!

Time Changes

  • Size Acceptance is For Everybody NOT at 9pm on Thursday. NEW TIME & LOCATION - 5pm Thursday, Cascade 5.
  • Thursday PFS Scenario games will run from 1-5:30 pm and 6- 10:30pm
  • Friday PFS Scenario games will run from 9am-1pm, 1:30-6pm, and 7-11pm
  • Sunday PFS Scenario games will run from 10am-2pm

Geek Trivia—what is this called in Pathfinder RPG?




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