Norwescon 8

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Norwescon 8


Norwescon 8


Red Lion Inn, Sea-Tac

Chair: Richard Wright
Guest of Honor: Brian Aldiss
Artist Guest of Honor: Jack Gaughan (Did Not Attend)
Fan Guest of Honor: Rich Brown
Toastmaster: Robert Silverberg
Science Guest of Honor: Gregory Benford

Attendance: (unrecorded)


March 14-17, 1985

Collection Items

Norwescon 8 Badge
Badge #21

Norwescon 8 Flyer
Quarter-page advertising flyer for Norwescon 8. Front side informational, reverse side registration form.

Norwescon 8 Media Coverage
From KOMO-TV's "Northwest Afternoon", with Appearances by Bob Suryan, Julie Zetterberg, Ilene Meyer, Sharon Baker, Elinor Busby.

Norwescon 8 Progress Report
January 1985 update for the upcoming Norwescon 8

Norwescon 8 Masquerade
The masquerade from Norwescon 8

Photos from Norwescon 8 (hosted externally on Flickr).
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